Muslim Explains How He Lied to German Authorities to Bring in His Four Wives

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Yes, rules are only for us wretched unbelievers. Muslims are way above our petty laws.

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Ha! Nazi, Schmazi!

The first video below shows an interview with Sigmar Gabriel, the German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor. The interviewer is Jasmin Kosubek on her RT program “The Missing Link”:

The excerpt is from a show entitled “DER FEHLENDE PART”, “The Missing Link”, and it shows a conversation between Sigmar Gabriel and the very beautiful and intelligent Jasmin Kosubek. She’s been moderating The Missing Link for RT Television since 2014.

She’s the daughter of a German father and a Brazilian mother, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science in Pforzheim. From 2011 to 2014 she studied International Business and Economics with an emphasis on International Management, Economics, and Environmental Management in Hohenheim and graduated with a master’s in Science.

She’s been labeled “Putin’s most beautiful face for Germany”. She’s also a topic in a book entitled ‘Short Skirts and Independent Journalists’.

At one point in the video Gabriel claims that “his” ancestors were jailed or put in concentration camps. His father was an unapologetic Nazi and never quit believing in what he did right up to his death.

This is from WIKI:

At the end of the ‘70s, Gabriel learned that his father still remained an unapologetic National Socialist. Gabriel then broke off all contact with his father. But 25 years later Sigmar Gabriel undertook another attempt to reconnect with his dad. Walter Gabriel, however, remained loyal and enthusiastic about his National Socialist ideology.

Gabriel said about his father: “My father was an incorrigible Nazi and Holocaust-denier.”

The self righteousness and the complete absence of self-awareness in Gabriel is really scary.

The second video was produced by the interviewer to rebut Mr. Gabriel’s assertions that there were no members of the Nazi Party who later served in the post-war Bundestag.

Translation Nash Montana , Subtitling Vlad Tepes

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“Something is Seething in Germany”

The news report below shows the polarization in the crowd at a recent campaign rally for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Translation Nash Montana, Subtitles Vlad Tepes


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Off-Script at a Scripted Event With the Chancellor

The following videos show a televised event in Germany in which Chancellor Angela Merkel interacted with her audience, at what would be called a “town hall meeting” in the context of American politics.

And just as in any town hall meeting starring Hillary Clinton, the event with the chancellor was tightly scripted. There were no chance encounters between Mutti and her audience, no serendipitous exchanges of views.

After the event, a photo of a page in the script surfaced in the alternative media. The document appeared to show the names and photos of people in the audience alongside their questions. Handwritten information was appended, and some of the participants seemed to be marked for inclusion.

The strategy for the set-up is obvious: participants were chosen to make the chancellor look good in various ways. The carefully-coiffed, perfectly-integrated Syrian migrant was selected to be a poster boy for the government’s migration policies.

But difficult questions that touch on sensitive issues were also included, to allow Mrs. Merkel to respond in a reassuring fashion, and thus defuse public criticism on the topic — or so it was hoped. The woman in the second video was obviously included for this reason.

However, the exchange in the third video — the one with the cleaning lady — seems to go off-script. Watch what happens when a different woman gets the microphone and interjects a scornful rebuke, throwing Mutti off her game.

Translation Nash Montana,  Subtitling Vlad Tepes

In this video the Syrian refugee speaks. He tells her about his life here and how much he loves Merkel. Note Merkel’s body language. Completely open, facing him directly, with her hands in “raute”. Compare this to the other two videos, where she turns away from the German women, and keeps her left arm as a protective barrier against the women speaking:


In this second video, watch Merkel’s body language. She’s completely turned off to this woman:


This woman is described as a “housekeeper”, a “cleaning lady”. She has a beef with Merkel about the low pension. AGAIN watch the body language. AGAIN she is not facing this lady full on either, just like she didn’t the last lady, and completely opposite to the rapefugee, whom she stood in front of face to face with open body language and her hands typical in “raute” pose.

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Cultural Enrichment at the Church Fair in Hirschaid

The following TV news report concerns the behavior of culture-enrichers at a church fair in the town of Hirschaid in Germany.

In the upper Franconia town of Hirschaid, district of Bamberg, a Kirchweih [church consecration festival] escalated out of control. According to the police, a mass brawl and fights, including sexual attacks, took place. Three young asylum seekers, aged 16 to 20 years, are now in custody.

According to the police, on late Saturday evening, September 9, 2017, a group of indigenous Germans and a group of asylum seeker confronted each other. In addition, three women, aged 13 to 17, reported to the police that they had been sexually assaulted by a group of young men.

It really really bothers me that they keep calling the females “women”. They were between 13 and 17 years old — tell me, how are they women and not girls? The 13-year-old might not even have reached the onset of menses! This really{makes me furious.

Also note the man interviewed for the report who says: “I can’t even say anything about such things or I’d immediately be labeled evil, or right-wing…”

Translation Nash Montana, Subtitling Vlad Tepes

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The Battle of Ankara Was Won on the Cinema Screens of Berlin

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As noted in several recent posts, the Turkish regime under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pushing hard in Germany for support among expatriate Turks for the constitutional referendum that would make His Excellency into Il Duce of the Bosphorus.
The video below from German TV shows the extent to which supposedly independent Turkish cultural organizations are campaigning for Mr. Erdogan in Germany. As summarized by PolitikStube:
Openly campaigning for Turkish constitutional referendum in German documentary
The Turkish constitutional referendum is being decided in Germany as well. About 1.5 million people in Germany are registered to vote in Turkey. Therefore Erdogan’s supporters push an aggressive campaign in Germany. People who openly stand against the referendum are bullied and threatened, and in the movie theaters a movie that praises and glorifies Erdogan is being shown. Many of the activities are organized by the UETB, the Union of European Turkish Democrats, which has been accused for a long time of being Erdogan’s right hand in Europe.
Translation Nash Montana
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Provocative Prayers in Wuppertal

A school in Germany has caused a PC controversy by banning prayers that are “provocative”; i.e. publicly visible. Multiculturally-minded critics feel the action is discriminatory towards Muslims.
Muslim students get attention through “provocative prayer” — Uproar at Wuppertal Gymnasium
There are problems in a Wuppertal Gymnasium due to Muslim students who “provoke” with their prayers
The school administration issued a ban and told teachers to turn in students who didn’t follow the ban
The internal notification about the ban made it into the public eye and caused indignation
The district government says: The ban is legal
Wuppertal. Controversy about the Johannes Rau Gymnasium in Wuppertal: An internal notification by the school administration sent to the desks of the teachers made its way into the public eye and it has been shared on Facebook and discussed dozens of times.
The controversial content: “In recent weeks it has been increasingly observed how Muslim students were praying on school grounds in a way that was very visible to others, signaled by ritual washing in the toilets (bathrooms), the unrolling of prayer rugs, the taking of certain body postures. This is not allowed.”
The teachers were also asked to “report” cases to the school administration and to “determine” the names. That sounds like language the police would use. Are Muslim students being discriminated here because of their religious practices? There are massive accusations on the Internet.
This is what the district government said
The school didn’t want to make a statement. But the responsible district government Düsseldorf confirmed to us: The notification is real, it was written on February 16th. The issue is “provocative prayer” of Muslim students within the school grounds. Fellow students and teachers felt encroached upon by this behavior. So much so that the school administration took action.
Notice about prayers in Wuppertal
“The ban of prayer in provocative manner within the public school eye should support peaceful togetherness and peace at school,” the district government writes in its statement.
The school only wanted to collect the names of the relevant students in order to talk to them about alternative solutions such as a prayer room.
Is the prayer ban legal?
Yes, said the district government. “The school principal does have the right within the frame of school domiciliary rights. Upholding the constitutional requirement for the functioning of peaceful school activities and education, Article 5 GG, surpasses freedom of religion.” It is a similar to mandatory swimming lessons at school. Here, too, female Muslim students have to take part — even if that might go against their possible religious customs.
Wrong impression
The district government is now trying to prevent a “mistaken impression”. The gymnasium is known for its grand engagement for the integration of students of different religions and countries of origin.
However, on the other hand, they are not entirely standing behind the school: The choice of words in the internal memo is seen as “unfortunate” by the district government. The school now has to report back to the government about their next steps in this matter.
“Provocative prayer” — is this a problem at other schools as well?
Across the Düsseldorf district there are no further cases known, says the press spokesperson Dagmar Gross.
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