One Tiny Little Glimpse Into the European Soul

Children of the DDR in the ’70s

The video and article below concern the daycare system that was used in the German Democratic Republic (DDR, commonly known as East Germany) until the fall of the Wall.

Note: When I was editing the text, I had a lot of trouble picking out a phrase (adjusted from the translation) to render the all-week overnight daycare that was standard practice in the DDR. The Germans have a phrase for it, but we don’t have an equivalent, as far as I know. So the phrase I coined — “weeklong daycare” — was simply the best expedient I could think of.

Nash Montana, who translated the material, includes this explanatory note about German TV programming:

German TV is keen on reenactments of dramatic scenes, so every scene in this video is reenacted. It’s not real, but just for dramatic effect.

On TV they re-enact entire court cases from family and criminal court. For instance, the “Judge Judy” equivalent on German TV has every case re-enacted — it’s really horrible, not just because of the bad acting but because it’s literally made for 3-year-old children. It’s the worst form of brainwashing I have ever seen, and it happens every day on German TV.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Deutschlandfunk Kultur, also translated by Nash:

The weeklong daycare center kids of the DDR

By Lotta Wieden

Many children in the DDR spent their childhood in weeklong daycare centers, often with far-reaching consequences for their adult life. Research that indicated the negative aspects for the development of these children was suppressed in the DDR. Today, the affected children and new research are working out the consequences.

Most of the children are between 40 and 60 years old now. How many were there really? We will never know. To this day there is very little information about this topic. But it is generally believed that in the DDR territory in the years between 1949 to 1989 hundreds of thousands of babies and small children were given to these centers to be taken care of.

The DDR in the ‘50s affirmed that the construction of the socialist society had begun. The six-day work week was the rule, for mothers too. Article 7 of the still-young Constitution said: “Men and women have equal rights. All laws and decisions which are against women’s equal rights are hereby suspended.” But equal rights were only for women, and only at their place of work. And the question of who was going to care for their children was one that hit single mothers especially hard.

Until 1965 the DDR functioned under the six-day work week rule, even for mothers

Research under pressure

Within five years, so the Constitution said, the DDR had to establish 160,000 kindergarten seats, 40,000 daycare seats, and 60,000 care seats for babies and toddlers. As a consequence, the number of weeklong care centers alone for babies and toddlers rose from 2,500 in the year 1950 to about 14,300 in the year 1955. Ten years later in 1965, Statistics show 37,900 for weeklong care centers for children under the age of three. And the entire massive expansion was accompanied by an equally massive daily propaganda machine. Until the mid-’60s these toddler weeklong care centers were propagandized as equal, if not the better alternative, to familial care.

The mid-’50s the East Berlin Humboldt University began with the first scientific examination into the development of care center children of the DDR. The leading doctor is Eva Schmidt-Kolmer who later became the director of the Institute for the Hygiene of Children and Youths in Berlin. She had documented the development of more than 1,700 children between the ages of zero and three. The random sample group had 440 weeklong care center kids in it. It was examined how well children could orient themselves and move about in a room, and how far their speech and vocabulary and their social skills were developed. The results of that examination revealed grave deficits among the weeklong care center kids in all of the tested subjects.

Mommy as the stranger

Only a few years later such interpretations were almost completely removed from the DDR scientific literature. As well as [studies of] the various forms of institutionalization, which also disappeared: Small children staring blankly ahead, rocking their upper bodies back and forth, or turning their heads side to side in their little cribs — such things couldn’t be shown or written about anymore after the building of the Wall.

René Grünewald spent the first few years of his life in a weeklong care center. Just how deeply this time has marked the now 46-year-old is hard to say today. He doesn’t have any memory of it. But he does remember the day his time in the center suddenly ended: “I was at the weeklong care center for three and a half years, and I can remember the day when I was told that I didn’t have to go back there again. It was a day where I rode my tricycle all by myself in the back of a Berlin courtyard, in front of a garage. And in a loop I said to myself that that woman was my mommy, and that I was living there. That was a very unrealistic feeling, because the woman who had given birth to me and then took me to her apartment, to me she was a strange woman.”

Promises made to DDR society

Were DDR parents just especially heartless? Karsten Laudien, professor of the evangelical college Berlin, has done research about the history of the DDR and the way it raised its children. He is skeptical. He says one should not forget that the DDR made grand promises, especially for women: the promise to co-create and to co-determine, professional self-determination, and financial independence. Modern women who didn’t just want to just give up their place in society of course — unlike West Germans — went to work. And finally: Even the way children were looked upon had changed drastically. They morphed from being the object of parental control to the subject whose optimal developmental chances for many parents stood at the center of their existence. The rest was ideology.

[Photo of holding hands (not used), caption: Developmental/educational theory in the DDR was suppressed]

Up until the ‘80s developmental/educational theory in the DDR was suppressed, which primarily said that a child’s need for intense emotional closeness is inherent. And that without such closeness, a child can’t develop optimally. At least the direct propaganda for weeklong care centers in the DDR had drastically been reduced by the mid-’60s, but what remained was the ideal picture of full-time working parents and the double burden for women.

The pedagogue and lecturer Ute Stary begins from the premise that hundreds of thousands of children who were taken and raised in weeklong care centers today are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. Even as a student she wanted to know: What consequences did the DDR care centers leave behind? It was a question that she had investigated in numerous individual one-on-one interviews:

“They tell of difficult relationships to their biological parents, that they experience that relationship as rather tense, this feeling that for the most part they are foreign to each other. And also they speak of difficulties in getting into and maintaining relationships, and most of all in meeting the needs of their own children.”

Competence advantage of the educators

Ute Stray had published the results of her investigation in a textbook. Further scientific research on the topic of weeklong care centers doesn’t exist at this point, unfortunately. It’s a shame, Ute says, because it would be helpful, especially now when the federal ministry heavily invests in these 24-hour Kitas (daycares) and in the so-called unusual hours of evenings and nights.

In 1968 a manual appeared in the DDR entitled “Pedogogical duties and practices of care centers”. The manual contained mandatory educational duties for each individual quarter-year of life for children. With its help the pedagogical program had been increasingly harmonized in child and weeklong care centers. Everywhere in the country the same daily plans were applied. The educators had “to exert influence” that sleeping and eating times were maintained even on weekends when children were at home. Special emphasis was put on an “imperative necessity” for a synchronized process between the care centers and the parental home. And so each month the educators were a step ahead in competence when dealing with their own children.

Says the researcher Lauen: “No generation believes that they do wrong. Everybody puts in great efforts. All humans believe and want to believe that what they are doing is the right thing to do. The question that always remains is, can you establish interesting thoughts: for instance, is it something that you would do today? And why would you do it today? And can one live with the fact that today we have a different yardstick — without judging others? Can we reconcile with that?”

An afterword from Nash Montana:

I have long maintained that day care centers even here in the United States are part and parcel of brainwashing children into a society that does not want individuality nor individual thought and feeling. I have seen with my own eyes the difference between children who were raised in daycare and those raised at home with their parents. My daughter is a home-raised child. She is empathetic and warm. She goes to a private school that teaches classical education, including Latin. She is miles ahead of her peers who go to public school, even though her IQ is not specifically higher than any regular child. She’s not a genius. She’s just raised NORMALLY.

I remember when I was growing up in Switzerland, we too had these weeklong daycare centers. Where parents dropped off their kid for the entire week, and they only got to come home on the weekends. It wasn’t because Switzerland was a socialist country like the DDR. It was because parents COULD.

I had friends in school who saw their parents only on the weekend. I always felt sad for them. I grew up as an adopted child. I know all about loss. I was four when I was ripped away from my mother’s arms into the foster-care system, and then later on I was adopted by my family, who were loving and took good care of me. I understood back then that my mother wasn’t able to raise me, and I never felt that the people who raised me weren’t the right people for me. They were. They did everything right, and I had a mom who stayed home while Dad worked. I had three brothers and a sister.

But I heavily doubted a system that so nonchalantly could decide that a woman is not able to raise her child, and therefore you take it away from her and put it into the foster-care system. My birth mother never was right in the head; I know that. The first four years of my life were marked by social depravity, and it was a hot mess. My bathroom was the balcony of our apartment, for instance. I have memories of using it for my potty place, like a puppy. I didn’t speak until after I was taken from her; all I did was bark. Every day my birth mother had people over and they did drugs and God only knows what. All I remember is a lot of naked people everywhere all the time in a tiny apartment.

Europe was a [sump] then, and it is a [sump] now. Socialism has made every country into a Socialist [sump], even if most countries didn’t operate under a Socialist regime like the DDR. I have a deep-seated hatred for anything even remotely Socialist. It’s why I want to punch college kids in the face when they tell me Socialism is the way. I want to punch them until they’re on the ground and then I want to stomp them into the ground. And for good measure, I want to run them over with my 3500 MEGA CAB DODGE DIESEL DUALLY.

But I digress…

Fast-forward to today. Well, first, look at these broken women in that short video clip. They all are unable to make and sustain meaningful connections. I mean, I’m sure they have children of their own now and they probably did a lot of things a lot more right than their parents could. Their parents had no choice; they were mere wheels in the Socialist machine called the DDR. But fast-forward now to today in Germany. How do you think Germany has let itself become the paradise for all the scum of the earth? People always ask me: why are Germans so dumb? Because they’re really not dumb; I mean, look at the cars they build, and what about German ingenuity and perfection?

I always only have one answer: Socialism. You can take the Socialism out of a country, but you can’t take the country out of Socialism. It stays with the people, like cancer. And like cancer, it could come back any day, as it will always be right there under the surface.

A few days ago I translated a video of man-in-the-street interviews and I noted in Gates of Vienna comments that the number one thing that stood out for me was how Germans said, “as long as those refugees don’t draw attention” or the famous “as long as they obey the law”. Those were the two number one concerns Germans have with newcomers. It’s not that these millions of Muslim invaders take away German culture and destroy everything good and decent. No. It’s that they shouldn’t draw attention. Just like children in olden days. They should be seen but not heard. Because that’s how they were raised, these Germans. That is exactly how we Europeans have been raised.

There is a reason so many people left for the promised land a long time ago, and ended up on Ellis Island. Europe was oppressive then, and it is oppressive now. It is one big continent filled with oppression and a constant soundtrack of “behave yourself”, “don’t draw attention”, “obey and follow”. It is the reason I left Switzerland. But the eye-opening reality only really hit me once I went back to Switzerland with my family, presumably to live there and give my daughter a good Swiss education, or what I thought was good education. Needless to say I had completely underestimated the transformation that my home country had made in the twenty years since I left.

When we arrived back in Switzerland in December of 2013, within two weeks I wanted to go home to Montana. So many examples. Like walking my Golden Retriever dog Joy on a trail, throwing her a ball, only to be yelled at by someone that this trail was only for walking not for playing! Riding my mom’s horse with a giant garbage bag because it is your duty to pick up horse apples. Never to use your car, even when it’s freezing cold out or blistering hot, when all you want to do is throw a letter in the box by the post office.

There are no drive-throughs because that’s American and we don’t want that. Wanting to get some variety for home shopping became a difficult task that involved driving a lot of miles from one town to the next because every store only has one brand and that’s it. And then you can’t just buy the TV or the washing machine that you dream of; no, you have to buy the one that is acceptable in the apartment you live in or that is acceptable in the local community.

The smallness of everything, including minds, is astonishing. But not so much when you realize: Feudalism. Socialism. Fascism. In that order. In everyone’s heads. Not just back in the DDR. These are constructs that are deeply engrained in the European soul.

I always said: it doesn’t matter once Obama steps down in the USA, because now everyone is Obama in the White House. And of course, I was right to a degree, though the great disruptor Trump has kind of put a stop to that. We’ve actually got a bit of a break until the next Democrat president, and then there will be hell to pay. But at least we have a CHOICE for now!

Now imagine every single European country. They don’t have these choices. This was all taken away from them a long time ago. They only think they have choices. Americans only think we have choices, too, but we actually still do have choices, such as the Second Amendment. Sure, it’s a joke; the Constitution has been shredded, yada yada, but I need to constantly remind my American brethren that the USA is INDEED NOT yet where Sweden is, or Germany, or France. We’re headed there, but NOT YET! We always still have that small glimmer of hope. The glimmer that has long been extinguished for Europeans in Europe. And under the Eye of Sauron, they are now watched and controlled in every step they take.

So the reason I translated this video, even though there is nothing in there about the refugee “crisis” in Germany, is precisely because it gives you answers as to WHY and WHAT is going on in Germany today, in a small way. I leave it up to your imagination as to how to interpret it all. This is just one tiny little glimpse into the European soul.

If you think this is just a glimpse into the German DDR soul, you’re wrong. And if you want to have a look into the future of what your kids and grandkids will face should there be a Democrat president after Trump, here it is.

But I’m sure won’t be so bad. After all, Socialism hasn’t really been tried yet the way it should. This time we’ll get it right. Right?

Culture-Enriching Child Rape in Göppingen

I just read an article from Barcelona about imams who sexually abused children in their care. Now comes this report from Germany. As with the Catalonian story, the lurid details have been placed below the jump to spare sensitive readers.

I think it’s worth noting that in both articles, the abused children seem to have been Muslims. In other words, the rule to follow with Muslim men is: Never allow them to care for children of any age or religion without infidel supervision. Given a chance, they will sexually exploit children of either sex.

Original translation by Nash Montana from this report from Bild:

Babysitter allegedly abused 6-year-old girl

Ulm/Göppingen — He was meant to look after her, to take her on trips, to play games with her. But instead the babysitter Ufuk E. (39) from Göppingen allegedly abused little Nicole (6) multiple times.

Over the span of months, from January to July, the girl spent the weekends together with her little brother (4) in the 50-square-meter apartment. Ufuk E. is employed as a courier driver.

There, according to the court indictment, horrible things happened in the apartment. The babysitter is accused of engaging in 13 different sexual acts with the six-year-old. And he forbade the children to tell anyone; it was supposed to be their mutual secret.

He is accused of enticing the girl [daughter] of a friend of his with candy and with trips to the local swimming pool. And if the girl refused to comply, the defendant threatened her.

The incidents came to light because the brother of the six-year-old girl was talking about things that happened in the shower. The prosecution is using the testimonies of both children, and they’re also in possession of traces of sperm DNA.

The babysitter could go to prison for four years, according to demands by the prosecution.

“They Don’t Belong in Germany”

Unfortunately this video has been terminated by YouTube but I”ll post the transcript and the link to the original German video:

This is the latest in a series of man-in-the-street interviews from Germany. In it people are asked to give their opinions about mass immigration and Islam. Responses range from full PC to full “Islamophobic”.

Original Nash Montana translation, many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 …and you’ll be recorded, OK. —OK, but what do you want from me now?
0:03 We have several topics that we want to ask about.
0:06 Yes, sure, but make it short.
0:09 Good. But no address and no telephone number
0:12 and no email address! —Absolutely not! —Good.
0:15 OK then, here’s my first question:
0:18 What do you think about the word ‘Islam’,
0:21 do foreign cultures and the migrants fit in with Germany? —No.
0:24 Why not? —We are a Christian country in my opinion,
0:27 and it doesn’t fit. These people
0:30 and their beliefs,
0:33 they do not want to fit in with us.
0:36 That’s how I see it.
0:39 If they fit in, they’re here now, and most of them behave themselves too.
0:42 And, as long as they behave themselves, I have no problem.
0:45 But the other stuff, one should try to prevent that too, OK. —“The other stuff”: what do you mean?
0:48 Because there are people here who can’t behave themselves. —Oh, yeah, of course.
0:51 There I just have a bit of an issue.
0:54 Of course! We have them here now.
0:57 Yeah, and they fit in with my daily life,
1:00 absolutely, yes.
1:03 No problem if they behave themselves the way
1:06 one expects that as a German, then I have no problem with that.
1:09 What does one expect then? —Nothing! If you don’t draw attention to yourself,
1:12 you’re in the right place!
1:15 When they draw attention to themselves, then that’s wrong.
1:18 As long as Islam…
1:21 behaves itself peacefully,
1:24 that’s fine, but unfortunately it’s got a bad reputation here in Germany.
1:27 Well, maybe one first has to ask the question
1:30 whether the people who belong to Islam
1:33 want to fit in with Germany.
1:36 Maybe that would be the important question.
1:39 Certainly the people who have lived here for a long time belong here in Germany,
1:44 and insofar as they follow the laws,
1:47 I don’t see a problem. I of course hope that
1:50 that’s the case, and whoever can’t identify with that
1:53 should find themselves a different country.
1:56 Completely does not fit in with Germany.
1:59 Absolutely not. It’s a totally different culture;
2:02 when you go on vacation in an Islamic country,
2:05 just go there, and see how things operate there,
2:08 and that’s what they want here in Germany too.
2:11 We already have four and a half million, and each one of them
2:14 has like five kids, do you have five kids?
2:20 Hmmm… I’m gonna say it like this: moderate Islam
2:23 belongs to Germany, absolutely.
2:26 No problem.
2:29 So, everyone who wants to come, regardless of what religion
2:32 they believe in, I also have my own belief,
2:35 because I do not believe. [He is smugly alluding to the fact that he’s an atheist. — translator]
2:38 That is also an option, sure.
2:41 [nods head] And I want to be treated respectfully too. —Yes, OK.
2:44 And that was, in the past,
2:47 when I was a student, not the case.
2:50 And back then those who were believers,
2:53 the Catholics or the evangelicals,
2:56 they weren’t nice, either,
2:59 to the so-called “unbelievers”.
3:02 That’s just deep down
3:05 in us, in Germany.
3:08 We were raised that way.
3:11 Anything that’s foreign is supposed to be
3:14 looked at… at a minimum, at arm’s length.
3:17 No, it does not belong here. They can be here,
3:20 but they don’t belong to Germany.
3:23 Not in my opinion, because when I look at the future,
3:26 how they spread themselves wide,
3:29 if they remain among themselves, OK,
3:32 but you just hear too many harmful things,
3:35 and the way they… their culture…
3:38 it mixes too much with ours, and I am against that.
3:41 In every case. I don’t have anything more to say to that.
3:44 I mean, I’m not doing anything to these people,
3:47 and they for the most part don’t do anything to me either,
3:50 but this populating our land, I’m absolutely against that.
3:53 I am from Aachen, I can tell you enough about this,
3:56 some pretty sad examples,
3:59 but we don’t want to mention them now…
… … …
0:00 We have at the moment, in my hometown,
0:03 I’m not going to say where it is,
0:06 we have a 20% proportion of foreigners.
0:09 And if you understand
0:12 how [unintelligible] these people are,
0:15 you can imagine how this is going to turn out.
0:18 Have you talked to teachers lately
0:21 in elementary schools? an 80% proportion of foreigners,
0:24 with very limited German language knowledge.
0:27 When the social — I mean, you can see that in France right now —
0:30 when that doesn’t work anymore, there is rebellion,
0:33 Here, I mean, we’re still wealthy, thank God, we can still pay for everything,
0:36 especially these hundreds of thousands of people who come here,
0:39 but what’s going to happen when the economy isn’t so good,
0:42 and more of them end up in the welfare system?
0:45 That’s just not going to work.
0:48 …Because most of them here don’t assimilate,
0:51 and if you were to turn this around, if we were in their countries,
0:54 and we were to live our culture there,
0:57 then there would be drama, right? But here we tolerate all of this.
1:00 And that is the reason. I have nothing against
1:03 a person who comes from an Islamic country,
1:06 if they assimilate, but very few of them do.
1:09 We can’t just pull everyone into this country;
1:12 I mean, where does it end?
1:15 Where do you want to go? Of course to Germany, Germany,
1:18 all they always say is Germany, and that just doesn’t work.
1:21 We can’t just keep supporting everybody.
1:24 As much as I am a socially engaged person,
1:27 this is just too much, and that’s how I see it.

The Lügenpresse Refuses to Acknowledge Murder by Culture-Enrichers


In the wee hours of last Saturday morning, three German teenagers were pushed onto the tracks of a station in Nuremberg, directly in front of an approaching train. Two of them were run over by the train and killed instantly. The alleged perpetrators of the act were two slightly older teenagers of non-German ethnicity.

Despite the fact that the killers’ actions were deliberate and intentional, the mainstream media obfuscated what happened, saying that “the boys fell onto the tracks after a scuffle.” The event was described as a “tragedy”, rather than an atrocity. And the murderers were referred to simply as “Germans”, because they were born in Germany.

In the following video, an author and former police inspector named Tim Kellner describes what actually happened.

Original translation by Nash Montana, subtitling by Vlad Tepes:

The article below from Politically Incorrect (translation Nash Montana) goes into more detail about the cover-up by the Lügenpresse [liar press] of what really happened in Nuremberg:

Nürnberg: A Turk and a Greek push three 16 year old Germans onto the rails — two are dead!

By MICHAEL STÜRZENBERGER — This went through the social networks on the Internet last weekend like a wildfire: At the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion, three young boys from Franken were pushed onto the rails in the night of Friday to Saturday. Two of them were run over by the oncoming train and killed. Every citizen with enough common sense immediately asked themselves what specific cultural identity the offenders might have. The Relotious-infested mainstream media spoke deceitfully of “Germans”, in order to cloak a migration background. Further drivel about “accident” and “tragedy” was put out there: the three 16-year-old’s “fell” onto the rails.

But BILD on Monday morning uncovered the bone-hard truth: The murderers, or at least the manslaughterers, who pushed the three German guys onto the rails, were a Turk and a Greek who were merely born in Germany. The highly interesting article, from which the picture here on my article comes, is viewable on BILD with a monthly subscription of €3.99.

We want to know where these criminals come from who keep making our country less and less safe. Because most often they are Muslims, and that is not really a surprise when you know the ideological regularities of their “religion”. A Turk and a Greek don’t become automatically “German” just because they were born here. It’s exactly the same reason why a cow that is born in a horse barn doesn’t automatically become a horse. While we don’t want to compare people with animals, the principle is the same. A migrant only then becomes a real German when he internalizes our identity, our culture, and the values of our country.

The two victims, Luca and Frederic, were two real Germans. They came from Heroldsberg, which is eleven kilometers northeast of Nürnberg, and they were very popular in their hometown. Last Friday night the two high school students were visiting the Nürnberg dance club “Nightlife”, and around midnight they wanted to ride home on the train. At the train station, after meeting a third friend, they got into an argument with the Turk and the Greek. According to the police, the fight started for a ridiculously inane reason, which led to a highly aggressive reaction by the two offenders.

Bio-Germans do not normally react like this. It is much more the explosive mentality of Orientals, frequently and distortingly called “southern”, which is already amplified through their Islamic hatred against all non-believers, that leads to such extreme acts of violence. The Turk is with almost absolute certainty a Muslim. And since the Greek is his friend, he was either strongly influenced by his friends’ attitudes, or he was a Muslim himself as well. After all he could be a West Iraqi Turk, or he could be Albanian with Greek citizenship. 500 years of Ottoman Islamic colonial rule has even today left devastating tracks in Greece.

On December 20th, 2007, it was also a Turk (Serkan A.) and a Greek (Spyridon L.) who almost beat to death Bruno N., retired Director of the Hermann-Frieb School in Schwabing, at the Munich Arabellapark train station, simply because he indicated there was a no-smoking policy on the train. While beating him they called him “filthy German”. After their trial they smirked and showed everyone the middle finger. [Translator’s note: They were given 12- and 8-year sentences.]

According to BILD, surveillance video of the crime scene in Nürnberg proves that there was pure intent to push the three onto the rails, since the train had already been approaching the station at roughly 80 km/h. Since that train usually does not stop at that station, it ran over Luca and Frederic at full speed. The boys didn’t stand a chance, and they were both killed instantly. Their friend could barely make it back out.

In the media, the two offenders have been unanimously described as “Germans”, for instance at Focus:

“As a spokesman for the police explained, two 17-year-old Germans are responsible for three youths falling onto the rails shortly after midnight on Saturday morning.”

As well as the Nürnberg News, which respectfully called the first offender who was arrested a “young man”:

“The police have arrested one suspect. The suspect is a 17-year-old German, the police spokesman said Saturday. The young man is currently being interrogated.”

Once it was clear that there were two suspects, they further tried to hone the impression of their being indigenous:

“Meanwhile, two 17-year-old suspects have been arrested, both of whom also come from the county of Fürth.”

Though the notorious downplaying is based on the words of the police spokesman, as a journalist one should have the duty to investigate whether there was a migrant background. But that very obviously is not part of the interest in the Relotius-press. BILD in this case is the exception to the rule. Here is the picture of the BILD front page:

All other media played down these brutal murders in a most scandalous manner. The Süddeutsche Zeitung is of course leading at the top, and it openly hallucinates that a fight between the youths had just reached a “tragic end”. Three 16-year-olds were “falling” on the rails and were “caught by the train and run over and killed”. The two 17-year-olds supposedly should be held “responsible” that “their three rivals fell from the platform onto the rails”. One could literally feel how the chief-censor Prantl wielded his mighty pen as he tweaked the timeline of events.

One could speak of intentional deception of the public if the Alp-Pravda didn’t mention that the district attorney had issued a warrant for arrest for manslaughter, and “malice” was assumed. Furthermore, they cite investigators who at first left it open whether the suspects had pushed, beaten and kicked the three boys.

Even the Bavarian Rundfunk is of the opinion that the three Germans “fell” on the tracks:

“On the night of Friday [early Saturday], the two youths got into an argument with two other 17-year-old youths at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion. All in all three 16-year-old youths fell onto the train tracks during the argument.”

On late Saturday morning, BR Online described the double murder in its video reportas an “accident”, in which “three men” after the fight “fell onto the train tracks”:

The Franken television channel even titled the murderous events in its TV report as an “S-Train Disaster”. After a row the two victims “fell onto the train tracks” and were “killed by the approaching train”.

The CSU mayor of Heroldsberg, Johannes Schalwig, spoke in all earnest of an “accident”. But this was at least manslaughter, if not murder. The entire town with its 8,500 citizens has been in a state of shock since Friday night. Especially the sports club TUSPO Heroldsberg, where the two victims have played soccer ever since they were little boys. Furthermore, one of the two was a member of the Catholic church community St. Margaretha, where he worked with other young kids, and the other one played contrabass in a music group.

Originally on Saturday, a benefit event was planned for the acquisition of artificial turf for the soccer field, but of course it was cancelled, and an ecumenical worship service was instead held for the two dead 16-year-olds. About 500 citizens came. Merkur reported:

“It is hard to put into words. We are in shock, says the chairwoman of the Heroldsberg gymnastic and sport association, Stefanie Piegert. The 16-year-olds had played soccer there ever since they were little, most recently in the A-youth. They were great players; they were nice, friendly people. The players of both adult teams were dedicated to helping the younger players deal with their grief, Piegert said.

“On Saturday evening the association cancelled a benefit event for the financing of artificial soccer field. Instead about 500 citizens visited the ecumenical worship service. Especially the older brother of one of the victims had found deeply moving words, says the chief Major Johannes Schalwig (CSU) in a report of the Nürnberg news (Monday). In front of the town hall grieving people laid down lights, flowers and photos of the deceased. The 16-year-olds were very loved, says chairwoman Piegert. They went to the school in Eckenthal and Nürnberg. One of the two played the contrabass in a band.”

[Translator’s note: The headline at the MERKUR link which tells the story of the service says “TWO YOUTHS KILLED BY S-BAHN: EYE WITNESSES TRAUMATIZED — POLICE BEGIN LOOKING FOR CLUES”. I have no words.]

The Bavarian minister of the interior Joachim Herrmann demanded via BR:

“It is terrible. It has to be made very clearly that we must counteract these acts of violence.”

[Translator’s note: the BR article titles the article “S-Bahn Drama.” AFTER they already knew that it was NOT “drama”, but outright murder. I have no words.]

Most of all, our politicians have to counteract and educate about the dangers of Islam. And they has to put a stop to the mass invasion of these Mohammedans, even if in this case the offenders were born here. But all the old once-conservative parties are now collectively blaring up and down with the Greens and the Reds this crack-brained welcoming-culture tolerance lyre.

And meanwhile Nürnberg also becomes more and more “colorful”. The families of Luca and Frederic are by no stretch of the imagination happy about this. And neither are the citizens of nearby Heroldsberg. Only completely left-retarded full-fledged idiots can still be happy about the full-blown Mohammedization of our country.

Video transcript:

0:03 Friends, it is just downright disgusting and pathetic,
0:06 what happens in this country
0:09 day in and day out,
0:12 and how abysmally deep and immoral
0:15 the…
0:18 …lying media
0:21 are in their reports about such incidents,
0:24 The way they so absolutely
0:27 downplay these events,
0:30 and how in a very tricky fashion
0:33 they falsely inform. More specifically,
0:36 they try to play down these events,
0:39 in order to influence and to manipulate us.
0:42 It is so inconceivable,
0:45 the way we now live in this…
0:48 DDR version 2.0 in the meantime.
0:51 What has happened?
0:54 In the early hours of Saturday, two young Germans
0:57 were murdered
1:00 by being pushed
1:03 by two migrants onto the train tracks,
1:06 where they then were run over and killed
1:09 by an oncoming train,
1:12 and the lying media
1:15 are downplaying
1:18 this entire incident,
1:21 and how sly they really are about it.
1:24 I’m going to show you that now.
1:27 Take this headline for instance, “Tragedy at the train station:
1:30 Two youths killed by S-train —
1:33 brother speaks moving words”.
1:36 This report alone
1:39 completely falsifies the entire incident.
1:42 The two kids weren’t killed by an S-train,
1:45 but by migrants who
1:48 pushed them onto the train tracks.
1:51 And this is also not a tragedy, but rather
1:54 a deliberate homicide,
1:57 at the minimum,
2:00 but that is once again how the
2:03 lying media write and downplay everything.
2:06 It is all just so despicable
2:09 and repulsive.
2:12 In another report by the lying media
2:15 it even says three 16-year-olds
2:18 fell onto the tracks shortly after midnight,
2:21 after a fight apparently escalated.
2:24 Yeah, they just happened to fall onto these tracks.
2:27 So you can see how they try to use
2:30 really evil techniques to keep on
2:33 Deluding us,
2:36 to deceive us,
2:39 and to manipulate us.
2:42 Yes, and concerning both the highly aggressive offenders,
2:45 a Turk and a Greek, the district attorney
2:48 only assumes conditional intent,
2:51 because all youths had been waiting on the platform
2:54 for the S-train, and they all should’ve known
2:57 that there was an oncoming train.
3:00 That easy!
3:06 And now I’ll show you
3:09 how a real headline should read.
3:12 Nurnberg: Turk and Greek push three
3:15 16-year-old Germans onto tracks —
3:18 two dead!
3:21 This is how this news was published on PI News.
3:24 And that’s why, at this point, again
3:27 a request to you, and an invitation:
3:30 very shortly I am going to blend in three different
3:33 symbols of news portals from the Internet,
3:36 where you will always be objectively
3:39 Informed, in my opinion.
3:42 Very important: The EPOCH TIMES in Germany,
3:45, and then of course
3:48 PI NEWS,
3:59 which is
4:02 There you’ll really find everything
4:05 that you need to know, because
4:08 they report objectively.
4:11 I suggest you do away with all mainstream media.
4:14 It is all just manipulation
4:17 and lies, deception
4:20 and fraud. It’s all
4:23 one big skullduggery.
4:26 And since we’re on the topic already,
4:29 Once again I have been suspended
4:32 for 30 days on my private
4:35 Facebook profile,
4:38 because, it’s hard to believe,
4:41 I posted a so-called “hate speech” article
4:44 from the year 2016,
4:47 Which they found on my profile,
4:50 and so they suspended me for 30 days now.
4:53 I really have to ask,
4:56 is that all you’ve got anymore,
4:59 is that really everything you’ve got?
5:02 I mean, it can’t be more obvious than this,
5:05 and I mean it’s not just myself, there are many others,
5:08 and they try in any and all imaginable ways,
5:11 to silence us for good,
5:14 and that’s why
5:17 I have a favor to ask to all of you out there:
5:20 Look at all the YouTubers out there,
5:23 inform yourself, using for instance the sites I just told you,
5:26 because together we are strong.
5:29 I fear that as time goes on,
5:32 more and more of us will simply disappear,
5:35 because we do live
5:38 in the DDR version 2.0.
5:41 And so, dear friends,
5:44 I’ll be seeing you soon.


Arabs in Berlin hate Jews — who could have guessed?

Original translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes:

Video transcript:

0:00 A small truck that is being steered
0:03 into a group of people on purpose.
0:06 These are the kinds of catastrophes that no one here can or wants to get used to.
0:09 Good evening and welcome to SPIEGEL TV.
0:12 Also it appears unacceptable to me, the fact that
0:15 there are people here in Germany who are berated as s**t Jews,
0:18 or who become victims of racist attacks.
0:21 And the attackers aren’t just some brain-fried
0:24 Neo-Nazis, but apparently just as brain-fried
0:27 Arab anti-Semites.
0:31 At some Berlin schools in the meantime the sentiments
0:34 among the various cultures have become so chilly,
0:37 just like the sentiments between Israel and Palestine,
0:40 when the Jewish student becomes the enemy of an entire class.
0:43 Anna Sadovnikova, Roman Leber and Klaus Meier-Heuer
0:46 spoke to both sides.
0:49 The Rückert family celebrates the Sabbath strictly
0:52 behind closed doors. They don’t show their
0:55 religion any longer in public.
1:12 Liam, the youngest of the two brothers, had to learn
1:15 that in the midst of Berlin, the word ‘Jew’ has become an expletive.
1:18 Seven decades after the end of WW2.
1:21 It all started once he switched schools.
1:24 In the beginning, when I went to class,
1:27 actually on the third day,
1:30 our substitute teacher brought up the topic of anti-Semitism,
1:33 and then a lot of other students said that
1:36 if there was a Jew in the classroom,
1:39 they would murder him.
1:42 That’s when I realized that I couldn’t tell anyone that I was Jewish.
1:45 So I said that I was from Israel,
1:48 and one of them called me a s**t Israeli, and
1:51 the other one called me a s**t Jew,
1:54 because of course he assumed that all Israelis are Jewish.
1:57 That’s just how they all think there.
2:00 And now they’ll all see that I’m Jewish.
2:03 At that moment, a lot changed for Liam.
2:06 Israel, the birthplace of his mother,
2:09 is the land of the enemy in the eyes of his peers.
2:12 The boy who once proudly celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at 13 years old
2:15 suddenly became an outsider, one who didn’t
2:18 even dare to go outside anymore, in his own city.
2:21 He flat-out refused to go to school, he just quit going.
2:24 He missed 40 days. He’d ride there, sometimes I drove him myself,
2:27 but he would just not go inside, and…
2:30 but I didn’t even know about it,
2:33 all because he was avoiding his class.
2:39 70% of the students were either Arab
2:42 or Polish,
2:45 yeah, actually only either Arab or Polish.
2:48 Or Turkish, and uh…
2:51 the rest were German, or something else…
2:54 Arab anti-Semitism in the heart of Berlin?
2:57 In search of answers,
3:00 we drive to the neighborhood Berlin-Neukölln
3:03 to visit the Al-Nur Mosque.
3:06 Similar to Jewish tradition, prayers also take place on Friday.
3:09 Hello, can we ask you a question?
3:12 We’re working on a report about the relationship between
3:15 Jewish and Arab people here… —No, about that, we don’t feel like it.
3:18 We don’t want to be talked to about that.
3:21 It is said that Jewish children are being harassed at schools.
3:24 That’s not true, who… where are there even Jewish kids
3:27 at normal schools? They’re all hidden in synagogues or wherever!
3:30 No, there are normal Jewish kids learning at regular schools.
3:33 I’ve never gotten to know one; I’ve never seen any Jewish kids at a normal school.
3:36 But there are newspaper articles about how Jewish children are bullied at schools.
3:39 We have nothing to do with that.
3:42 May we ask you a question? —Yeah, here, no go, you can’t read, for the tenth time,
3:45 why have you come back here again?!
3:48 The other street is better, here forbidden, do you understand?
3:51 Ten times you asked! Why you ask same question here! Go away! Turn off camera!
3:55 The Sonnenallee. Almost all stores here are in Arab hands.
3:59 The migrant ratio at some schools here is over 80%.
4:03 The central council of Jews calls this a no-go area.
4:06 Open discussion is not wanted around here,
4:09 only covertly.
4:12 Jewish children at schools are bullied,
4:15 and uh… I have experienced it like that in any case,
4:18 that if someone knows that a child is a Jew,
4:21 he will be bullied.
4:24 But one has to also say that if someone
4:27 is not a Jew, and he is a backstabber [traitor]
4:30 then we also say “you Jew!”
4:33 The Jews… they like the money,
4:36 and the power,
4:39 and we on the other hand don’t like
4:42 the people who like money and power.
4:45 But these are prejudices, I mean
4:48 not all Jewish people can be rich and powerful.
4:51 Those are prejudices, but like I said, what is shown on TV,
4:54 and in movies, that is how we soak it up.
4:57 At the central relief office for Jews, Marina Chernivsky
5:00 is like the archivist for this new anti-Semitism.
5:03 The flood of reported incidents
5:06 fills entire folders.
5:09 For instance, a teacher, Frau A.,
5:12 reports of new conflicts between a group of students
5:15 in the 8th grade, where a female student described
5:18 the Shoah, the Holocaust, as correct, and she was harassed
5:21 and the school did nothing to stop this.
5:24 It’s a climate in which even the word “Jew”
5:27 has become a natural insult.
5:30 I already knew that this word had become a common cussword,
5:33 but I’d never heard it used like that before. To hear this with my own ears
5:36 was paralyzing. To imagine that my very own son
5:39 could be confronted like this at his school made me feel deeply unsettled.
5:42 This is just one experience that we hear very often,
5:45 and especially in schools where the word “Jew” frequently
5:48 circulates as an insult while remaining unopposed.
5:51 There is a general assumption going around;
5:54 this isn’t really hitting anyone in particular.
5:57 Jewish students aren’t there; therefore it just slides through.
6:00 Chernivsky tries to use education to deal with the anger.
6:03 but with each conflict in the Middle East it becomes more difficult.
6:06 Anti-Semitism has always been a trigger, an outlet,
6:09 and it’s going to keep being that,
6:12 each escalation in the Middle East, each action,
6:15 political… each political…
6:18 tension…
6:21 Israel and the Middle East, Syria,
6:24 wherever, they all contribute
6:27 to the incidents here in our schools getting worse and worse.
6:30 Sigmount Königsberg, too, can hardly rest anymore.
6:33 Actually he is a commissioner against anti-Semitism, but lately he feels more like
6:37 a security expert.
6:40 I would not recommend to anyone that
6:43 they get on the subway in Berlin wearing the star of David.
6:46 That goes for the entire city of Berlin.
6:49 Or just walk through Berlin wearing the kippah;
6:52 I strongly advise not to do that. — Why?
6:55 I do not recommend that because the… uh…
6:58 one’s physical integrity cannot be guaranteed.
7:01 A drive into the Ruhr area.
7:04 Since the wave of refugees began, the number of
7:07 Arabic migrants has grown very rapidly here.
7:10 In the city district Alten-Essen, the owner
7:13 of a Lebanese snack stand allows us
7:16 to talk with guests and employees.
7:19 Mahana Kamil lost relatives in Lebanon
7:22 due to Israeli air strikes. Since then, the Jews are the enemy.
7:25 Those in Israel anyway. He’s got nothing against Jews in Germany.
7:28 May we show you this video,
7:31 this happened a few months ago in Stuttgart, at a demonstration.
7:34 I think that’s good, yes, all Arabs must be like that.
7:37 But especially here in Germany, we have
7:40 a special kind of responsibility towards our
7:43 fellow Jewish citizens, to let something like this happen…
7:46 Look, look at… Hitler, what did he do Jews,
7:49 do you know that, are you German?
7:52 Do you think that was good?
7:55 I don’t find that good, but with such people you just have to do like that.
7:58 Hitler has said, I let a few people, Jews, live, and …
8:01 then they know why I, these people,
8:04 why I “fired” them,
8:07 why I have killed them.
8:10 And he was right, I believe.
8:13 These people want to have everything, all of them,
8:16 they want everything, all things.
8:19 They leave nothing for other people. —The Jews? —Jews, exactly!
8:22 And yes, that is right. It is correct.
8:25 Our Imam [imam name in Arabic] has said
8:28 Israel is a big mistake.
8:31 It must — it’s like a cancer, and when you don’t make cancer go away,
8:34 then it stays in your head and in your body and so on.
8:37 Yeah, and so that is.
8:40 Not everybody thinks like that, with some the resentment against the Jews sounds
8:43 almost diplomatic. Almost. When they say, the Jews, they’re attacked in school
8:47 or by the kids or whatever, that is right, but what do Jews do
8:50 with all those other people, the Palestinians,
8:53 and so on, that is their kids
8:56 who die every day routinely.
8:59 Who gives them the right? No one.
9:02 Is that justice? That is not justice either.
9:05 I too am against when a person attacks a Jew or a child,
9:08 or whatever. I am not in agreement with that, either.
9:11 They are humans, too.
9:14 They believe differently, they have a different religion,
9:17 that is true, but…
9:20 what should I say; that is normal, right?
9:24 What is normal for some, is unbearable for the Rückert family.
9:27 The fact that their religion could put them in danger,
9:30 is something they’d never even thought possible.
9:34 We are afraid, of course. Things come up in me —
9:37 things come up in me,
9:40 like back in the times of my parents…
9:43 you hear such things…,
9:46 s**t Jew, filthy Jew. We are in the year 2018;
9:49 something like that shouldn’t even be happening anymore.
9:52 Liam wants to emigrate to Israel now.
9:55 There, he wants to go to a boarding school.
9:58 As far as Berlin is concerned, he doesn’t want to live here anymore.

Greta Thunberg, the Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists


A Swedish teenager named Greta Thunberg has gained international fame by starting the “school strike” movement to stop “climate change”. She even spoke at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos.

I suppose you could say she’s the Ahmed the Clock Boy of the environmental movement — a photogenic kid guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of Progressives who get all mush-brained about the Puir Wee Bairns.

Here are some extra details on Greta Thunberg:

Who is this girl, who is supposedly 16 years old but looks and talks like she’s four? She who is now being hyped up as the spokesperson for thousands of school-ditching kids? She is the product of her parents and of an eco-communist media world that has almost destroyed her early on in life in order to use her:

“Greta Thunberg was born to the Opera singer Malena Ernman and the actor Svante Thunberg. According to her own statements when she was 8 years old she became interested in climate change and she engaged in environmental protectionism by keeping the lights off in her house. Later she decided not to fly anymore. At age 11 she became depressive and started to self-harm and quit eating due to her anxiety about the climate. She then was diagnosed with the Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism. Later she engaged herself publicly against climate change.”

I translated this article from the German student newspaper Apollo New:

A student’s look at Greta Thunberg: How the climate-changers have instrumentalized a girl

The 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg has become the symbol of a young person who doesn’t want to be cheated out of her future. But she is a sick child who is being instrumentalized by the green elites in a perverse way.

The figurehead of climate change, at least according to the media, is Greta Thunberg. The by now 16-year-old Swedish girl has for weeks been in the spotlight. With her campaign “school strike for the climate” she has (supposedly) inspired millions of students and encouraged them, to demonstrate for “better climate politics”. Young people are fighting for a political issue: We here at the LJB do the same. But nonetheless I have to exercise criticism here, especially now, as I just became of legal age, that I am a young adult.

To pull off a political movement as a student is quite a lot of work. We experience this every day. For me, each week is a new balancing act, to write for Apollo while at the same time be prepared for final exams and other school requirements. But I get it all done — and mind you, without my just walking out of school on a Friday. Maybe I could organize that: School strike for Liberty. [He writes “Freiheit”, freedom, but I think in this case he means “liberty”… but it could be debated, I guess. —translator]

No doubt most people who emulate Greta and go to demonstrate believe the message they are representing. And I certainly don’t want to open that can of worms about climate change, because for that I have neither time nor space. Let’s just say it this way: A lot what so-called “climate activists say” can be thoroughly doubted. And still the narrative of the impending climate apocalypse is being pushed through the mainstream media as if there’s literally no tomorrow. Should we therefore blame these kids when they believe this stuff? If at all, then only conditionally.

Great Thunberg was born in the year 2003. The student has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and “selective mutism”, which is a psychological condition in which patients suddenly stop speaking. At age 8, according to her own statements, she began to be interested in climate change. This led her into a full-blown depression at 11 years old, including refusal to eat.

Let’s be honest here: a girl that because of a political position develops full-blown depression at 11 years old is not really suitable to be the mouthpiece for such a campaign. A girl like that needs help. Meanwhile she is advocating for very radical positions: “For me most things are black or white,” Thunberg wrote in The Guardian(which is a classical example of a borderline disorder). In plain text: Completely and utterly, or not at all. And for Greta, the choice is clear: Completely and utterly. So capitalism has to fall as a consequence. She calls for a boycott of Black Friday and demands basic changes in consumption and lifestyle. As is more often than not the case, anti-capitalism and “environmental protection” again go hand in hand. We do not know whether she was co-opted by the political Left or whether she is just used much more as a poster child.

One time I met a group of young people at the main Cologne train station who were holding a political demonstration. I decided to talk with them, and to ask them questions. I found out who announced the demonstration: A circa 18- to 19-year-old woman in an Antifa pullover. Also one Antifa flag was lying very visibly in front of the demonstrating group. And the answers of the youths were as naïve as they were shocking: 14- to 15-year-olds proclaimed in all seriousness carefully thought out sentences such as: “Yeeeeah we want for instance not so many plastic bags” as one reason for their demonstration. Pearls of wisdom such as “The economy shouldn’t be deciding and dictating everything; rather the common good should be advocated for”, were dangerously mixed with statements such as “I think the entirety of commerce (traffic) should be completely reconstructed […] everything just needs to be completely changed.” Individual mobility has to go. Or: “Maybe we need to ask the question whether capitalism is still suitable, or if we should rethink because of climate change.”

These children are being abused by anti-capitalists in the name of environmental protection. When the photos of the “school strike” from last Friday show 12-year-old children, it begs the question of how they even got there. Did their teachers send them there? And so, a thousand times over, what has happened to Greta Thunberg in plain view of everybody is happening to children everywhere. Because Greta, too, is being abused and instrumentalized by the climate-changers and the perpetual saviors of the world in a simple, moving way. Greta Thunberg is a girl who is in a perpetual state of fear due to the propaganda of the climate changers. A state that has led her into depression and self-harm, and there is no one who is willing to really help her.

“I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.” This is statement by someone who is just not OK.

On a related note, I translated an anecdote from the comments at Politically Incorrect:

A colleague of mine told me she had a family discussion today at the breakfast table with her two kids. They were “school striking” yesterday, Friday. For the climate.

Later that evening when she asked the kids “How long are you going to take to pull this off?”, they answered, “Until your generation leaves a better world for our generation. A healthy world. One in which we can live again.”

So Sunday morning, in agreement with her husband, they decided to give in to their kids’ demands. The mom told her kids that they had thought about it long and hard, and that they had recognized that things needed to be changed.

In order to improve the climate, the family will sell both diesel cars, and only buy a brand new car. Which means that from now on, both kids have to either ride the S-train or use their bicycles to get to school and to their activities.

In order to avoid radiation, or even to reduce it, she is ready to completely relinquish all cell phones. There’ll be only one cell phone left for the entire family, and no flat rate. That saves a lot of money.

The house telephone also will not be wireless anymore, they’ll go back to corded telephones, in order to avoid “dangerous exposure to radiation”.

From now on the buying of clothes will be greatly reduced in order to minimize the exploitation of Asian laborers and child labor, and in order to reduce the carbon footprint. Therefore no more new clothes in trendy hip clothing stores. All clothes will now be bought in secondhand stores. There are a plethora of those in Berlin, after all. The fact that they won’t be as fashionable as new clothes will have to be accepted in the name of climate change prevention.

Frozen pizzas, burgers, other fast food, too, and beverages in plastic bottles as well will be gradually banned from the house from now on.

There will be more cooking at home. The fresh groceries will be bought at the local market. They don’t have to be organic right away, but the goal is to strive to become completely organic. The difference in prize for organic products will be compensated through the reduction in the household allowance and the kids’ allowance.

Revolution demands sacrifice.

My colleague and her husband understand that up until now they made one mistake after another. Therefore they have put all decisions to improve the climate and to make the world a livable place again into their kids’ hands.

Therefore she asked the kids that by Monday morning, they’ll come up with a plan of action by means of which everything can be implemented as quickly as possible.

And as a bonus, she added regular school-ditching can be included. However there will be no written and signed excuses by the parents. Neither from the dad nor from the mom. Since this is part of the revolution, the kids will have to regulate that themselves.

The next family meeting is Monday morning, 7 a.m., in the kitchen.

For now neither of the kids have said a word about any of it. But there’s still time, after all.

Exams at the Berlin Police Academy Are Rigged to Favor Migrants

Original translation by Nash Montana , subtitling by Vlad Tepes

Video transcript:

0:00 Of course it’s well known that the Berlin police are in need
0:03 of personnel, and that’s why they’re trying to employ anyone at this time,
0:06 and so they turn a blind eye.
0:09 Lee Roy graduated from his training with the Berlin police academy four years ago.
0:12 Today he is concerned about the future of his profession,
0:15 because he is convinced that standards for new trainees
0:18 during the recruitment tests have been drastically lowered.
0:25 This is very easily explained. They want to raise the migrant quota
0:28 working for the Berlin Police; this is deliberately political.
0:31 And so there is pressure from the top to the bottom.
0:34 And so they had to think about: how do we get more migrants
0:37 into the agency when they can’t master
0:40 the current tests? So they were given a memo with the answers on it,
0:43 so they could pass the tests in any case.
0:50 Lee Roy says the testing questions are available on the internet.
0:53 And should they not pass the exams,
0:56 the initial exam can be repeated over and over.
0:59 These are the accusations against the Berlin Police Academy that
1:02 Thomas Neuendorf has to address a lot.
1:08 First and foremost I want to say that this is really getting on my nerves,
1:11 these anonymous people, concealing themselves,
1:14 without revealing their names, putting out accusations into the world.
1:17 It is very, very hard to rebut these allegations,
1:20 and to see whether
1:23 there is even some truth to these claims,
1:26 and that’s why I find this very sad, and the only thing I can offer
1:29 is that these anonymous people should contact the Academy leadership,
1:32 and to explain these problems
1:35 that in their opinion exist,
1:38 and that way we can find solutions.
1:41 But that is exactly the one thing seasoned police officers don’t dare to do,
1:44 Lee Roy explains. They are afraid of possible negative consequences on the job.
1:50 When you openly criticize, you can kiss your career goodbye.
1:53 You can leave your post; the career ladder ends for them.
1:56 Criticism is not desired, and it is not wanted.
1:59 You have to direct lies to the top so things look beautiful.
2:03 And then Lee Roy shows us how people cheat on those exams.
2:12 It’s known that one of the ways they cheat is that
2:15 some of the applicants take pictures and publish the test questions,
2:18 that there are people who have been deliberately brought in
2:21 who would take these pictures
2:24 and publish them via WhatsApp.
2:27 But is that even possible at exams for trainees
2:30 in the presence of professional supervisors?
2:33 We do ask everyone to leave all aids and tools at the door,
2:36 but we don’t do body searches,
2:39 so of course I can’t exclude that someone or other
2:42 brings in a cell phone or another type of tool.
2:45 And how true is the accusation that the Berlin Police
2:48 wants to increase the migrant component
2:51 at all costs?
2:54 There is no quota. Not for migrants,
2:57 nor for genders. We employ solely
3:00 based on capability and skill.
3:03 It is a fact that many incidents can be defused
3:06 through the understanding of the culture involved,
3:09 also by knowing the language,
3:12 so the fact that we do need help in that regard,
3:15 is of course the main reason we desire
3:18 to employ migrants. Other than that there is no quota;
3:21 the only thing that counts is skill and competence.
3:24 Lee Roy sees things differently. He says that
3:27 the criteria for these entrance exams are being softened more and more.
3:30 They pull those trainees through because they need the quota.
3:33 We need those people in the streets.
3:36 For ten years we didn’t employ anyone,
3:39 and now they realize we’re soon going to have a huge upswing in pensions,
3:42 and so they take what they can get. You’ll see the consequences
3:45 of this in four or five years on the streets, of what’s happening right now.
3:50 A seasoned police officer rebels against his own leadership.
3:53 Who is right?
3:56 And the question remains: will his criticism be heard,
3:59 and will there be an internal investigation?


Rainer Wendt: The Crackdown on Criminal Culture-Enrichers in Berlin


Original translation by Nash Montana, subtitling by Vlad Tepes


Here is some additional information on Bushido vs. Abou-Chaker and clan. It’s  wiki info on the two rappers mentioned in the video, Bushido and Capital Bra (LOL yes that’s his name), and on Abou-Chaker, leader of the largest Arab family clan in Berlin.

Video transcript:

0:00 I now greet Rainer Wendt from the German Police Union.
0:03 Nice to have you here, Herr Wendt.
0:06 So this was quite a big blow against international weapons dealers.
0:09 How did we even get on the trail of this gang?
0:12 Well, first of all this is a blow, yes, and an especially big one.
0:15 At the end of a very intense investigation
0:18 you can strike at multiple targets at the same time,
0:21 especially with the special task force.
0:24 I can only say that was a great blow, but whether it’s going to be
0:27 Effective, we can only see once we proceed, once it begins,
0:30 especially how the men behind it will be uncovered.
0:33 But for now, to the Berlin Police, great work.
0:36 It is very unusual in that there actually were
0:39 700 weapons or more there,
0:42 that we could intercept all that and confiscate it all.
0:45 Yes, but I’m afraid there are a lot more weapons in the country,
0:48 illegal weapons. I’m sure that number goes into the millions.
0:51 We can see that especially coming from the Balkan wars,
0:54 that there is still an incredible amount of inventory around,
0:57 and they have to go somewhere, and so that’s where they’re being sold to.
1:00 So what is the situation generally in terms of weapons smuggling into Germany?
1:03 The weapons smuggling into Germany is extremely lively.
1:06 There’s a huge market for it here:
1:09 there’s biker [rocker] gang crime;
1:12 there are large extended Arab clans.
1:15 There are a lot of buyers for these illegal weapons,
1:18 and insofar as authorities stay on the ball with this,
1:21 and not only on the national, but also the international scene,
1:24 I am sure of that, the German police didn’t work this on their own,
1:27 and that is a good thing.
1:30 We’d like to talk about another topic, and that topic is family clan crime.
1:33 Especially in Berlin this is a huge issue, which is in the headlines
1:36 right now because of the arrest of Arafat Abou-Chaker and his brother.
1:39 One might almost think that for the past few months
1:42 there’s been a harsher crackdown by the police, why only now?
1:45 First of all, your question is valid.
1:48 For a space of thirty years it was merely observed how everything developed
1:51 into these perfect parallel societies, where these people could
1:54 develop their criminal enterprises.
1:57 Thomas Heilmann from here in Berlin, the former Justice senator,
2:00 who was the initiating party back in 2017,
2:03 he determined that the most vulnerable spot,
2:06 the one spot where we can really grab by the neck,
2:09 was their finances, their assets and wealth.
2:12 Those assets can be confiscated for now.
2:15 In Berlin alone 77 immovable properties
2:18 that have been seized as of today,
2:21 the results of this we’ll just have to see as we proceed, that’ll take some time for sure.
2:24 And also in North Rhine-Westphalia there have been raids and seizures of properties
2:27 and arrests, so yes, we are definitely seeing a stronger crackdown on this,
2:30 finally, because these are the right times to do so, and in NRW
2:33 we saw that Herbert Roll, the minister of the interior,
2:36 always participated at these raids live on location, which means that there is now
2:39 also strong political backing present now, which is exactly how it should be.
2:42 Let’s take another look at the case of Bushido against the Abou-Chaker clan,
2:45 where another rapper now has inserted himself into the case,
2:48 his name is “Capital Bra”, and he published a video on the internet
2:51 which we’ll listen to quickly:
2:54 “I’m not anymore with idiot [he published albums with Bushido — translator],
2:57 because he now works together with police,
3:00 he works for police now. He got police protection.
3:03 OK. One might understand. Kids were in danger.
3:06 Now he s**ts on folks, folks go to the slammer,
3:09 and… I am not for that, I did everything for him,
3:12 even people said don’t do it, but I did it anyway,
3:15 because we were a team. But we are not a team.
3:18 The police are now his team…
3:21 Bushido now plays for the police team,
3:24 not in “my” team anymore, what does that tell us?
3:27 First of all, I don’t believe a word, of course he doesn’t “play” with the police now…
3:30 You don’t think he is cooperating? Oh sure he cooperates, but he’s not
3:33 playing on our team. Our team is rather limited, and
3:36 and it actually follows the rule of law, and so even when one cooperates,
3:39 that doesn’t mean that he “plays” on our team. But that is —
3:42 this description that he is now on the police team,
3:45 that is of course the deadliest contempt that a guy can show another in that scene.
3:48 I mean, you can accuse someone of being a gangster, a crazy guy or whatever,
3:51 but to call someone a snitch, a traitor, you’re with the police now,
3:54 you’re on the other side now, there’s definitely a serious threat in there, too.
3:57 it also clearly shows how these clans despise the constitutional state.
4:00 Yes, they despise it and they completely ignore it.
4:03 They have built complete parallel worlds,
4:06 with their own justice system, their own set of rules
4:09 that they brought with them,
4:12 and that we now have to try to disband.
4:15 This is going to be a lengthy process and we are only at the beginning now.
4:18 Says Rainer Wendt, and thank you very much for being here.

AfD Representatives Accused of Being Nazis, Yet Again


I wish I didn’t have to post this video. It’s necessary, but I know it will serve as chum in the water for the Jew-haters out there. And I know I’ll have to mercilessly squelch the Jew-fight that will inevitably try to germinate in the comments. Ah, well — so it must be.

The story concerns the reaction of representatives of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the Landtag (state legislature) of Bavaria, when they were yet again publicly identified as Nazis. The speaker who smeared them as such was the chairperson of the Council of Jews in Germany

This is annoying for a couple of reasons. First of all, it slanders the AfD — they are not at all anti-Semitic, and never have been. They are probably less anti-Semitic than the average German, and certainly far less anti-Semitic than the Greens and the Socialists, who manifest Jew-hatred frequently, especially in their alliance with Muslims.

The second reason is this woman’s obdurate refusal to consider the greatest danger to Jews in Germany, which is Islam. What does she think the situation will be like for German Jews twenty or thirty years from now, when Muslims rule the roost?

In this the Jews of Germany join the atheists, the feminists, and the gays in their insistence on keeping their heads in the sand about what Islam intends for them.

Translation by Nash Montana, subtitling by Vlad Tepes

Here’s the accompanying article from Politically Incorrect, also translated by Nash:

Bavaria: AfD Representatives Walk Out after Hate Speech

A veritable scandal unfolded Wednesday in the Bavarian Landtag [state parliament]. There, a commemoration service for the victims of National Socialism took place, to which the current president of the Israelite religious community for Munich and Upper Bavaria and the current chairperson of the Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, was invited as a guest speaker. But Knobloch did not use her speech to address growing anti-Semitism in Germany by Muslim migrants; she used the opportunity to attack the AfD.

First Knobloch moved the AfD and its representatives close to right-wing extremism, then she accused them of belittling of National Socialism, and she also accused them of rejecting Democracy. Then she denied the AfD Constitutional conformity, when she said: “This so-called Alternative for Germany is building their foundation on hate and exclusion, which has — not just in my opinion — no standing on the base of a democratic constitution.”

Clumsy Holocaust Comparison

The president of the Israelite religious community carried it to an extreme when she indirectly considered the possibility of a new holocaust in connection with the AfD. She said: “It is the responsibility of all of us that the unimaginable can never be repeated.” That was the moment when the AfD representatives, including Katrin Ebner-Steiner, had enough, got up and left the room. Only when Knobloch’s speech came to an end did the representatives return. Naturally this incident is blamed on the AfD in the media. Regardless of Knobloch’s clumsy verbal attacks and belittlement at an official NS Commemoration ceremony.

Ebner-Steiner: Knobloch’s Speech Passage About the AfD Was Hostile

“We do not have to let ourselves be treated in such a disrespectful manner, void of all objectivity. We are sad to realize that Frau Knobloch has chosen to engage in this uncalled-for way of arguing.” But, she adds, they are also optimistic that the relationship could relax a little bit with the representative of the Jewish community in the long run, once she’s actually met the representatives of the AfD personally.

“The derogatory way in which the hostile speech was formulated by Knobloch about the AfD was absolutely uncalled-for during the commemoration ceremony, and we do not accept being called a party whose platform is based on hate and exclusion, and that it is anti-constitutional,” emphasizes Ebner-Steiner. It is, after all, especially the AfD that sees itself as a violence-free party of law and a defender of democracy. Opposing accusations were an expression of “party-political-motivated contempt for an uncomfortable political competitor.”

Bystron: Islam is the Real Threat for Jewish Lives in Germany

The Bavarian AfD Bundestag representative Petr Bystron accused Knobloch of warning the wrong people: “Frau Knobloch should better talk to those who are responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism in Germany. And that is with certainty not the AfD,” Bystron told JUNGE FREIHEIT. He adds that in the meantime it has been statistically proven that immigration from the Islamic culture poses a growing threat for Jewish lives in Germany: “And Frau Knobloch knows that. But she’d rather not touch that hot iron. Apparently it’s too hot for her.”

Video transcript:

0:01 Several representatives of the AfD suddenly stood up
0:04 and walked out to protest in the Bavarian Landtag [state parliament].
0:07 The reason: At a commemoration for the victims
0:10 of National Socialism, the president of the
0:13 Israelite Religious Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria,
0:16 Charlotte Knobloch, criticized the right-wing populist party sharply.
0:20 This so-called Alternative for Germany,
0:23 is building their foundation on hate and exclusion,
0:26 which has — not just in my opinion — no standing on the base
0:29 of a Democratic Constitution.
0:33 The parliamentary party leader Katrin Ebner Steiner was among
0:36 the AfD representatives who left the room.
0:40 The other parties gave Knobloch a standing ovation.
0:48 After about ten minutes the AfD representatives
0:51 came back in the room.
0:54 President of the Ministry Markus Söder (CSU) called their behavior
0:57 disrespectful, he said that real democrats would never act like this.

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