Hamburg’s Sons of Bitches

Just Another Day in Germany

Hamburg. Disco fights are not just fought anymore with knives as once they were, but with guns.

The rumor is that the girlfriend of a carpet dealer had been “flirted on”, hit on, by someone. So the carpet dealer boyfriend came unglued and had pulled his gun and shot.

I counted eleven shots.

Translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes


Michael Stürzenberger: “They Would Love to Just Throw Me in Jail for Good”

As most of you already know, back in August the German Counterjihad activist Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to six months in prison for posting on Facebook a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem shaking hands with a Nazi.

For those who are not familiar with his case, in the video below Mr. Stürzenberger does an admirable job of explaining it himself.

The latest twist: the prosecution has already filed an appeal, because they believe the defendant deserves an even harsher sentence than the one handed down by the trial judge.

Nash Montana translation, Vlad Tepes subtitling:


Austria Welcomes Immigrant… Diseases

Who would have thought that the “welcoming culture” would have to be grown in Petri dishes and then put on a microscope slide?

A Nash Montana translation from an article by the Austrian news magazine Wochenblick:

And With the Migrants Came the “Migrant Illnesses”

In the photos, Michael’s gray-blue eyes look at you as if they wanted to ask: Do I have to die because of your migration politics? Michael R. (15) was a happy kid, and he shared his interests with lots of friends at the Polytechnic school.

But all expectations for a future have come to a sudden end, due to one single visit to a disco in the nearby large city. “Saturday he was at the disco in Graz,” his mother says in shock.

Deadly Contact

By Tuesday the flu-like symptoms became noticeable, and the morning after 911 had to be dialed because the boy wasn’t responsive anymore at all. Two hours after having been admitted to the children’s intensive care unit in Graz, Michael was dead. He died from an infection of the brain and the cerebral membranes. And that even though he had just been vaccinated a year before against meningococcal bacteria; his body wasn’t able to resist this aggressive strain: “Origin of strain: Sahara belt.” Such was the curt answer given to the mother when she asked.

More could not be said. Maybe they didn’t want to, it is being assumed, especially since a blood sample that the emergency worker took when the boy was still at home has now gone missing. The blood sample taken later was — due to the heavy presence of antibiotic medication — not sufficiently convincing. And even as this is being treated as an extreme isolated incident with respect to the public, the public health authority board thought it would be appropriate to take precautionary measures: “Within the student’s environment, an antibiotic-prophylaxis was implemented,” the Kleine Zeitung stated.

Robert Koch Institute Warns

Once a year the Robert Koch institute (RKI) in Berlin publishes its “Infection epidemiological yearbook of diseases that are subject to registration”. The last publication is from July, and it reports data concerning more than 50 infectious diseases from the year 2016.

Since the RKI is subject to CDU-health minister Hermann Gröhe, they voice their findings with restraint: “Through continuing globalization and the increase of commerce and travel, unfortunately a lot of pathogenic agents can spread more easily and faster. It is therefore possible that the occurrence of previously less-noticed pathogens can change substantially…”

Diseases are Spreading

And yet all that is needed is one look at the yearly statistics from 2015 to see the infectious consequences of the migration tsunami: Diseases that have long been in the forgotten realm or were simply unknown here have shot up with speed. For instance the large city Berlin can already be seen as a potential epidemic centre for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, Legionnaires’ disease, meningococcal disease, syphilis and tuberculosis; drawing conclusions for other German and Austrian large cities is entirely feasible.

Asylum Seeker Endangers Children

It is no wonder that by now even church-based facilities have reported suspected cases of infections: When the deportation of a rejected asylum seeker from Yemen was thwarted through “church asylum”, the disease carrier — he was determined to be carrying a highly infectious strain of tuberculosis — came into frequent contact with 50 German kindergarten-age children at the church in Bünsdorf (Schleswig-Holstein).

It is not an “isolated incident” either. One “unaccompanied minor refugee”, who was allowed to work as a Kindergarten-intern in Aystett (Bavaria), was diagnosed with tuberculosis as well. Especially harrowing: One of the “Beasts of Rimini”, the Congolese lead rapist of the gang rape [in Italy], just recently tested positive for tuberculosis.

German Psychiatrist: Muslim Immigrants Have an Insane Potential for Violence

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by The following clip from German state television aired on September 17, a week before the earthquake at the polls. It’s nearly unheard of that the congenital and cultural deficiencies of the “refugees” could be discussed so frankly on TV, and it’s especially remarkable given the political climate that prevailed in the weeks before the general election.

Nash Montana Translation, Vlad Tepes Subtitling of the video:

Notes on the video from PolitikStube:

It’s almost unbelievable that such clear words are being broadcast at PHOENIX and ZDF: The publicist Ulrich Reitz (FOCUS) and the psychiatrist Christian Peter Dogs use very bold and definite language about why the established parties have failed in their assessment of the refugee crisis.

Here’s a detailed article about the discussion on ZDF, from Epoch Times:

Psychiatrist on ZDF: Today’s Migrants cannot be integrated — Politicians are ignoring the fears and concerns of citizens

Politicians aren’t taking the concerns of the citizens seriously — that’s what the psychiatrist Christian Dogs says on a ZDF show. Everyone that criticizes German asylum policies is immediately being labeled as “sick” and “right-wing”. All the while the migrants are a “ticking time bomb in our country” with their “insane potential for violence”, says the psychiatrist.

The saying, “We are not afraid!” after each terror attack is nothing more than an empty phrase, says Christian Peter Dogs. He was the leading physician at the Panorama Clinic in Scheidegg for years, and is now the leading Physician at the Max-Grundig Clinic.

On September 16th, 2017, he spoke on Peter Hahne’s talk show on the topic “The power of fear — exploitation or reality?” His dialog partner was the journalist Ulrich Reitz, former chief editor of the news magazine “FOCUS”.

Dogs: Politics pander to citizens without taking them seriously

Right at the beginning of the show Dogs criticized current politicians who merely mollify people with the slogan “We are not afraid!”, instead of taking them seriously.

They are trying to influence the people with slogans, the journalist Reitz explains. That way nobody would inquire any further about the politicians’ solutions for these problems.

“When a terror attack happens in one of the European capitals, politicians stand there mostly clueless, and that is their big fear. Politicians themselves are afraid,” Reitz emphasizes.

For years problem have been suppressed, the psychiatrist said critically. People who would question and scrutinize the refugee policies of the government, were labeled “sick” and “right-wing”. Not taking the people seriously is the biggest mistake of the government, says Dogs.

Reitz: Politicians are afraid, but they also abuse this fear

Politicians aren’t just afraid themselves, but they also abuse this fear, Reitz asserted. “When Frau Merkel presents herself as the inherent embodiment of security, then this is an exact reflex to the fact that people are very unsettled and uncertain. And Frau Merkel says, ‘I am security.’ End of story. She is the biggest profiteer of fear politics,” says the journalist.

“The crazy thing with our society is that we are all afraid, but we’re all acting like we’re not.” (Dr. Christian Peter Dogs, MD)

The people feel betrayed by politicians

According to Dogs, many people come to him for treatment due to current phenomena. These people suffer from severe anxiety disorders; some are even unable to even leave their houses because they feel threatened. “And they feel completely betrayed by politicians, because they say they’ll do something but nobody is acting,” the psychiatrist says.

Furthermore, it is completely incomprehensible to Dogs, that politicians who — like Merkel — have been in positions of power for many years, say things like “One should do something”. Who but they should/could do anything at all? he asks.

Mass immigration: Migrants do not understand our values — they are not integrable.

Furthermore, mass immigration itself is rather questionable, because young men come to Germany with an “insane amount of potential for violence,” says Dogs.

It’s commonly accepted in contemporary psychology that the personality of a human being is formed by the age of 20, or as early as 12 years old, the Psychiatrist explains. Character, temperament and personality are therefore hardly changeable after that.

They are people with entirely different sets of values. “They are a ticking time bomb that we have here, because they don’t even understand our values, and we can’t teach our values to them, either,” Dogs emphasizes. Therapy for refugees won’t help or change much, either, and “we have to accept that,” he added.

Therefore the demands for integration classes are sheer naiveté:

“You can’t integrate them. There is nothing to integrate in most areas. You can learn the language, but you can’t learn the cultural sphere, not the religiosity, not the conviction and especially not the potential for violence.” Dr. Peter Dogs, MD)

“There are a lot of people coming here who have a crazy aggressive potential, because they grew up in wars. They have learned to fight, and they don’t even know what it means to live harmoniously. To try and change that is lunacy.”

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