The World Is a Complicated Place

There is a reason why the corrupt democrat governors are being especially strict about the bars and workout gyms.

They know bars and gyms are where people gather and talk and socialize.

They don’t want people gathering and talking, and socializing.

The seeds of the revolution were sewn in taverns.

Ray Bradbury was very clear about the people gathering on porches and around watercoolers:

“People sat there sometimes at night, talking when they wanted to talk, rocking, and not talking when they didn’t want to talk. Sometimes they just sat there and thought about things, turned things over… they didn’t want people sitting like that, doing nothing, rocking, talking; that was the wrong kind of social life. People talked too much. And they had time to think.”

Social distancing is today embraced as a way to keep us safe from Covid-19.

Social distancing, in effect physical distancing, also keeps us safe from “conflicting theories and thoughts.”

Chairs have been removed from social gathering places.

Hallways are quiet. Nobody stands around the water cooler.

Bars have been shut down.

Gyms have been shut down.

People have few places to talk with each other.

People don’t realize how hard it is to speak the truth to a world full of people that don’t realize they’re living a lie.

It’s like trying to wake up someone who merely pretends to be sleeping. It’s impossible.

Perhaps there’s not enough evidence to satisfy Tucker Carlson and his News Corp producers, but about 90 million Americans know that this election was a sham and fraud.

And while we don’t know all the specifics we do know that it was perpetrated by the proponents of the Great Reset and One World Order.

Oh wait – does that make me sound too much like a John Birch nutter? Do I fall in the camp of the conspiracy whack-jobs?

That’s okay with me; there are only 3 camps you can fall in and the other 2 are far worse:

Camp 1: The “conspiracists” who look at election results across the country where urban vote counting stopped inexplicably around 3:00 AM in order to allow “adjustments” to arrive by machine count and pony express ballot deliveries – and who suspect a whole lot of election fraud was going on.

Because….voila! Just as the cognoscenti told us prior to election day “it might look like Trump is winning on election day but when ALL the ballots are counted Biden will be declared the winner.” This camp consists primarily of skeptical conservatives who have been observing Democrats’ election behavior for decades.

Camp 2: the camp of the concessionaires who just want to call a stop to it all and continue on our merry way to Hell in a handbasket. Mainly populated by RINOs and Never-Trumpers.

Camp 3: The rest of the country who by and large reside in Plato’s allegorical cave, exclusively viewing shadows cast by Big Media and where actual facts don’t matter as they are uncomfortable coming out of their cave.

Whichever camp you’re in we are told we’re to accept now as doctrine their “truth” that this country freely and fairly elected a senile, corrupt old fool who held car “rallies” and masked circle-jerks in order to refute his own previous positions in which he favored the end of fracking (energy independence), open borders, Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA thuggery, the continuation of China screwing American businesses and higher than a kite taxes on the middle class.

And did so while telling us, Freudian or not, that “we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

NONE of this is normal! Of course it’s not normal. Nothing has been normal since Trump won the 2016 election – because, you see, he wasn’t supposed to win. So the faction that lost has been working non-stop ever since to effectively abort the election, as that is what they do.

Instead of attributing the loss to their own epic failure to persuade at least half the country to embrace their left-of-Marxist plans for America and adjusting accordingly they not only doubled down on the socialist rhetoric, they also formed a South American junta to overthrow the rightful President.

The coup has been in play ever since the election results announced Trump the winner in 2016. Remember the “insurance policy.”

Deep State ‘officials’ were deployed to sabotage Trump’s administration. The intelligence community along with military brass worked to sabotage his foreign policy, they all worked in concert with the elected Ruling Class to impeach the President despite knowing they had no grounds – aside from lies – to do so.

It was intended to weaken and effectively CANCEL the rightful President. Because they didn’t like him, or us, and we won.

A fraudulently won election was simply the logical next step in this sinister cabal’s toolkit to ensure they would regain and maintain power.

The Elite Ruling Class, you see, has deemed us unfit to rule ourselves, as specified in the Constitution.

I suggest that Exhibit 1 in The People’s Case of Seditious Behavior Against Deep State and its Collaborators should be documented evidence of their disdain for us.

But please remember, and do not ever forget:

It’s NOT NORMAL to be cancelled for wrong-think in a free society.

It’s NOT NORMAL to be ostracized by relatives and former friends because you hold different political views.

It’s NOT NORMAL to be accused of being a conspiracy nut, a liar and/or a fantasist when you see evidence that points to systemic voter fraud.

It’s NOT NORMAL to be gaslighted by every mainstream media outlet.

None of this is normal!!!

We’ve entered the post-normal political world. Welcome to unexplored territory.

Trump’s Secret Plan to Win 2020 Election; Why the CIA Ignored Vote Machine Issues?

What is Trump’s plan to deal with the current situation? Has he been clueless about voting fraud all along?

OR does is he preparing for something big to happen. In this episode of Beyond The Noise, we analyze the clues and evidence surrounding the government agencies like FBI and CIA to find if there is any indication as to how Trump might be playing out his cards.

As he terminated or excluded the head of these agencies, is he preparing for something extraordinary?

Why has the CIA been ignoring the evidences around these voting machines with massive prior knowledge of security frauds and defects?

Are they just not doing anything about it?

Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell is angry at the CIA. She wants Gina Haspel fired for her lack of actions against potential voter via companies like Dominion and Smartmatics.

All that and more in today’s video.

The Coronavirus Makes Me Insane!

h/t Baron Bodissey

The following video (which is audio-only) was recorded surreptitiously in a German schoolroom. 

If this incident is representative of the emotional state of this particular teacher, she is likely to be facing severe stress-related medical disorders in the not-so-distant future.

Coronamadness is abroad in the land. It has infected a large proportion — possibly a majority — of the population in Western countries. 

That’s why I expect the vaccine to be made mandatory — when strong feelings are this prevalent among the electorate, it motivates politicians to enact repressive legislation that seems to solve the issue.

Translation of the video: Nash Montana 

Subtitling:  Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation

Video transcript:

00:00 …and that no one in this schoolhouse is allowed to take off their mask,
00:03 nowhere, not in the stairway, not in the bathroom,
00:06 not in the classroom, nowhere. We don’t, either, in the teachers’ lounge!
00:09 If you want to eat something, if you want to drink something,
00:12 you have to go outside [unintelligible]
00:15 [unintelligible] and then you can come back in! This. mask. will. not. be. taken. off!
00:18 So you’re not eating in the teachers lounge? [Screams:] No! Not in the teachers lounge!
00:21 I go outside, I eat outside, even if it’s cold, I don’t give a s***!
00:24 Yeah? OK? And I already gave you s*** about that once!
00:27 It won’t happen, people!
00:30 It just won’t happen. We have rules. We are in a lockdown here,
00:33 and out there in private life, one meets God knows who.
00:36 I keep my kids inside, all evening we sit at home;
00:39 no one is allowed outside. And then I come here to this school,
00:42 …and…
00:45 you all sit on top of each other and chow down food,
00:48 in a closed room without a single window open!
00:51 That makes me insane! As a matter of fact, this is so irresponsible,
00:54 this entire society is so irresponsible!
00:57 It’s enough when only one has this s***,
01:00 then suddenly all of us are gonna have it, and I will get it too, because I, too, have to
01:03 stand here now, because that is what my s*** job is! We could’ve saved ourselves
01:06 from this crap if we did that!

Jawohl, Herr Oberstaffel-führer!!!

“Stay-at-Home” – Propaganda Video Ridicules Postwar Contemporary Witnesses

Original translation by Nash Montana, video Edit by Vlad Tepes.

There are few things that ponder our minds more and touches our hearts deeper, than listening to contemporary WW2 witnesses, telling us their recollections of the horrors of war, and post-war austerities.

One can barely even imagine today what those people had to suffer through. And still, they found the strength to build Germany back up after the destruction the war left behind.

They are, or more specifically they were, old men and women who – fighting back the tears in their eyes – would tell us of their fates in front of cameras rolling. Today, most of them have since passed away. It would behoof us to never forget their life-time achievements from which we have infinitely profited from.

Peak of Crudity

The Federal Government now ridicules the memory of those contemporary witnesses with a propaganda piece. It encourages – made in the exact style of above mentioned interviews – citizens to obligingly stay at home, park lazily on the couch all day, and munch potato chips.

The plot is easily told: In front of a rolling camera, an old man recalls his memory of the “Winter of Corona 2020”, with which horror he had been confronted as a 22- year old young man. Back then “the entire country looked at us” as “an invisible danger threatened everything we believed in, and suddenly the fate of our entire country was put into our hands”. He and the other “heroes” of said epoch “did everything that was expected of them, the only right thing”:

To stay at home, lazily park themselves on the couch all day and eat potato chips.

It is hard to one-up this infantile piece of tastelessness. The video can be found on youtube. Through the use of framing, nudging and blatant disinformation, there is no doubt that the message will fall on fertile grounds with susceptible brains.

000 I believe it was Winter of 2020

003 when the entire country looked at us.

006 I just turned 22 years old,

[here, title below reads: Anton Lehmann, Active Duty 2020, Chemnitz, Saxony]

009 I studied machine engineering in Chemnitz,

012 when the second wave came…

015 Twenty-two…

018 I mean, at that age you want to party,

021 you want to study, meet someone special or something,

024 or go have a drink with friends,

027 but destiny… had other plans with us.

030 An invisible danger threatened

033 everything we believed in,

036 and suddenly the fate of our entire country

039 was put into our hands.

042 And so we all gathered our courage, and we did

045 what was expected of us:

048 the only right thing, we did…

052 Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all!

055 We were as lazy as sloths!

058 Days and nights, we sat on our asses at home,

101 and fought against the spread of the corona virus.

104 Our couch was the front line,

107 and our patience…, was our weapon.

110 Haha yes, you know, sometimes…

113 I have to almost smile a little bit

116 when I think back to those days.

119 That was our destiny. This was how

122 we became heroes! Back in the days…

126 in the Corona Winter of 2020.

132 [Text from the German Federal Government] You too can become a hero by staying at home. Together against Corona.

[At 0:55 the old man says, “Wir waren faul wie die Waschbären” – we were as lazy as raccoons. European raccoons are different from US raccons, they are a lot more laid back and lazy, while their US mates are quite lively. That’s why I translated the word “Waschbären” as “sloths”, since sloths are known worldwide as the most laziest of all animals.

Steal This Election, and It’s War

Steal this election, and it’s war. 

War to the knife, knife to the hilt, then gouging eyes and biting off ears.

There won’t be any mythical “unity” with people who’ve called for our shaming, rounding up, re-education, and our deaths. Nor any  “let’s-let-bygones-be-bygones” bullshit. There isn’t going to be any kowtowing to a horrendously corrupt process that even let anyone get this close to pulling it off, as though the Marquess of Queensbury Rules would remain in full effect, just because someone got away with it.

We aren’t gong to regroup, and hope the Senate, or SCOTUS, or the fucking Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, come to our rescue to keep frothing communists from enacting the Soviet/Cuban/Venezuelan Worker’s Paradise they’ve been salivating over for 80 years.

The minute someone violates democracy, and all due process, the social contract is broken, the Rule of Law is out the window, and any and all allegiance anyone owed or might claim from us to the former republic is null and void, in perpetuity.

Because from that moment forward, that republic has died, and ceases to exist.

I henceforth owe it nothing.

Not nostalgia, not love, not treasure, not true faith nor allegiance, because the party to whom all that was owed is no longer extant.

I will agitate, protest, strike, undermine, monkeywrench, sabotage, and if necessary, kill people and break things to destroy whatever hologram of the former republic anyone tries to prop up, and I won’t rest at that until I’m either dead, or I win.

We’re not going to hope for miraculous salvation, we’re going to shoot m#####f#####s in the face. Those are the stakes, and you said you wanted to play for blood. Game on, girl scouts.

Historically, we know what has happened when there is conflict between a traditional society and a progressive socialist movement that has (or is in the process of gaining) the reigns of power in government.

We know what happens. It is a predictable, and well understood process. It is well documented.

You will not know you are in danger until it is too late.

You will not know.

When the new progressive socialist government takes control, one of the first things that they do is hunt down and slaughter their opposition. Historically, that has been the conservative and traditional elements of the society. I am sorry to say this, but this is the historical truth.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure this out. All you need to do is read one or two history books. Nothing being said now should be any shock to anyone even remotely versed in history. It’s a very well established progression of history.

Every progressive liberal socialist movement eventually goes full-on Pol Pot.

What should be a shock is that the United States is destined to be one such nation. And you, dear boys and girls, are just about ready to be placed smack dab in ground zero for conflict. It will not be comfortable. It will not be pleasant. And, there will be those who will absolutely refuse to believe that it is happening.

I am not going to rehash history. You should know this. The only thing that I must underline is that YOU are not immune from the steam-roller of historical events. They will occur whether you want them to or not.

The question now is, have Americans learned the lessons of history? Enough of them, at any rate, to prevent it from being repeated here and now?


A Pedagogical Nightmare

h/t  Baron Bodissey

Original translation by Nash Montana from an article published by the German tabloid B.Z.. A teacher tells of her nightmarish year in a culture-enriching learning environment in Berlin.

“I’ll f*** your classbook!”

Teacher at a Berlin Hot-Spot School Talks Truth

With lots of enthusiasm in store, this teacher began her employment at one of Berlin’s hot-spot schools; the school has a 90% migrant ratio. She was convinced and she was certain that she could bring change to the place. But as a graduate in education she found herself extremely ill-prepared for the excruciatingly intolerable truth.

A permanent lack of teachers, ignorant parents, kids with extreme behavioral issues. “When a 9-year-old boy shows you the middle finger and says, ‘I’ll f*** your classbook’, what should I do then?” Katha Strofe (32, name changed*) asks.

Now Katha has written a book about her experiences: Leaks From the Teachers’ Lounge — My Year As a Teacher at the Elementary School of Horror. It was published on November 1, 2020 by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Press. She wrote the book under a pseudonym because: “I have to keep silent about the goings-on at the school — but my conscience tells me otherwise.”

Strofe passed her one-year teacher’s training with on-site security guards. Although she was originally hired to teach German in the Welcome Class for Refugees, she never even got there. “From the very beginning, I was used as a substitute teacher for all other subjects: Math, English, Art, even Sports, even though I wasn’t in the slightest qualified,” she says.

28 children were in her classes — many from problem families, half of them without any knowledge of the German language, and five special needs kids [Inklusionskinder] with no tutors.

A normal class according to the syllabus was simply not possible: “The few good students had it the hardest. While my attention was completely absorbed with putting out fires all the time, they stared holes into the air. In the fifth grade, I taught at the level of the second grade.”

Respect towards female teachers? Non-existent! “The kids, some of them from known large family clans, are miniature editions of their older brothers,” she says. “School was uncool, and when a kid had good grades, he got immediately trashed by the whole class.”

And further: “Homework gets done rarely. When I announce to them they should inform their parents about something, they laugh and say: ‘Why don’t you, if you can speak Chechen?’”

For parent-teacher conferences, only six mothers and fathers showed up. “They evade responsibility by telling the teachers, ‘You teacher, you do!’ And if they don’t like something, they cuss at us, and we get spat at.”

The stress at school has tough consequences: Katha Strofe developed insomnia; her sleep patterns were disturbed. She was full of fear and worry every time she showed up at school in the morning. And these weren’t isolated incidents! “30 to 40 percent of all teachers phoned in sick every single day,” she says. “I never knew which class I was supposed to teach that day. School didn’t make sense anymore. At some point all I did was copy mandalas so the students could color them in.”

What was worse: The very important welcome classes were being extremely neglected. “I met an eleven-year-old Serbian girl who could neither read, write, nor do math. And she wasn’t the only one.”

Katha Strofe left the hot spot school after a year, and she is now teaching at a grammar school. “I was able to leave there; I could flee, but the kids that I left behind can’t do that,” she said with alarm. “They will fail, and so will our society.”

* The name “Katha Strofe” is basically from the word Katastrophe, “catastrophe”. In English, her name might be “Cata Strophy”.

Here’s a Classic W.T.F. Moment: Wisconsin Elections Commission Refuses to Do Recount Unless Trump Pays $7.9 Million Upfront

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is refusing to do a statewide recount unless President Donald Trump pays them $7.9 million upfront beforehand.

The $7.9 million is the cost estimate of the cost submitted by Wisconsin county clerks.

“We still have not received any indication that there will or will not be a recount,” said Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official. “But we want Wisconsin’s voters to know we are ready.”

Breaking 911 reports that “part of that readiness includes collecting recount cost estimates from all 72 counties and assembling a statewide estimate, which must be paid before any recount can begin.”

“Our county clerks have carefully estimated their costs for recounting 3.2 million ballots, which is approximately $7.9 million,” Wolfe said. “These estimates are significantly higher than the actual costs of the 2016 recount, but they take into account factors not present four years ago, including the need for larger spaces to permit public observation and social distancing, security for those spaces, the higher number of absentee ballots, a compressed timeframe over a holiday, and renting high-speed ballot scanning equipment.”

Wolfe said that if it ends up being cheaper than the estimated cost, President Trump would receive a refund for the difference.

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