The Coronavirus Makes Me Insane!

h/t Baron Bodissey

The following video (which is audio-only) was recorded surreptitiously in a German schoolroom. 

If this incident is representative of the emotional state of this particular teacher, she is likely to be facing severe stress-related medical disorders in the not-so-distant future.

Coronamadness is abroad in the land. It has infected a large proportion — possibly a majority — of the population in Western countries. 

That’s why I expect the vaccine to be made mandatory — when strong feelings are this prevalent among the electorate, it motivates politicians to enact repressive legislation that seems to solve the issue.

Translation of the video: Nash Montana 

Subtitling:  Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation

Video transcript:

00:00 …and that no one in this schoolhouse is allowed to take off their mask,
00:03 nowhere, not in the stairway, not in the bathroom,
00:06 not in the classroom, nowhere. We don’t, either, in the teachers’ lounge!
00:09 If you want to eat something, if you want to drink something,
00:12 you have to go outside [unintelligible]
00:15 [unintelligible] and then you can come back in! This. mask. will. not. be. taken. off!
00:18 So you’re not eating in the teachers lounge? [Screams:] No! Not in the teachers lounge!
00:21 I go outside, I eat outside, even if it’s cold, I don’t give a s***!
00:24 Yeah? OK? And I already gave you s*** about that once!
00:27 It won’t happen, people!
00:30 It just won’t happen. We have rules. We are in a lockdown here,
00:33 and out there in private life, one meets God knows who.
00:36 I keep my kids inside, all evening we sit at home;
00:39 no one is allowed outside. And then I come here to this school,
00:42 …and…
00:45 you all sit on top of each other and chow down food,
00:48 in a closed room without a single window open!
00:51 That makes me insane! As a matter of fact, this is so irresponsible,
00:54 this entire society is so irresponsible!
00:57 It’s enough when only one has this s***,
01:00 then suddenly all of us are gonna have it, and I will get it too, because I, too, have to
01:03 stand here now, because that is what my s*** job is! We could’ve saved ourselves
01:06 from this crap if we did that!

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