The Family That Rapes Together…


The following video report features two lawyers who are representing a group of Iraqi perps at a rape trial in Vienna. It’s a true story, but it sounds like some kind of dark dystopian satire: the nine alleged rapists are from the same extended family. An American family would go out for a ball game and a brew. An Iraqi family goes out for a gang rape.

Translation Nash Montana

Here’s a note from PolitiksTube, which posted the original video:

Nine Iraqis brutally raped a 28-year-old German woman, took pictures of the victim, and afterwards dumped her at a bus station. Nine Iraqis have been facing the court since last Tuesday in Vienna. But even with a judgment that includes prison and revocation of asylum status, the offenders will most likely not be deported back to where they come from, because the death penalty has been activated again since 2004 in Iraq. Also, the Iraqis lie about the rape, they claim it was all initiated by the woman.

Who would have thought that it isn’t a good idea for a drunk woman to go home with nine (!!!) Iraqis? And certainly the men were inebriated as well, and therefore they either can’t remember, or they have the standard excuse: The woman did it of her own free will, quasi. If these rapists were deported back home to Iraq, they would receive the penalty they deserve.

Straight Up Suicide, Austria: School Class Without a Single German-Speaking Child



German may a dead language soon in Austria, at least in the school system.

Translation Nash Montana

School class without a single German-speaking child

The Mayor of Vienna Neustadt is alarmed and demands immediate help from the Education Ministry

The city of Vienna Neustadt is facing an educational and political mess. A cry for help from the mayor Klaus Schneeberger (ÖVP) towards the Education ministry shows the dramatic situation. For the first time there is a preschool class (the Otto Glöckel-School) where not a single child speaks German as his mother tongue. The average of children with a foreign native language in preschool classes is already at an alarming 80.33%, says Schneeberger.

With a migration rate of about 23% the largest school and kindergarten city of Lower Austria tops the list for all of Austria. This development is especially mirrored in the educational institutions.

Class interrupted

Already, in eight of seventeen kindergartens and five of eight elementary schools the proportion of children with a foreign native language has surpassed 50%. In high schools the number is already at 56.64%. The kindergarten educators, teachers and directors are reporting partially catastrophic knowledge of the German language on the part of the students. Especially in the so-called “hot-spot schools”, it’s almost impossible to hold normal lessons. The Otto Glöckel-School is one of them. There a third grade class is taught in which 93% of the children do not speak German at home. “It should be clear to everyone by now that it is de facto not possible to hold a targeted lesson class. In order not to spoil these kids in future a strengthened support system of schools and cities, such as Vienna Neustadt, for instance, is absolutely needed,” Klaus Schneeberger explained last Thursday. He rules out the demand by the Vienna city president Heinrich Himmer (SPÖ) for more teachers and targeted language education. Schneeberger wants to make the Education ministry responsible for that. “If we don’t react now, then we will have problems. The language deficits of the children of today are fertile soil for unemployment tomorrow.”

Projects from the city and other education authorities are a good thing, but state support so far was only a drop on a hot stone. “The ministry has to recognize the signs of the times, and finally act in a consequential manner,” opines Schneeberger.

Two Videos Exposing DITIB in Germany Teaching and Preaching Hate, Anti-Semitism, Turkish Propaganda and Anti-Integration

Suicide West.jpg
Two staggering videos exposing the real teachings of Islam within Germany
The first video is about the DITIB mosque in Hamburg mostly. DITIB stands for Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Germany. They have contracts with the German government to aid in the integration of muslim people in Germany.
This video exposes the Turkish government’s open campaigning for war with the Western world, and as you watch on, you’ll see classic examples of arabic lying, ridiculing, and downplaying and Taqiyah. It shows that DITIB does anything BUT try to help and integrate muslims into Germany. Quite the opposite is true.
You’ll also notice that arabs are insanely dumb, their intelligence is close to being retarded. I’m not saying that because I want to slander them, I’m saying it because it’s obvious.
The second video is a little broader, also about the DITIB mosques in Germany, and it exposes the long arm of Turkey into German schools, including how Shariah has become a way of life for most Turks in Germany, and that there is literally no integration.
It also shows how anti-semitism and anti-Western values are taught in schools and online and in mosques.
Both videos translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes.

Feminist Freaks

Laugh all you want at the feminist freak shows, but there are real human tragedies happening there.

It only matters to what degree you care. For example me, I don’t give a fuck. Someone else might feel different, but I’m strictly speaking for me.

Jürgen the German


A faux-German character from a 20-year-old British TV comedy series accurately mirrors the self-hating authoritarian mindset of 21st-century German culture, according to Politically Incorrect.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation.

Jürgen the German

In the light of the hysterical reactions to the justified and necessary speech by Björn Höcke concerning the German remembrance culture — which basically consists mainly of targeted spiritual and intellectual blackmail of everyday citizen in this country through the Left and left-extremists in politics, media and institutions — these videos are a look back at an ideology-free England of times past, where even twenty years ago German national sensitivities and hang-ups had tossed barbs at them.

With “Jürgen the German” the beloved and legendary comic Harry Enfield created a figure who represented the typical German from a British point of view. A German about whom one could only laugh, but who was damned close to reality, and, in light of recent discussions in this country, seems to be even closer to reality now. Jürgen the German is the embarrassing laughingstock, at whom everyone in Britain laughs, mixed in with a hint of pity, but which is also embarrassingly touching because that kind of German actually exists en masse in reality in Germany: uptight, narrow-minded and humorless!

On the one hand, Jürgen the German is ashamed and apologizes permanently for Germany’s role in a war with Great Britain, but on the other hand he outs himself as a notorious know-it-all; aggressive phrases and emotions continually break through in which he mirrors the conveyed image of the typical German “Nazi” perfectly. Even back then, Enfield portrayed the current behavior of German “elites” extremely well and openly: On the outside they play the moral and tolerant Gutmensch, but as soon as that’s met with a different opinion, “enemies of refugees”, “Europe haters”, and “enemies of Greece” are knocked into shape by the Left and the Green speech and attitude police with all the German severity and anger available, regardless of how it’s done. Typically German!

More videos with “Jürgen the German”:

Geert Wilders Might Be in Serious Danger


We reported in Wednesday night’s news feed that a Moroccan mole in Geert Wilders’ security detail had been caught leaking information to an organized crime group. The arrest made headlines in the Netherlands, and Prime Minister Rutte took the unusual step of meeting with Mr. Wilders to discuss what happened.

Our Dutch correspondent has prepared a report on this alarming incident, along with related Dutch political matters.

Wilders might be in serious danger

by H. Numan

Wednesday a political bombshell exploded in The Netherlands.

A policeman with dual nationality (Moroccan and Dutch) leaked information to Moroccan criminals and possibly to terrorists. He was employed in the Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen. This is a special police security unit that protects the royal family and people in serious danger. This is the service that protects Wilders. It get far worse. This man, Faris K, was not only working for that service. He was also assigned to the IRIS team that protects Wilders himself. He was not working in the bodyguard team personally, but worked as an advance scout.

It gets even worse… Mr. Faris was arrested and released the very next day. He can await his trial at home. No, we aren’t done yet. Mr. Faris has a brother. Mohammed K. He also worked for the police in Utrecht. There he was suspended for leaking sensitive information in 2007.

So far, two police chieftains have resigned.

Theo van der Plas and Michel Beaten, who supervise the Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen have resigned at the request of their superiors.

This comes on top of another scandal.

For some time now a sphere of corruption, abuse of power, and too much work have affected the service. The police officer in charge, Mrs. van den Berg resigned in November.

In a nutshell: Wilders wouldn’t be far wrong if he decides he’s better off making his own arrangements. The problem is that this is absolutely forbidden under Dutch law. The police, corrupt and inept as they are, have the absolute monopoly here. The law explicitly forbids it. You can’t even carry a Swiss army knife as a private citizen. Let alone something else. Much less use it, should it become necessary.

The PVV has canceled all public campaigning involving Wilders and other PVV parliamentarians. Until the ministry comes with a much better answer than ‘Wilders wasn’t in danger at any time’.

He was going to campaign in Volendam. You all know that charming little village. If you see typical Dutch costumes: the white cap for ladies, wide trousers for men, both on wooden clogs, that’s Volendam. The Volkskrant (virulent left wing newspaper) found it funny to make a cartoon about that visit.

[Note from the Baron: The original location for the Volkskrant cartoon was here, but the link no longer seems to work. An article where it once appeared times out when I try to access it.

I located a thumbnail of the cartoon in an Internet cache, so that you can get the idea:


Half the country is up in arms. You can’t do something like that. Why on earth are you all offended? retorts the Volkskrant. It’s just an innocent joke. They refuse to withdraw the cartoon, or to offer apologies. Here’s another beauty, made by the NRC Handelsblad(nicknamed NSB Handelsblatt) a couple of years back.

Again, nothing wrong here. But heaven forbid if Wilders says “less, less, less…” That is a serious criminal offense.

Of course, the mohammedan community is outraged by the arrest of Faris K. It is a conspiracy by Wilders himself. There aren’t any Moroccan-Dutch criminal gangs. This is racism at its worst. That sort of thing.

A couple of days ago, the PvdA (Labour) parliamentarian Marcouch said PVV supporters shouldn’t be employed by the police. The only voices of protest came from the PVV. Just about everybody else either looked the other way, or nodded in agreement.

Now, suppose Wilders were to say exactly the same today. With very good reason, mind you. Guess what would happen? Yup. The Wilders III trial.

It doesn’t stop there. Mr. Tunahan Kuzu openly said that Dutch physicians euthanize elderly mohammedan patients. He wasn’t even arrested for it.

Yes, people disagree with him. But that’s about it. Of course he wasn’t talking to the dhimmis. He was talking to his Turkish voters, who lap it up as if it were Turkish delight. What about the Dutch dhimmis? Well, it’s unfortunate that they heard that, but they’re dhimmis. What can you expect? The left, of course, disagrees with him, but will defend his right to say what he wants to the death (of Wilders, of course)!

According to the polls, the VVD is now leading. The PVV was reduced to second place. As I wrote before: I have very little trust in the polls. This election I have no trust in them at all. Why? The VVD is limping from scandal to scandal. The latest one: the party with the most parliamentarians either in jail for fraud or on trial is … the VVD. They have held that No. 1 position for five years non stop.

We’ll have to see what the people decide on the 15th of March. And how much voting fraud will be committed by the entire political spectrum to rig the results in their favor. I still expect a landslide victory for the PVV. But as you can read, I feel ashamed to be Dutch now.

— H. Numan

Creeping Shariah in Germany

The makers of this video suggest that women change their behaviors when they go out to avoid harassment and rape by muslims.

Creeping Shariah.

Translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes


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