The Family That Rapes Together…


The following video report features two lawyers who are representing a group of Iraqi perps at a rape trial in Vienna. It’s a true story, but it sounds like some kind of dark dystopian satire: the nine alleged rapists are from the same extended family. An American family would go out for a ball game and a brew. An Iraqi family goes out for a gang rape.

Translation Nash Montana

Here’s a note from PolitiksTube, which posted the original video:

Nine Iraqis brutally raped a 28-year-old German woman, took pictures of the victim, and afterwards dumped her at a bus station. Nine Iraqis have been facing the court since last Tuesday in Vienna. But even with a judgment that includes prison and revocation of asylum status, the offenders will most likely not be deported back to where they come from, because the death penalty has been activated again since 2004 in Iraq. Also, the Iraqis lie about the rape, they claim it was all initiated by the woman.

Who would have thought that it isn’t a good idea for a drunk woman to go home with nine (!!!) Iraqis? And certainly the men were inebriated as well, and therefore they either can’t remember, or they have the standard excuse: The woman did it of her own free will, quasi. If these rapists were deported back home to Iraq, they would receive the penalty they deserve.

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