Fahrenheit 451, Version 2.0

Mein Kampf is the notorious autobiography written in the 1920s by Adolf Hitler, in which the future Führer laid out his plans for a revived Reich and the expansion of the German Volk into new territories in the East.

Last year the Bavarian government’s copyright for the book expired, and it became legally possible to print and distribute it again in Germany (as I understand it, it has never been illegal to possess or sell the original edition of the book, provided it is not used to promote right-extremist views).

However, it’s not legal for government employees to read it, not in public. That’s what an unfortunate public employee in Berlin discovered when he pulled out a copy of Mein Kampf to read in the break room. Now he’s out of a job.

Nash Montana translation of this article from B.Z   Edited and published first by 

Mein Kampf in the break room: Job termination legal

An employee of the municipal public order office read Mein Kampf during in the break room and his job was terminated. Now, the labor court has ruled the judgment legal.

A uniformed employee represents the country and cannot show Nazi symbols: Because he took out of his backpack a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf with a swastika on the cover, a long-term employee of the municipal public order office has been terminated from his job.

The labor court in Berlin-Brandenburg rejected his appeal. He felt he was fired unfairly: Martin B. (39) has been employed since 2008 in the public order office in Berlin (€3,000 per month). As such, he wears a uniform for the Reinickendorf district. For €3,000 gross income per month he went after parking violators and dog owners.

In the break room he took out the book with the swastika

August 11, 2016. In the station’s break room, Martin B. grabs a book from his backpack. It’s the propaganda work Mein Kampf, author: Adolf Hitler. Original edition, swastika on the cover. “From the flea market,” he said. “Can’t read that here,” the shift superintendent intervenes. After twenty minutes of back and forth, he puts the book away again.

“A jackassery,” he says today, adding contritely: “I have no interest in Nazis.” To back up his claim he presents his clean army credentials. Nevertheless his employer terminates him immediately, then officially sends him a legal termination of employment for December 31, 2016. “Use of right-wing extremist symbols,” he cites.

The municipal employee had sworn an oath on the Basic Law. The Hitler book might be read, but not in its original print with the swastika on the cover, and especially not in public; that would endanger the peace of the workplace. Human services agreed with the termination.

And now the labor court as well. In their statement the court states that: “The employee is walking around in a uniform as a representative of the district of Berlin, and he is therefore particularly obliged to stand up at all times for the liberal-democratic basic order in the sense of the Basic Law. With the public showing of a swastika, an unconstitutional symbol, he went against this obligation in a severe manner.”svastikles2.jpg

“Student” Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Victim be Punished

Did you know that the MAGA hat represents genocide? Genocide of a “bunch of people”?

Yes, it was the MAGA hat that destroyed Berkeley, it was the MAGA hat that caused the riots in Chicago during the campaign, it was the MAGA hat that caused all the protests.

How about, it was the MAGA hat that shows what a bunch of despicable hypocrites the leftists really are, how it has smoked them out.


Mutti, Like Mohammed, Is Without Error

Merkel has officially crossed over into Hillary land, minus putting the blame on everyone and everything else – yet – because technically she hasn’t lost the election. She’s still Mutti, after all. Still the Chancellorette of Germany. the Grand Poobah of the Islamic Invasion.
If Merkel had lost the election, she and Hillary could join together and go on a world blame tour. Beware the wrath of misunderstood, rejected feminazis when all they want to do is destroy civilization as we know it. Why can’t we just understand them better? Why?

Translation Nash Montana Subtitling Vlad Tepes

Here’s the introduction from Politikversagen, where the video was posted:

Pigheaded obstinacy. All that’s left is stubbornness.

Not even after her historic electoral dysfunction can the grandest Chancellor of all times see any mistakes in her decision-making. Any resemblances to the Führer bunker or the ZK of the SED [Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DDR] are certainly totally coincidental.

The “Nazis” Have Entered the Bundestag

That’s what the media and political leaders from the other major parties call the AfD — “Nazis”.

Germans voted in a general election today, and a substantial number of them departed from tradition and voted for the AfD.

According to Egri Nök, the AfD was in at least third place everywhere, and placed second in parts of eastern Germany, the former DDR. It is the worst result for the CDU/CSU Union since 1949.

Nash Montana sends this summary, referencing Politically Incorrect:

The AfD has caused an earthquake in the Federal election of 2017, and they have increased their outcome by almost three times as much. The CDU (UNION) and the SPD saw the largest loss, the result of their mass immigration politics.

Here’s a list of the parties that will be seated in the Bundestag:

  • CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands, Christian Democratic Union of Germany) , in union with the CSU (Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern, Christian Social Union in Bavaria) — center-“right”, pro-EU
  • SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, Social Democratic Party of Germany) — left-socialist, pro-EU
  • Linke (Die Linke, The Left) — hard left, includes former communist party (PDS)
  • Grüne (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Alliance 90/The Greens) — ecopolitics, pro-EU
  • FDP (Freie Demokratische Partei, Free Democratic Party) — classical liberal, pro-EU
  • AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) — Euroskeptic, anti-immigration

And here’s a chart kindly compiled by Nash that compares the platforms of the various parties on major issues. As you can see, AfD is the sole dissenter on all these issues. Except for the AfD, Germany is essentially run by a Uniparty, much like Great Britain and the United States:

(Click to enlarge)

Nash adds: “My German and Swiss friends are having a meltdown of liberal tears.”

Egri’s response: “I knew the AfD would get between 12% and 15%, so I wasn’t amazed or surprised or anything. But the media are losing their minds, and that is marvellous. We can drink their tears now.”


The AfD vs. the Multicultural German Establishment

Today’s general election in Germany may well be the most important since the foundation of the Federal Republic after the end of World War Two.

The AfD, Germany’s only party fighting islamization of the West, has won 13% which propels them into a seat at the German Bundestag, which now will give them law making abilities.

The following campaign video was released recently by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), the only major party that offers anything to the voter other than the Multicultural status quo.

Translation Nash Montana, Subtitling Vlad Tepes

Ha! Nazi, Schmazi!

The first video below shows an interview with Sigmar Gabriel, the German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor. The interviewer is Jasmin Kosubek on her RT program “The Missing Link”:

The excerpt is from a show entitled “DER FEHLENDE PART”, “The Missing Link”, and it shows a conversation between Sigmar Gabriel and the very beautiful and intelligent Jasmin Kosubek. She’s been moderating The Missing Link for RT Television since 2014.

She’s the daughter of a German father and a Brazilian mother, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science in Pforzheim. From 2011 to 2014 she studied International Business and Economics with an emphasis on International Management, Economics, and Environmental Management in Hohenheim and graduated with a master’s in Science.

She’s been labeled “Putin’s most beautiful face for Germany”. She’s also a topic in a book entitled ‘Short Skirts and Independent Journalists’.

At one point in the video Gabriel claims that “his” ancestors were jailed or put in concentration camps. His father was an unapologetic Nazi and never quit believing in what he did right up to his death.

This is from WIKI:

At the end of the ‘70s, Gabriel learned that his father still remained an unapologetic National Socialist. Gabriel then broke off all contact with his father. But 25 years later Sigmar Gabriel undertook another attempt to reconnect with his dad. Walter Gabriel, however, remained loyal and enthusiastic about his National Socialist ideology.

Gabriel said about his father: “My father was an incorrigible Nazi and Holocaust-denier.”

The self righteousness and the complete absence of self-awareness in Gabriel is really scary.

The second video was produced by the interviewer to rebut Mr. Gabriel’s assertions that there were no members of the Nazi Party who later served in the post-war Bundestag.

Translation Nash Montana , Subtitling Vlad Tepes

Off-Script at a Scripted Event With the Chancellor

The following videos show a televised event in Germany in which Chancellor Angela Merkel interacted with her audience, at what would be called a “town hall meeting” in the context of American politics.

And just as in any town hall meeting starring Hillary Clinton, the event with the chancellor was tightly scripted. There were no chance encounters between Mutti and her audience, no serendipitous exchanges of views.

After the event, a photo of a page in the script surfaced in the alternative media. The document appeared to show the names and photos of people in the audience alongside their questions. Handwritten information was appended, and some of the participants seemed to be marked for inclusion.

The strategy for the set-up is obvious: participants were chosen to make the chancellor look good in various ways. The carefully-coiffed, perfectly-integrated Syrian migrant was selected to be a poster boy for the government’s migration policies.

But difficult questions that touch on sensitive issues were also included, to allow Mrs. Merkel to respond in a reassuring fashion, and thus defuse public criticism on the topic — or so it was hoped. The woman in the second video was obviously included for this reason.

However, the exchange in the third video — the one with the cleaning lady — seems to go off-script. Watch what happens when a different woman gets the microphone and interjects a scornful rebuke, throwing Mutti off her game.

Translation Nash Montana,  Subtitling Vlad Tepes

In this video the Syrian refugee speaks. He tells her about his life here and how much he loves Merkel. Note Merkel’s body language. Completely open, facing him directly, with her hands in “raute”. Compare this to the other two videos, where she turns away from the German women, and keeps her left arm as a protective barrier against the women speaking:


In this second video, watch Merkel’s body language. She’s completely turned off to this woman:


This woman is described as a “housekeeper”, a “cleaning lady”. She has a beef with Merkel about the low pension. AGAIN watch the body language. AGAIN she is not facing this lady full on either, just like she didn’t the last lady, and completely opposite to the rapefugee, whom she stood in front of face to face with open body language and her hands typical in “raute” pose.

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