Off-Script at a Scripted Event With the Chancellor

The following videos show a televised event in Germany in which Chancellor Angela Merkel interacted with her audience, at what would be called a “town hall meeting” in the context of American politics.

And just as in any town hall meeting starring Hillary Clinton, the event with the chancellor was tightly scripted. There were no chance encounters between Mutti and her audience, no serendipitous exchanges of views.

After the event, a photo of a page in the script surfaced in the alternative media. The document appeared to show the names and photos of people in the audience alongside their questions. Handwritten information was appended, and some of the participants seemed to be marked for inclusion.

The strategy for the set-up is obvious: participants were chosen to make the chancellor look good in various ways. The carefully-coiffed, perfectly-integrated Syrian migrant was selected to be a poster boy for the government’s migration policies.

But difficult questions that touch on sensitive issues were also included, to allow Mrs. Merkel to respond in a reassuring fashion, and thus defuse public criticism on the topic — or so it was hoped. The woman in the second video was obviously included for this reason.

However, the exchange in the third video — the one with the cleaning lady — seems to go off-script. Watch what happens when a different woman gets the microphone and interjects a scornful rebuke, throwing Mutti off her game.

Translation Nash Montana,  Subtitling Vlad Tepes

In this video the Syrian refugee speaks. He tells her about his life here and how much he loves Merkel. Note Merkel’s body language. Completely open, facing him directly, with her hands in “raute”. Compare this to the other two videos, where she turns away from the German women, and keeps her left arm as a protective barrier against the women speaking:


In this second video, watch Merkel’s body language. She’s completely turned off to this woman:


This woman is described as a “housekeeper”, a “cleaning lady”. She has a beef with Merkel about the low pension. AGAIN watch the body language. AGAIN she is not facing this lady full on either, just like she didn’t the last lady, and completely opposite to the rapefugee, whom she stood in front of face to face with open body language and her hands typical in “raute” pose.

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