Mutti, Like Mohammed, Is Without Error

Merkel has officially crossed over into Hillary land, minus putting the blame on everyone and everything else – yet – because technically she hasn’t lost the election. She’s still Mutti, after all. Still the Chancellorette of Germany. the Grand Poobah of the Islamic Invasion.
If Merkel had lost the election, she and Hillary could join together and go on a world blame tour. Beware the wrath of misunderstood, rejected feminazis when all they want to do is destroy civilization as we know it. Why can’t we just understand them better? Why?

Translation Nash Montana Subtitling Vlad Tepes

Here’s the introduction from Politikversagen, where the video was posted:

Pigheaded obstinacy. All that’s left is stubbornness.

Not even after her historic electoral dysfunction can the grandest Chancellor of all times see any mistakes in her decision-making. Any resemblances to the Führer bunker or the ZK of the SED [Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DDR] are certainly totally coincidental.

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