Trump’s Secret Plan to Win 2020 Election; Why the CIA Ignored Vote Machine Issues?

What is Trump’s plan to deal with the current situation? Has he been clueless about voting fraud all along?

OR does is he preparing for something big to happen. In this episode of Beyond The Noise, we analyze the clues and evidence surrounding the government agencies like FBI and CIA to find if there is any indication as to how Trump might be playing out his cards.

As he terminated or excluded the head of these agencies, is he preparing for something extraordinary?

Why has the CIA been ignoring the evidences around these voting machines with massive prior knowledge of security frauds and defects?

Are they just not doing anything about it?

Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell is angry at the CIA. She wants Gina Haspel fired for her lack of actions against potential voter via companies like Dominion and Smartmatics.

All that and more in today’s video.

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