Going to DC on the 6th, Will Post Photos & Livestream

Hello ghost readers!

I am traveling to D.C. For the Trump March on the 6th. While I have zero hope in the outcome for us, and my view into this new Covunist future just downright frightens me, I do want to be a part of history in the here and now.

I hope that makes sense.

With this said, I will be taking lots of photos and video. I will upload everything to my twitter, to this site, and to YouTube.

Here is my twitter contact:

@point_lightning, under the name LightningPoint

My YouTube contact: President Elect Nash Montana, here’s the link to my latest video that’ll take you there: https://youtu.be/PZE-eGntfC4

And so, as we all “tip toe” through this precarious time…, may God be with us every minute of every day, may our Faith protect us, and may the Grace of Jesus shine the light for us all.

The darkness is blacker than black now. It’s molasses. It’s unyielding, its a mass of black.

When I had my triple heart attack exactly two years ago, I briefly died. In that moment, my body got swallowed up by this darkness. It swallowed me whole, it submerged me under it, it covered me, and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. It was absolutely terrifying. All that was there was this scary, uncomfortable and cold, thick blackness that kept me in place, rendering me completely immobile.

I remember thinking, this is not heaven. I don’t see a light. No tunnel. Where’s the light? This is hell. How did I end up here, I wasn’t ready to go, and then woooooosh, this sound, and another wooosh and then the loudest most unimaginable BANG! in my head, or around it, I don’t know for sure, and I found myself sitting straight upright on the hospital bed, yelling to the nurse “dont die! Don’t ever die! It’s hell all around us! Never die there!”

And then, a few seconds later… “ am I dead?”… “What happened?” I was okay. I didn’t die. And I began to study that blackness. And I have now come to the conclusion that this blackness was real. And it is all around us in much lesser degrees.

When I look at Biden’s eyes I see blackness. Its darkness that looks back at me through a computer screen. And I get it: he is the darkness that he talks about so often. He says it’s gonna get a lot darker before it gets lighter again. He is telling us the truth.

If you listen very closely to what a communist says, then you will always know what a communist plans to do. All you need to do is to listen real closely. People need to learn to believe and trust their ears. People need to finally understand that these demons who want to bring us this darkness, are the most honest truth tellers of all.

They always tell you what they’re planning to do. People just don’t believe them. Communists get a kick out of telling about their plans because they hold such high opinions of themselves. They are propped up by a very large machine, holding them firmly in place.

If we would just listen and believe them!

No communist has ever lied about being one. But people want communism to be a thing of various stages. These stages don’t exist. They merely are what people want so they can tell themselves they’re safe from “real” communism; because it’s a totally different form of communism, totally not scary like the UdSSR, but more like a cuddly soft type of socialism, edited by really pretty women like Harris, Cortez, Omar…

And little by little, these frogs get boiled in their personal pots at the convenient temperature of medium. By the time they realize they got cooked, it’s too late for them to jump out anymore. And they are ready and willing for communism to eat them up and assimilate them.

Soft boiled.

Which is something I will never do: assimilate. Me and 100 million Americans. Not gonna happen.

So that’s where I’ll leave this for now. I just don’t intend to meet that nasty, cold and wet thick blackness very soon again. So I’ll do my part avoiding it for as long as I can.

I’ll be a guardian at the gate with my million of more true blue Americsn brothers and sisters who are willing to lay their lives down to fight eternal darkness.

Thank you for reading, check back often on the 6th, and GOD SPEED!!!


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