A Blessed, Prosperous New Year To All My Few Ghost Readers Out There, May the Light of Christ Shine Through the Eternal Darkness of Covunism

Well? Happy New Year. I don’t feel there’s anything to celebrate. But it is a new year.

Let’s all keep our noses up, and against the wind, let’s keep on praying, keep the powder dry, and prepare for the worst.

Because the storm is about to unleash. Not happy about it. But here we go…, however…

Just take a few moments and consider this:

Humans haven’t just accomplished great things in easy times. Actually, if you look back over the episodes and actions we tend to build our cultures around, the opposite is true.

There were battles, plagues, hordes of invaders, nations rising and falling.

Men and women stepping out of obscure everyday lives into moments of need and crises and changing their world, our world.

The world keeps on turning for you and me and all the people not because they waited on and found one man or one woman to make things better for them.

We go where we need to go, we accomplish the life that keeps the world turning in quiet sacrifice and blind faith and it never gets recorded or known.

God chose his people, and they messed things up from the first moment, and struggled forever after.

They sinned, wandered, fought, worshipped, failed God again and again, were exiled. And exiled again.

Great leaders, including warriors, kings, prophets, lawgivers, and priests came and went.

And God’s people still survived.

Jesus was born under Roman rule, he called his apostles and left his foundling Church to grow even as her members were slaughtered by the thousands.

All but one of his apostles were martyred.

Still, the Church could not be stopped, and for every martyr who fell, others stepped in to lead, testify, and just live out their faith, pass on the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We have but one Master in this life. Not two, not three, but one. You don’t get to pick your times. You live today, in the here and now.

Make it count, because you are, we are, what our world needs right this minute.

It doesn’t have someone else and tomorrow, it has you, right now.


      1. re: Ghost Readers

        while I was prospecting into a fraternity, I noticed that I could be having a conversation with someone, and some other person would show up, rendering me invisible to the prior conversationalist, leading me to lobby for “Ghost” as my fraternity name.

        that is a long sentence, reminding me of some that Paul the apostle wrote.


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