Biden’s America

The prospect of the nation going from the stewardship of Trump and Pence to Biden and Harris is rather terrifying.

My objections to the changes that lie in wait have mainly to do with love of country Of course.
However, the worst part of it all is that now, bad actors are openly encouraging the nation to accept corruption in our election process.

We are subjected to censorship by Silicon Valley technocrats. There’s one set of rules for politicians and another for the rest of us. And tolerance has become an oppressive, one way street, in which radical beliefs are held to a higher standard, which in turn encourages mobs to run wild and attack citizens.
If this were a movie, most of us would avoid it because it starred a pair of mediocrities like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the supporting cast, we’re being told, will feature the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Gavin Newsome, Eric Garcetti and Stacy Abrams.

But word is out that Bernie Sanders feels he’s been hornswoggled.

Generally, when people are hoping to receive a cabinet appointment, they act as shy as a virgin bride on her wedding night. But not Bernie. Nope, not Bernie.

He did everything but pay for a giant neon sign that flashes “Bernie for Secretary of Labor” every five seconds. Rumor has it, he did hire a guy with a plane to skywrite “Feel the Bern, Biden!” over Biden’s house twice a day.

You could almost feel sorry for the old dude.

But he’s been around Washington long enough to know that you make your deals before the election and then get the paper notarized and into a safe deposit box before the ink dries.

Democrats are a party of would-be Stalin’s and commissars. There is absolutely nothing they won’t do in order to further their political interests.

We’ve seen in recent months how that includes paying the nation’s rabble to take to the streets, under the guise of seeking justice, to burn and riot and kill.

And we’ve seen in recent days that their determination includes stealing elections and not even hiding it anymore.

The Supreme Court so far, especially under the questionable leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts, has turned a blind eye to the corrupt machinations of Democrats in several states.

Congress, also, has played its part by not fighting to stop such practices as prolonging voting past Election Day and mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots.

In a society that cared to defend its precious heritage, votes would be cast, not harvested. And special status would not be given to mail-in ballots.

If I were in charge, ballots postmarked later than a week before the election would be tossed. If you can’t make up your mind by late October, it’s probably best if you wait another four years, hope to regain consciousness and vote in the next election.

It’s safe to say that in the future, lecting a president is a mere sort of practical joke. It won’t matter who you vote for anymore, because the election committee will have already decided who will get the job.
So with all that said, I am hereby making a few predictions in regards to the US’ future election process:

– GrayManBad™ will immediately move to pack the Supreme Court.

– GrayManBad™ will move to make D.C. a State.

– GrayManBad™ will move to make voting obligatory.

– GrayManBad™ will make military service obligatory.

– GrayManBad™ will install new National Holiday right before Election Day, to commemorate people who died of the ‘rona, with lots of pomp and marching bands.

– GrayManBad™ will get rid of the electoral college and instead create an ‘election committee’ to oversee.

I’m just sayin’… I could go on and on and on, and I know you could too. What else can you readers think of? It’s probably already in the works!

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