Allahu Akhbar at the Allah Snack Bar


I don’t think there’s any serious doubt that cultural enrichment was involved in this little escapade of explosive arson, given that it occurred in the Neukölln district of Berlin — perhaps the most culturally enriched neighborhood in Germany — and an “Arab snack bar” was the target.

Original translation by Nash Montana from this article from the Berliner Kurier.

Explosion in Neukölln — Police suspect arson

Berlin-Neukölln — Explosion in a Neukölln apartment building on Monday morning. The police suspect arson.

Towards 3:30 AM a loud boom at the apartment building on the Neukölln Sonnenallee, at the corner of Pannierstrasse. Glass splinters from a window rained down onto the sidewalk. The explosion happened in the basement under an Arab snack bar.

By the time the fire rescue arrived, thick smoke was welling out of the snack bar and the basement windows. Eight residents of the apartment building brought themselves to safety by hurrying outside.

[Photo caption (not shown): fire rescue team bring their injured colleague to safety]

Before the fire rescue even arrived, police had already gone into the building to bring residents, among them children, to safety.

One policeman had to be guided to safety by the fire rescue using a smoke mask when the smoke in the stairway became impenetrable.

A 92-year-old resident also had to be rescued using a mask. “A medical doctor examined her,” says the fire rescue spokesperson.

Arab snack bar had just recently opened

The fire department had 40 men on location. One fireman was injured during firefighting operations and was brought to the hospital. He had dislocated his shoulder while working in the dark, smoky cellar. Another fireman suffered contusions.

While the firefighting operation was ongoing, residents of the house waited in a parked fire rescue bus. By around 5:20am the fire was under control. The Sonnenallee had been closed during the operation.

According a police spokeswoman, the fire commissioner’s office will investigate for first-degree arson. The background of the explosion is still unclear. Fire investigators were still collecting evidence in the afternoon. The Arab snack bar had only just recently opened its doors on March 1.


A Radio Caller Tells Mutti To…

…Well, you can listen to the clip and find out.

There’s so much about this video I don’t understand. First of all, I don’t understand how it escaped from the control of the German government. Did a disaffected media employee leak it?

And surely there was a standard 7-second delay, so that the radio audience never heard it…?

The word “Frosch” means “frog” in German, so the caller was undoubtedly using a fake name. But I expect the German intelligence service will have no trouble identifying him. Does he have a death wish, or what?

Original translation by Nash Montana , many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


Don’t Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out

The following video by a disgruntled female culture-enricher is a lament about how awful Germany is, and how she plans to return home — once she has sucked all the jizya out of the infidels, of course, and sent it on to her relatives back in Africa.

Ah, if only this represented a growing trend in Europe! Unfortunately, most of the “refugees” in Germany are young men who have no intention of abandoning the smorgasbord of nubile white females that has been placed before them for their delectation. In addition to being given lodging and free money, they can indulge their penchant for gropin’ and rapin’ to their hearts’ content — why would they ever want to leave?

She doesn’t feel comfortable here, because the history of Germany is repeating itself, and she calls on “refugees” to send the money home that’s given to them by the German taxpayer. We wish you a great trip home!

Original translation by Nash Montana, many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Video transcript:

0:00 One notices, or rather, I personally kind of notice that concerning
0:03 Germany’s history, it is repeating itself…
0:06 Uhmmm… I don’t feel home here,
0:09 and I can say in any case that I definitely play with the thought,
0:12 not just the thought, in any case
0:15 I do not intend on spending the rest
0:18 of my life here, and that’s why, people,
0:21 invest in your home countries,
0:24 do not leave any money here;
0:27 respectively take the money that you have earned here
0:30 and that you have a right to, and yeah…
0:33 I don’t see my future here.

Ladyboys — What You Don’t Know


The following essay by our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan is a somewhat different reprise of a topic he posted on a couple of years ago.

A note from the author on the photo below: “Both people are reporting for the draft, but the monk has a much better chance of having to serve (shows in their faces).”

Ladyboys — what you don’t know

by H. Numan

This is a very popular topic among our extremely progressive f(r)iends: there are no genders. Gender is just a concept. You feel you are a woman? Well, that makes you a woman!

Sheer ranting nonsense, of course. There are only two genders: male and female. Mother nature works with just two genders. At least, in mammals. Plants and many non-mammalian species have a few more options. We humans aren’t plants, even if you feel you are. That makes you completely bonkers, but that’s a different topic.

In Thailand there are a lot of ladyboys, which makes me to a very limited extent a bit of an expert. So let’s look at how it works in Thailand, and by extension in most other nations.

Let’s start off with men who feel they are women: transgenders, as they are known in the West. We have a lot of them in Thailand. It was one of the first things that struck me as totally different when I arrived here. Nobody even blinks an eye.

I happen to live next door to the most prestigious mall in Thailand. The perfume and beauty departments employ lots of those kathoeys. That’s the Thai word for ladyboy. If you visit Thailand, consider visiting Alcazar Cabaret in Pattaya, which is world-famous. Almost as good is Calypso in Bangkok. I really recommend both.

All the girls you see — and they are truly stunning — are men. No women participate in these shows. Don’t worry, nothing naughty happens on stage. It’s not suitable for very young children, but if your kids are over 12? Go for it! They will love it.

I met an older ladyboy who is a famous TV star. We even had two of them working in my company. No big deal here. Some schools build special bathrooms for them. In university they wear (when allowed) girl’s uniforms. Sometimes in high schools too. In Thailand all students wear uniforms, from kindergarten up to and including university. I wonder what our progressive college brats think about that one: wearing a uniform in university. Or getting report points for behavior and properly being dressed. Not something that would go down well in Berkeley, I assume.

I’m actually surprised progressive activists never point out Thailand to show how well a society can function with transgenders. Which shows they don’t know anything about it. If there is one country were transgenders are almost fully accepted, it is Thailand. By far the majority of transgenders are men. There are a few girls who dress and behave like boys (we call them toms or tomboys), but not a lot.

But there is a very dark side to being a ladyboy. Something you almost never hear about. That is the suicide and mortality rate. More than 40% of all ladyboys commit suicide. I’d say from personal experience the suicide rate is far higher than 50%. Nearly all ladyboys I met in the past are long dead. Those who didn’t commit suicide very often died of diseases.

You see, when a young boy decides he wants to be a girl, he starts taking ‘the’ (anti-conception) pill to get female hormones. To promote breast development, a more feminine appearance and a smaller penis.

Ladyboys of all ages tend to stick together. The older boys get the pill for their younger friends in pharmacies. You can’t buy the pill here when you are underage. They don’t take one pill daily, but whole strips of them. Like, 20 or more in one go. Every day. For the rest of their lives. I don’t think I have to tell you that this is extremely unhealthy and hazardous. With guaranteed nasty long-term effects.

Now, when you are young, you are invulnerable. You won’t die, that’s what old geezers do. Not you. Every teenager thinks that way. So did I. But it never lasts. Once you are a couple of years into adulthood, you have probably had to a few brushes with death yourself, been to several funerals, and you slowly start realizing that life is finite. It’s not a coincidence that life insurance and pension plans do not sell well in the age group 18-25 years, and progressively better above that.

We — most of us anyway — also realize not only that life is finite, but also beauty. A women over 40 can spend as much money and effort as she wants on it. She ain’t 20 anymore, and it shows. It is simply a fact of life. I can’t say I’m happy seeing less hair on my skull, but what can you do? Can’t glue it on. Stapling hair back on hurts. Don’t want to wear a wig. So I grin and bear it. Little as I like it.

That is something ladyboys find very difficult to accept. For them it’s actually far worse. Their (very) unhealthy lifestyle comes now to haunt them. With compound interest. I’ve seen a few ladyboys who were probably over 50, and that was a scary sight, to say the least. Think ‘ugly on steroids’. Or in their case: super ugly on female hormones. They looked like really old men, with very bad skin, dressed in cheap skirts with way too much makeup on. It doesn’t happen very often, but I have really felt pity for them.

Ladyboys all want to be not just women but beautiful women. Some succeed quite well. However, beauty never lasts. You can postpone the inevitable a few years at best. Sooner or later old age will catch up. That’s something many of them can’t handle. Hence their insanely high suicide rate. I can’t give you valid statistics, so let’s assume “only” 35% or maybe even 25% commit suicide. That’s still a crazy high figure. A population group with a two-digit figure suicide rates needs to be institutionalized, not idolized. As I said, I think the suicide rate is probably higher than 50% which makes them better at it than kamikazes.

When you get older, your health goes down the drain, too. That’s when swallowing the pill in dangerously high dosages comes back to haunt them as well. Those cute-as-a-button lady-looking boys of 12-14 years don’t worry about their health. Swallowing the pill as if it were Oreos every day of your life is postponed suicide. So is cramming Oreos in those amounts, but with far fewer side effects. Just heart disease and diabetes. These kids get far worse diseases later on in life.

That’s not all. With regard to transgenders, Thailand is light years ahead of the world. True enough, most parents aren’t exactly thrilled if their son announces he wants to be a ladyboy. But they rarely stop them or even more rarely forbid it. If that’s what they want, that’s what they can do. Society as a whole more or less thinks the same. Buddhism is pretty easygoing here.

However, that doesn’t mean to say everybody approves and cheers them on. Bullying in school is the least of any ladyboy’s problems. (One of the reasons why they tend to stick together.) Nothing to do with discrimination; kids who intentionally stand out that much run the risk of being bullied anywhere. In this case by both boys and girls. Not every girl is happy to see boys wearing skirts in their bathrooms. Even here.

Once they finish school, real life and their real problems begin in earnest. Try to get a job — good luck with that! Thais don’t mind ladyboys, but that doesn’t mean to say they are queuing up to hire them. The general attitude is: you are a kathoey? Excellent. Hope you get a job somewhere else, because I sure as hell am not going to hire you. Good luck and goodbye!

Not all ladyboys end up in prostitution and crime, but many do. Dutch readers may want to have a look at This is a site that translates current Thai news into Dutch. Almost every week it has a few articles about ladyboys on it, because they are at that time in the news. For each happy piece of news, there are at least 20 pieces of crime reporting involving ladyboys.

Not many get a decent job, like working as a shop assistant in a perfume shop or as a hairdresser. Let alone a well-paying job. That kathoey TV personality I met is a rare exception. Now, that’s here in Thailand where society pretty much accepts ladyboys. I know of no other society on earth that goes that far. Even the most progressive universities in America have some serious catching up to do here. Let alone the rest of society.

Mind you, I’m not advocating that at all. I accept ladyboys and have worked with them. Without any problems. But that is as far as my tolerance goes. And, I think, that’s as far as the baht goes for most people. Discrimination? Far from it. Just a personal preference. Not preferring to hire mentally deranged people is not discrimination.

Because that is what those people are: seriously mentally deranged. Look at it this way: when a man goes to a psychiatrist and asks him to amputate his arms or legs because he somehow doesn’t want them, that person is seriously ill. It’s an existing mental illness that goes by name of apotemnophilia. Any doctor worthy of the title would immediately institutionalize that person or start treatment to cure him of that dangerous desire.

Now, if a boy or a young man (usually) goes to the same shrink with the request for heavy medications and castration to become a women, that sick person all of a sudden gets all assistance to be castrated. By the very same doctor. Why? Because it’s currently fashionable. No other reason.

A man is a man, but if he works on it, he can pretend being a woman. A very beautiful women, possibly. Physically he remains a man (less some parts, sometimes). There is nothing he can do about it. I’ll illustrate this with an example: some artists are so good in playing a certain character the audience associates them completely with it. For example Peter Falk played Inspector Columbo so well, no matter what other character he played afterwards, he was always seen as inspector Columbo. But he wasn’t. He was Peter Falk. Not Columbo and even less an inspector for the LAPD.

In Dutch we even have a word for it: “het Swiebertje-effect”. Joop Doderer was a famous Dutch actor who play the role of Swiebertje, a lovable tramp in a hugely popular children’s TV series in the 1960s and ’70s. He played this character so well it seriously hindered his career afterwards. So much so that he had to leave TV behind him, and started stage acting only in serious plays. One day he was performing as King Lear in Shakespeare. To his utter chagrin, when he appeared on stage as King Lear, the entire audience spontaneously got up, applauded him, and sang ‘Daar komt Swiebertje!’ (Here comes Swiebertje; the theme song of the series). Funny to us, but for that reason he left the country to live and act in America until Swiebertje was somewhat forgotten, many years later.

He wasn’t Swiebertje — he couldn’t be. That was a fictional character of a lovable tramp living somewhere in the period 1890-1910. All he could do was play it so well people mistook him for his character.

And that goes also for ladyboys and transgenders. They aren’t women; they simply act as such. Physically they are and remain men. If they opt for operations (remove the flute and install a letter box), castrated men. Allowing those sorts of actors to perform as women in sports matches isn’t a sign of enlightenment. It’s cheating. Hiring them for the sake of gender equality is not cheating. It is modern left-wing activism at work.

— H. Numan

Rapists Set Free; Victim Dies of Meningitis

A 15-year-old girl was raped by two culture-enrichers in the Austrian city of Tulln. Her assailants were eventually acquitted.

Now the victim has died of meningitis. Her illness and death are unrelated to the gang-rape — or are they?

Somalia is Ranked #4 in the world for Meningitis. This, of course, is just a coincidence.

Original translation by Nash Montana from this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

After rape ordeal in Tulln: Sandra is dead!

What this girl had to go through cannot be put into words: Two asylum seekers raped the then-15-year-old in Tulln; DNA traces were found and secured; all violence was documented. Expert witnesses deemed the victim’s side of the story to be completely plausible — yet still the two asylum seekers were acquitted. Due to doubts. What is left is a host of questions. Sandra will never see the answers to them: She is now dead.

On Saturday afternoon Sandra (name changed) was complaining of severe headaches. She was taken to the hospital and was unable to function anymore. The 17-year-old succumbed to a particularly severe case of meningitis the same day.

The outcome of the trial had caused the country severe shock

She never really felt comfortable in her female body; she was attracted to other girls/women. On that fateful day of April 25 2017, she was on her way home from the train station in Tulln. An Afghan and a Somali — both 18 years old at the time and living in a nearby asylum seeker home — followed her, then pulled her down and raped her.

DNA traces were secured from the girl’s entire body. And the girl recognized her assailants at the police station. They were brought into court — and the outcome of this trial last March caused a nationwide shock. The accused rapists were acquitted.

[Photo of asylum seeker containers where the two men were living at the Tulln fairgrounds]

Acquittal due to doubts

Yes, they had “fun” with Sandra, the duo made no bones about it. There supposedly was marijuana that the girl had brought with her, and the “joint consumption location” had been determined by her. Acquittal due to doubts! The accused walked away free. Deportation was ordered, and the Afghan was compensated with more than €6300. Whether the two men still live in Austria is not known.

“After the acquittal, Sandra became depressed”, says the lawyer Ewald Stadler. She couldn’t function in daily life without the help of medication.

Afterword from the translator:

I looked up whether and how you can get meningitis through sexual intercourse or bodily fluid swapping. I read that while meningitis is definitely not a sexually transmitted disease, syphilis is and there is a disease called syphilitic meningitis, which is syphilis left untreated. So, yes, you can indirectly be infected with meningitis through sexual intercourse.

Many people have syphilis for years without noticeable symptoms. Because of this, it’s often left untreated. If it’s left untreated, syphilitic meningitis can quickly progress and cause death, within days.

I’d have to have more information on Sandra’s life between the rape and her death, to find out if she was sick, if she was diagnosed with syphilis, etc.; nothing is to be found. But I think it’s entirely plausible that this is what happened.

Behold, A Green Horse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows up again, this time in a new essay by Tabitha Korol. I don’t know if that exceeds our AOC tolerance levels or not…

Behold, A Green Horse

by Tabitha Korol

“Behold, a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” — Revelation 6:8

The original New Deal (1933-’36) was a series of programs, public works projects, financial reforms and regulations enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, designed to rescue the US from the Great Depression. The artfully-named Green New Deal, proposed by the Democrat-socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), is a series of drastic changes designed to divert the US from the path of improvement and greatness set by President Donald J. Trump, and propagate Obama’s disastrous and divisive policies.

President Trump’s focus on energy has been removing the Obama era’s burdensome energy regulations so that we are now experiencing an unprecedented boom in domestic oil production and energy independence. We are exporting more oil than importing for the first time in 75 years. Trump has been so successful, in fact, that Obama has tried to assume the credit in the hope of salvaging his eight years of failure. The unscientific, childish Ocasio-Cortez endorses the climate change hoax, blaming every winter storm and summer hot spell on corporate America and on cattle with normal gastrointestinal activity. As clearly clarified by Paul Driessen on cfact, “AOC wants to lead the world in economic suicide, environmental degradation, plummeting living standards, shorter life spans and societal upheaval.”

Her desire to raze, rebuild, and refurbish every building with — allegedly — non-polluting solar or wind-power equipment, would create an insurmountable debt. Considering the revelation that she is supported by anti-American, globalist and Nazi-sympathizer, George Soros, it may be that she hopes to erase all remnants of our national history, a common aspiration for every tyrannical regime that has not the ability to improve on what others have achieved. Alexandria has described herself in divisive intersectional terms, as a Puerto Rican descendant of African slaves, indigenous people, and Spanish colonizers. She does not call herself an American, and seems to have no affinity for the welfare of our country and our fellow Americans.

It is not uncommon for a conquering power to burn (or replace) books and destroy historic sites and monuments of a conquered people, and to erase their essential cultural knowledge and evidence of existence. Today we have leftist instructors who have stopped teaching America’s history and Antifa groups and students tearing down our memorial statues, recalling the disposal of artifacts under the Temple Mount, the ruination of the Buddhas of Bamyan, and the damage done to Christopher Columbus’ images. Every edifice has an architectural style and history that, serving as a memorial to the earlier generations and an inspiration to succeeding ones, we have the duty to protect. But under the ruse of energy replacement, O-C would demolish all and replace with communist-style, regulated, mean living quarters — if, indeed, she would rebuild anything at all.

Her plan could well be more sinister.

Her program calls for the complete cessation of all methods of transportation that rely on fossil fuels, leaving many millions of people jobless in manufacture, warehousing, sales, and product shipments, thereby returning us to the backwardness of previous centuries. Without air travel, international business becomes virtually impossible. Without shipping, we could not manufacture or trade with the world. Without trucks, we would have few internal shipments, including food stuffs. Without cars, our ability to travel within our own country would come to a standstill, save by bicycle, among the most vulnerable in road accidents in China. O-C proposes a high-speed rail, such as the disastrous Fast Train project in California, where the cost overruns are setting a world record — harebrained or intentionally meant for financial collapse.

Following O-C’s destruction of cattle, junior Senator Cory Booker (D) would impose his vegan food choices on the rest of the country. Therefore, in addition to losing cows (beef, milk and all dairy products, and foods that require those ingredients), he opposes chicken and eggs with a misplaced sense of morality, since he clearly does not consider the health and welfare of his fellow citizens. Neither is he concerned about the inevitable burgeoning prices for other foods that must replace what had been our necessities.

With O-C’s destruction of the transportation, beef and dairy industries, and Booker’s destruction of the poultry industry, and the various feeds grown for their animals, the number of unemployed would reach an insuperable level. The burden of feeding the populace would fall on low-wage, labor-intensive grain, vegetable and fruit growers, and be subject to the variations of climate and weather.

Despite our current all-time low employment achieved under Trump, the better-educated and highly-skilled might not be employable if O-C’s madness were implemented. She assures that everyone would be an employee of the government, just as Pharaoh’s monarchy employed its slave labor. O-C’s proposed 70- to 90-percent tax rate might also be reasoned as the citizens’ paying themselves. Our country would become a Welfare State.

Elizabeth Harrington, in The Washington Free Beacon, assures us that each federal (or monarchical) job comes with:

  • a salary (befitting what lifestyle?)
  • paid vacation (to go where and how?)
  • retirement benefits (at what age, amount, and nature and extent of services?)
  • adequate housing for all (surely not the equal of the elites’ mansions), and
  • access to nature (the land overrun with wild fruit, weeds and garbage, now a food source in Venezuela, and queuing up to obtain necessities with the hope that there will be enough for those strong enough to endure the wait. Bernie Sanders thinks bread lines are a good thing.)
  • healthy food (barely adequate or generous? Without the master’s obligation to feed the worker, we would be heading toward the starvation of Stalin’s peasants, or Hitler’s untermenschen, or Pol Pot’s agrarian workforce.)

Again displaying her intersectionality biases, in case life is not utopian, her plan calls for “reparations for all but white men.”

A review of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) indicates that Russians rate their housing at 4.8, compared to the US at 8.7; their income at 0.9, compared to the US at 10.0; and their life satisfaction at 4.2, compared to the US at 7.8. I cannot help but wonder, with some trepidation, where O-C’s Green New Deal would place us.

Roosevelt’s Works Projects Administration (WPA) employed millions of unskilled people for construction of public buildings and roads — a storm of great activity and inventiveness. By grim contrast, O-C’s administration would engage low-skill and unskilled laborers to systematically raze our architectural achievements — edifices designed with the charm of Baroque, Colonial, Neoclassical styles, and more — and replace them with a depressing energy-efficient sameness in every town and city. The streets would have to be an unimaginable grid of steel tracks to support the massive public transportation system, and a blight of charging stations everywhere for State-approved electric vehicles.

As a set design of the bleakest futuristic Science Fiction films spring to mind, we are being herded to the ever-closer socialist dream of a controlled society, where individual choice is disallowed by the State, and our lives lead unwaveringly to a predetermined destination.

Previous posts by Tabitha Korol:

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The Art of the Deal in Action!

When I am not translating German videos and articles, I’m wearing my MAGA hat and do battle on forums and on Twitter and on various other battlefields of the Intertubes.

I also love to propagate meme pics. You may not realize it, but some of the funniest meme pics you’ve seen originated with Nash Montana. 

In the following essay, I give you a progress report on President Trump’s efforts to get the wall built on our border with Mexico.


The Art of the Deal in Action!

by Nash Montana

So I promised a calm analysis of Trump’s border wall deal. Here it is.

Trump’s Rose Garden announcement was a stroke of genius. I just love a plan coming together. If you like the full Trump experience, he delivered, and you got it all.

You laughed, you cried, most of all you were generally entertained. And somewhere along the way, a stroke of brilliance shone through. The plan was coming together. The pieces of the puzzle started to make sense to me.

Sure there is a lot of bull[ordure] and a lot of wasteful spending in that deal. But what do you expect? It’s a Democrat spending plan, after all. They wrote in a bunch of restrictions, so, yes yes yes, we all know. But what did you expect? And did you really think the President didn’t see this coming, too?

Trump got everything, he got absolutely everything he needed, with that deal. You’re gonna ask me now,: what do you mean? He had to sign an Executive Action, he’s gonna be sued, yada yada, courts, etc. How can you say Trump got everything he needed?

Let’s. Take. A. Step. Back. Let’s spend a little time looking at this with a clear MAGA art-of-the-deal mind.

In the grand scheme of this entire process, it’s important to look at the stage where we’re at with the border wall, and I can tell you with complete certainty we are absolutely on target.

In other words, up to this point everything that has needed to happen, has happened. I mean, look at it this way: You can’t build a house starting with the roof. You gotta build everything else before you get to the roof.

That being the case, if you had one trillion dollars in unlimited resources for building the border wall, what do you have to do and where do you start?

The first thing is, you have to take what’s already there, and make sure that it’s where it needs to be. So over the past year and a half, with the first two appropriations that the President received, he was able to take that money, and use it to modernize and fix the existing border wall.

So let’s take a look at how much border wall already is there:

There are exactly 654 miles of border wall, most of which was voted on by Creepy Chuck Schumer and Clapping Nancy Pelosi once upon a not-so-distant time.

We have 654 miles along the Mexican border that are covered with a variety of barriers, which is roughly 33% of the entire border with Mexico. And that is according to the VERY accurate fake news New York Times. So don’t blame me if I got a number wrong.

However, at the onset of the Trump administration, a review by border patrol army engineers found that about 280 miles of the 654 miles are nothing short of a hot mess. There’s stuff on the ground, broken through, metal was scrapped: it’s a mess, and they found that we gotta do some work there.

So that’s what happened up to this point. Slight expansions were built at certain parts of the border wall, but for the most part, it’s been the fixing of the existing 280 miles that the border patrol found to be in need of fixing.

Now, the stroke of brilliance is $1.375 billion. Here’s what that number represents:

Sure, if you hear that number, all you hear is that it’s not the $5.7 billion originally asked for by Trump. But the question is: What the heck is that $5.7 billion?

Did you ever even know what it was, where it came from, or was that the number that our VeryStableGenius Trump threw out there saying, “Hey that’s what we need, that’s what the border patrol needs!”?

That’s all we all ever knew about that number.

That number is actually very specific. The 5.7 billion represents what it WOULD take to get to exactly 50% of the entire southern border covered. 977 miles to be exact. We are just under 34% right now. The 5.7 billion will get us to 50%.

But even then, is it gonna happen over night? No, of course not. You have to have contractors to pick up the jobs and then build the wall, and there might be 20 different contracting firms from all over the country, working on different places on the border, hoping that eventually it’ll all end up meeting the middle.

You gotta start somewhere. So where do you start?

Well, the number one priority of the border patrol, NUMBER ONE, is this 55-mile stretch in Rio Grande. That is what the $1.375 billion represents.

If you look at government contracts, (CM Ross, Casey Ross, whichever profile you use currently, you can probably back me up on this), and try to figure out how long for the type of wall and fencing it will take for them to do 55 miles along the southern border.

And guess what I found out. Using the information from previous contract work for the southern border, you know what the answer is? Six to eight months.

Now, take a calendar and walk down it a little bit, and see where that takes you. Six to eight months down the calendar will take you to September of 2019. And what’s so interesting about that? That’s when this funding deal ends. The funding deal funds us through the fiscal year of the federal government, which runs through September.

So here it is, the stroke of genius. The art of the deal by your President of the Estados Unidos:

He got as much money as was needed to accomplish the highest priority, to not miss a beat with making progress on the southern border, just in time to have another negotiation at the next budget-funding deal.

So, in other words, it doesn’t matter if he had $1.375 billion or one trillion dollars. Everything is absolutely on track, no matter what now, with this signing of the budget deal.

That’s point number one. Point number two is this:

By going ahead and signing the Executive Order, as he laid it out in a very entertaining way, there is going to be a lawsuit. There are a lot of variables concerning where this lawsuit is going to be filed. Will it be Hawaii, California, Oregon… Washington? You know it’s coming, and it’s going to be in a state that’s stacked with Obama-appointed activist judges. You just know it.

And then, eventually, it’ll get to the Supreme Court, and maybe there’ll be a slight delay there because RBG is gonna bite the dust soon, but it’ll be okay. That is most likely going to be the case.

In the grand scheme of things, the long end of the curve, is about nine months that this could be tied up in the courts, but it could be shorter than that.

So look what the president has done: He has given himself a parallel path.

If by chance he wins on this Executive action before we get to the end of September, he doesn’t even need to negotiate with the democrats on the border wall anymore, does he?

He has the money he needs to get from here to there, for the rest of the term of his presidency. And you know it’s going to be a landslide victory in 2020 when even Nigerian princes chant “This is MAGA country” in the middle of the night in Chicago while wearing red hats!

But if it doesn’t work, what is he gonna do? Well he’ll go back and get the next piece of funding to keep the border wall on track. Piece by piece. He has at least six years’ time.

The president of the United States won. He won bigly. Yugely. And I know it’s not being disseminated that way for two reasons, besides the fact that THEY just want to discourage Trump’s support. People like TDS Anne Coulter will ALWAYS want you to believe that Trump is betraying you.

But here are the two main reasons:

One: Democrats have to save face with their constituency. So what are they doing? They’re going to go back and say, “Trump didn’t get his $5.7 billion.” Yet again, remember that nobody really knows what the hell that number even means.

Nancy Pelosi, who said, “Let me be clear, how many times do I have to say it, he’s not gonna get one dollar, not one dollar for that wall.” Uh, well, she was wrong. First he clubbed her over the head at the SOTUS, but then he managed to get $1.375 billion for that wall out of her dried up old [nether aperture].

So she has to account to her base for that, and from what I’ve seen so far, her “base” is NOT pleased, LOL. But still the Democrats can say, “We won more, because he got less than even half of what he was asking for.”


Two, the Republicans, from a strategic standpoint, are not going to lay out what I am just laying out here. Nor is the president going to do that so specifically. I doubt that most Republicans are even aware of what Trump has done here.

If Trump were specific about this deal, and if the Republicans did make it clear how much they won with this deal for the border wall, the Democrats would never have any motivation to ever negotiate with them ever again for the remainder of this Congress.

So it’s best to keep the idiots in the dark. On both sides of the aisle.

And as for the President, he gets to win playing to the base with the Executive Action, AND he gets to have a 2020 issue with the Democrats fighting against security of the southern border.

I mean, any way you take a look at this, it is a win politically fore the president. And most importantly, who is the biggest win for? It’s for the border patrol.

This isn’t about Donald Trump’s wall. This is the border patrol’s wall! They just simply weren’t getting the attention and the support they needed.

But the President went and listened to them on the trail and he made them a promise that he has followed through on. As he has pretty much on everything else that he has promised.

This is the art of the deal coming to fruition. But it’s a really funny thing:

You know how those on the left, and the Trump haters on the right, just love making fun of Trump and the way he speaks and tweets to us. They call him a moron and much much worse.

But let me tell you something: What we have to remember is, this guy didn’t manage to moron his way into a company that produces 10 billion dollars in revenue per year and operates in dozens of countries around the world.

You don’t moron your way into that kind of international success.

The guy is wicked smart. Even if he doesn’t always come across that way according to a lot of people. Not to me, I disagree. I never doubted his intelligence. The firehouse twinkle in his eyes shows me just how wickedly StableGenius brilliant the man is.

So the art of the deal was struck yet again, and he’s won, and he’s got parallel paths. It doesn’t get anymore strategically successful than that.

We all win, and I ain’t tired of winning yet. How about you?

Drink Up, Kiddies! It’s Educational!


Original translation by Nash Montana from Politically Incorrect:

Templin: “Chaperoned boozing” as an experiment at school

After mandatory porn class fitting into the scheme of early childhood sexualization of six- to ten-year-olds, our children now are going to have to learn how to booze at school. The red-red state government in Brandenburg wants to teach the “correct” drinking of alcohol in a tax-financed project.

As Nordkurier reported earlier, at the beginning of this week, outraged parents called into the editor’s desk. Their children had brought home a paper from school for parents to give their consent for a “school experiment”. In it parents were expected to give written consent that during class their minor children would be given alcohol under the guise of a “drinking experiment”.

The grammar school of Templin on the Uckermark had invited 90 students from the 9th class for this “experiment” in getting kids drunk, chaperoned by the school.

It was explained that for those under 16 years old, a maximum of three Trinkeinheiten (TE) is optimal. This corresponds to about 0.6 liters (1.25 pints) of champagne or wine. And the highest amount that is given to the minors corresponds to up to four TE, which is about 0.8 liters (1.7 pints) of wine or 1.3 liters (2.75) pints of beer, which the “youths” are supposed to drink under supervision.

Even though the school principal Barbara Liedtke admitted that even she would basically be “flat on the floor” after one liter of beer, she defended the boozing class. Because, after all, this was about observing the consequences.

So now students have to play at being guinea pigs for the country.

“First we’re supposed to teach our kids about the damaging effects of alcohol and drugs. And now they’ll get the booze handed to them by their teachers at school!,” says one angry mother.

The medical insurance company DAK has also reported concerns. Rüdiger Scharf, a spokesperson for DAK, is outraged: “Children are not guinea pigs;” this can be done without alcohol. In a similar project conducted by DAK, the subject group was given so-called intoxication goggles which simulate a high alcohol level, Scharf explained.

According to the people responsible, this joint-joint-scholastic getting hammered on command is supposed to promote the “responsible handling of alcohol” in the future.

Generally students of the 9th class are 14 to 15 years old. Some of whom have never even drunk any alcohol. Also, it should be considered that especially among young people peer pressure is extremely high, and that therefore there might be a considerable number of kids who will participate against the will of their parents, with faked signatures from the parents, just in order not to look like wussies.

To offer students in that age group a bottle of wine or more than a liter of beer borders on bodily injury and the abuse of minors. What’s next? Maybe for the sake of “prevention” they’ll be fed cannabis cookies, joints, or a line of coke. All for the ideology.

Therefore: Prost-Mahlzeit! Bottoms up!

Dad! Our School Has Joined the Ummah!


A German father found out what his son was being taught in school, and was so outraged that he made a video about it.

Original translation by Nash Montana , many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 Yeah, so I’m gonna show you what their homework looks like, OK?
0:03 [unintelligible]
0:06 Here. So they have to build a temple.
0:09 The pillars of Islam. —The pillars of Islam. Here. Look.
0:12 The history, the background, the belief…
0:15 Oh, yeah, here, the pillars of Islam, such bulls***!
0:18 Look, here they have to write about it completely,
0:21 they’re insane, right? —What is this filth?!
0:24 Just look at all this!
0:27 I mean, this is school, German school!
0:30 Everything is about this filth!
0:33 Just look at this stuff! — [unintelligible]
0:36 Just look at this stuff, what they have to do here!
0:39 We are being forced to!
0:42 Forced, huh?
0:45 Look at all this s***! —We are in Germany! —Right!
0:48 They should learn stuff about us!
0:51 Exactly!

Female Refugee Helper in Germany Charged With Raping a “Youth” Under Her Care


In a reversal of the normal procedure, a (female) refugee helper in Germany had to appear in court on a charge of raping her allegedly underage (male) client.

Original translation by Nash Montana from Politically Incorrect:

Educator in court for raping 15-year-old Afghan boy

When a woman and a male refugee come into conflict in a rape trial, the distribution of roles is usually not hard to figure out. In a trial at the Landshut county court house things are different for a change: The 45-year-old educator Manuela M. is accused of having raped an allegedly 15-year-old unaccompanied minor in 2015.

The mother of two had worked as an educator in a live-in community for minor refugees in Kumhausen (Landshut county). This is where she met the Afghan boy for the first time. According to his registration, the boy was only 15 years old, but — surprise — all of the involved witnesses thought he was significantly older. At this point, it shouldn’t even have to be specifically mentioned any longer that he was unable to produce any identification.

At the trial, the refugee appeared as a joint plaintiff against the defendant at taxpayers’ expense, and accused the educator of having unprotected sexual intercourse with him against his will.

But on the first day of trial the defendant told an exact opposite story of what happened: The supposed victim had snuck into her room one night and had down her pants. There was no intercourse, however, because she had defended herself, she stated. Unfortunately the 15-year-old’s DNA was found on her body, and in her vagina. Therefore the credibility of the defendant dropped significantly, which let the court to instead believe the version of events that the young refugee had told.

Did gender play a role in the reaching of a verdict?

One thing Manuela M. Had going in her favor was the day after the incident the Afghan had been bragging about having been to bed with her, until he decided that it was actually rape. Furthermore, the refugee had sworn to his “educator” that he was 22 years old, which had corresponded with his appearance. Also the court decided that the educator had not intentionally abused the dependency relationship between herself and the minor refugee. And since it seemed hard to fathom that a woman the height of 160cm could inflict violence on someone with the stature of a man, she was therefore acquitted.

It is interesting to imagine how the verdict would have come out had the refugee been female and the educator male.

“Minor” refugee fought hard against having his age determined

Also, in the acquittal of the defendant, big role played by the fact that the victim vehemently refused to agree to a professional determination of his age through a doctor. Not surprisingly, since he most likely would have had to give up his “all around carefree package” containing security from deportation, first-class housing, care and fun for roughly €5000 per month.

In any case, the Afghan didn’t show a lot of interest in the trial. He missed the first day of court entirely, and on the second day he only showed up long enough to give his testimony, which took place sequestered from the public. After that, he left the courtroom immediately to take care of more important things.

However there never was any doubt that there was sexual intercourse between the educator and the Afghan. It was proven that the 45-year-old had her fun with the young asylum seeker.

Is this an isolated incident? In its audacity, for sure. But then again, the motives of refugee helpers are utterly questionable in general already, if we are to believe an insider.

About 80% of refugee helpers act out of egotistical motives

The seasoned refugee helper and book author Katja Schneidt delivered highly controversial details on this topic in an interview with Junge Freiheit, Issue 5 2019. She estimates that the percentage of refugee helpers who get involved for pure egotistical motives is at about 80%.

The motivation: Most of them do this because they are bored and because they seek recognition and acknowledgment. They seek entertainment, social contact, a boost for the ego, and they just want to belong to the “good ones”.

And sometimes these refugee helpers act in a downright socially detrimental manner. They’ll do anything so that the status of the asylum seeker won’t change, just so that they can keep taking care of him. It can go so far that they literally badger a refugee to object to negative asylum decisions so that they can keep engaging in their hobby. Many refugee helpers even discourage or block their clients from visiting German language courses because they want company, says Katja Schneidt. And the woman knows what she is talking about, because she’s been working in refugee aid for 27 years and is extremely well-connected.

Refugee helpers carry co-responsibility for the situation in Germany

The author had been of the opinion for a long time that these aid workers have been largely responsible for the refugee crisis. Had these self-appointed Samaritans not existed, the government would have had no other option but to close its borders sooner, and we would be enjoying a peaceful Germany today.

To learn about what motivates most of these aid workers fills one with great bitterness.

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