Impeachment, Blame-Casting and Projection

A big steal requires an even bigger justification.

So what happens, when you have irrefutable proof that????:

1- A Presidential election was stolen
2- The man who will become President is controlled by China
3- Numerous attempts to overthrow a sitting President by foreign and domestic enemies
4- FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department are part of the corruption and unable to function
5- Corporations are influenced by China to the detriment of the USA
6- The Supreme Court is corrupt along with many Federal Judges

Does Trump walk away?

It almost impossible to win as a third party.

The best chance is to reform the Republican Party but that will take too much time and with Dominion Machines fair elections are history.

Do we wait for the Democrats to implode and fill the vacuum with MAGA candidates? That to is a timely process especially with a Federal Reserve that continues to print enormous amounts of money.

Until we can actually vote again, having restored the voting process, all of this is blah blah blah

Bottom line: Bush opened the door by re-vamping policies that trace back to 1941 into the Patriot Act to fit current threats and technologies. That Rubicon has been crossed and since then has been successfully expanded in scope. The dimensions of the power assumed is much more profound than any imagine.

It appears we all just have to march through this. And then at some point we just have to start shooting our way out of this. I have no other solution.

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