Covunist Madness in Germany

h/t Baron Bodissey

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a hematologist and oncologist, and also a former member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

He is currently serving in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament (Landtag), where this recording was made. Dr. Fiechtner minces no words in his speech about the Wuhan Coronavirus. (At 0:09 seconds Dr. Fiechtner talks about “Herr Racer”.

He is referring to the Green Minister for Environment, the Landeschef der CDU-Nachwuchsorganisation, Franz Untersteller, who was caught speeding at head-spinning tempo on the Autobahn just recently. He received a four-week driving ban, and has to pay a fine of €240. He drove 177kmh (110mph) where the speed limit was 130kmh (80mph).)

Critics are now demanding that Fiechtner step down. Of course they do.

Translation:  Nash Montana, Subtitling:  Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation

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