OK, Kiddies: Time to Squat and Clap!

Currently in all classrooms all across the wonderful Covunist Country of Germany, or CCG, children are forced to sit in freezing temperatures of 60 to 40 degrees.

Why, you might ask? Because Mama Merkel claims that this is the best and only thing to do to fight the virus at school.After much complaining and many complaints, Mama Merkel, or MM, then finally made a public statement in regards to the freezing children and what can be done about it.

The following video shows MM giving very helpful suggestions for shivering children in their icy classrooms: They should bundle up, they should do squats, and they should clap their hands!“Maybe one could do a couple of squats or clap one’s hands”, says MM.

And furthermore the kids might want to bring some warmer clothes to put on.It is a crime what is being done to these children. Not only has the median income for a regular German family been decimated due to millions of “refugees”, or ‘Pieces of Gold’ as Mama Merkel calls them, flooding the country, and food banks and Salvation Army places.

Which means that people can’t buy warm clothes for their children, because they can’t afford expensive NEW clothes. German stores are expensive as f***.

But the poverty rate has risen drastically in Germany, some say up to 4 out of 10 indigenous German people now live below the poverty line.

Add to that frivolous lockdowns in 2020, the next one starting tomorrow, and the most rigid one of all.

This lockdown, which only has been announced three days ago, demands all businesses be closed down, and that people best forget about Christmas shopping. Today in Germany, unimaginably long lines in front of stores in every town and city made it impossible for anyone to get anything done.

Yes, Germany is fucked. That country is on a terminal downward spiral spinning faster and faster.

But do a few squats and clap your hands, and voila! Everyone is magically warm.

PS: Notice how the reporter at the end of the video says, “and by the way the children are wearing their masks voluntarily”. Yeah no shit, they are forced to stand in front of the open window and are being shunned if they don’t. Jesus.

Translation:  Nash Montana, Subtitling:  Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation, Additional Publication: Baron Bodissey

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