Helping the Police With Their Enquiries

h/t Baron Bodissey11

The following video shows a particularly nasty encounter between the German police and ordinary citizens, who seem to have committed some COVID-related violation. 

This couple must have had unauthorized visitors, and probably MASKLESS as well, during the Corona lockdown.

The cop is actually demanding that the woman call all of their relatives who just left the apartment, and tell them to return immediately! He says that if she doesn’t do that he will enter their apartment (he doesn’t say to “look around”, but I assume the threat is there).

It doesn’t say WHO called the police. I assume a nosy German “respect my authority” neighbor.

This video is really hard to watch. What occurs to me is that though these people are speaking in a foreign language — possibly a Slavic language — they seem to be taken completely by surprise by the readiness of the police to apply serious violence.

Translation: Nash Montana, Subtitling: Vlad Tepes


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