I’m a Muslim and a Doctor, I’m Better Than You!


The following video shows part of one of Michael Stürzenberger’s “Islamophobic” presentations in downtown Munich. In it you’ll see a Muslima confront Mr. Stürzenberger about his “hateful incitement of the masses”. Her argument may be condensed into these four points:

  • I am a Muslim.
  • I am a doctor.
  • I am German.
  • Therefore everything you say is irrelevant and not worth discussing.

Original translation by Nash Montana , many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 Could we discuss a bit? —Yes, OK
0:03 Please (tries to grab the mike) —I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it
0:06 Wonderful day to you —Hello, I am Michael —Yes Michael, I am Katja, I’m pleased to meet you,
0:09 I find your campaign here ultra primitive.
0:12 Why? —That is my opinion,
0:15 because you lump all muslims together.
0:18 Does it say that anywhere, that all muslims are the same? It says Islam, not muslims.
0:21 Not all muslims.
0:24 We are discussing, and that is why the microphone
0:27 needs to be held this way so that the discussion
0:30 can’t be monopolized. —You mean not wanting to answer.
0:33 I don’t know what you learned in your life, what you studied,
0:36 but what you present here, this incitement of hate of the masses,
0:39 that’s really embarrassing for you, you should be ashamed
0:42 to stand here in the middle of Munich, with such judgment!
0:45 Number one, what did you study? And who are you actually?
0:48 You should know by now, islam does not mean peace,
0:51 that is a fact, islam means submission and conquest,
0:54 that is the translation from the Arabic. Islam means conquest and submission,
0:57 that is a fact, so how is that incitement of hate of the masses?
1:00 Well, Michael, I am muslim,
1:03 I am German, I am proud of that
1:06 of what I am, and I am a doctor.
1:09 And the word islam means peace!
1:12 Salaam means peace. Salaam means peace!
1:15 Salaam means peace, not islam. —No no no no no no no
1:18 We know Arabic! —We are discussing! (tries to yank away the mike AGAIN!)
1:21 I will hold the microphone!
1:24 OK, so you obviously don’t want to discuss, you want to manipulate
1:27 the people here, and pull off your damned show here!
1:30 You should be ashamed about that! I am a muslim
1:33 and I am proud of that, and I am a German muslim.
1:36 And you are not in the position to judge and to paint all countries
1:39 with the same broad strokes. You are a preacher of hate [Volksverhetzer],
1:42 and it’s not worth it to even discuss with you,
1:45 because I am a medical doctor and I care for other people,
1:48 I don’t know what you do in this society, but incitement of the masses is not…
1:51 Why do you feel attacked here?
1:54 This sign, it is factually correct!
1:57 You don’t need to feel attacked personally.
2:00 It’s beautiful that you are a doctor, it’s beautiful that you are integrated,
2:03 that’s all wonderful! So where is the problem?
2:06 You know what? There is no discussion possible with you.
2:09 You are manipulating the people here, you are interrupting my speech,
2:12 you are trying to lead a discussion that you can’t win!
2:15 You are embarrassing yourself in this world,
2:18 and the people who stand here and hear all this think exactly like me,
2:21 your manipulation of these people here —I have no clue what kind of
2:24 an educational background you come from — you cannot just
2:27 lump all of this together, and you don’t need to explain to me.
2:30 The Arabic language is my mother language, and…
2:33 Where do you come from?
2:36 Where do you come from?
2:39 What are your roots? What Arabic country are your roots in?
2:42 She just said I am mentally ill.
2:45 Well friends, the fact is that the word islam means submission
2:48 In Arabic, the word salaam means peace!
2:51 But she wants to explain to me what the words are
2:54 for peace and submission!
2:57 Pardon me, but my mother is an Arabic language teacher,
3:00 and I speak Arabic, have you ever read Arabic?
3:03 You know what you… —We have an Arabic Koran, an original from Saudi Arabia,
3:06 with a legitimate German translation!
3:09 And in it everything is written exactly like this!
3:12 At [unintelligible] you can go fact check, OK?
3:15 Could you right now look at an Arabic dictionary
3:18 what the word ‘peace’ means, Salaam, and
3:21 the word ‘islam’ means submission, end of story!
3:24 OK, and now let’s look in the background, to the left side,
3:27 what has that gentleman studied that just repeats after you?
3:30 Does he even have enough education to make a judgment here?
3:33 Do you know what? You are too primitive for me,
3:36 you are downright just a hypocrite, and you’re someone
3:39 who vilifies people and you should be ashamed of yourself!
3:42 Why are you so upset? [Sign reads: “islam-criticism is a citizen’s right and a citizen’s duty!”]
3:45 There is an old saying: He who speaks the truth will need a fast horse!
3:48 Because he will be hunted by everyone. The truth
3:51 is very uncomfortable to a lot of people, even with that lady there,
3:54 who doesn’t want to acknowledge that islam means submission,
3:57 and not peace. Again,
4:00 dear Madam, we are happy that you are integrated
4:03 into society, we are happy that you are a doctor,
4:06 we are happy that you are a muslim believer,
4:09 but aren’t you of the opinion that —
4:12 especially concerning women — islam poses
4:15 many many problematic issues,
4:18 such as the demand to beat women when they act unruly,
4:21 Sura 4:34, what do you have to say to that?
4:24 You are embarrassing yourself, that’s what I have to say to that,
4:27 I have never been beat as a muslim, and
4:30 integration is neither here nor there, I am just as German as you,
4:33 you really should be ashamed to argue like this…
4:36 Nobody has questioned that [her being German],
4:39 we are happy that you are an integrated member of our society,
4:42 that you are a German who participates here wonderfully!
4:45 This is about islam, and the dangerous issues within it,
4:48 which when summarized is called ‘political islam’ and
4:51 and it is about discrimination against women,
4:54 women who should be punished because they don’t behave,
4:57 women who are forced to be sexually available to the men all the time.
5:00 Each islamic man is allowed to have up to four wives,
5:03 all of these things! Do you even know about this?
5:06 It’s extremely ridiculous to even dignify this
5:09 with an answer. You should be ashamed of yourself,
5:12 for the incitement of hate for the masses you are creating here,
5:15 you have absolutely no idea about islam. If you knew about islam
5:18 you wouldn’t have arguments like this.
5:21 Islam and Christendom have the same story;
5:24 it begins with Adam and Eve; it is the same story.
5:27 Religion does not serve hateful incitement of the masses
5:30 but religion serves — like philosophy —
5:33 to live side by side in a country
5:36 and to respect each other, and that is…
5:39 Why does this not happen in islamic countries?
5:42 Why does this not happen in islamic countries? Why are other religions
5:45 not accepted in islamic countries, and the people there often are
5:48 threatened and persecuted and murdered?
5:55 Well, I mean, we just had New Zealand happen,
5:58 and have seen how a right-wing radical
6:01 entered a mosque and mowed down muslims!
6:04 So just stop lumping everyone together,
6:07 and let the people here in Munich
6:10 live together internationally, and stop doing this dumbing-down
6:13 of the masses or this incitement to hate of the masses!
6:16 And you know what? I contribute more to society
6:19 as a doctor and as a humanitarian helper, but you are nothing,
6:22 and you are a wacko!
6:28 Wonderful! Applause for these factual arguments
6:31 from this young lady! But first:
6:34 We have never lumped all muslims together.
6:37 We are speaking about islam.
6:40 We are speaking about the dangerous elements
6:43 within islam, OK? And this lady felt personally attacked,
6:46 and do you know what?
6:49 We experience this at each and every rally,
6:52 dozens of times! And the problem isn’t that
6:55 most muslims identify themselves with islam,
6:58 and as soon as something critical is being said
7:01 that’s when we see these enraged situations,
7:04 just like a minute ago with this young lady.
7:07 We neither made a blanket statement
7:10 about muslims, nor did we
7:13 criticize a muslim here.
7:16 We say this over and over again:
7:19 all muslims who accept our freedom-based
7:22 Constitutional State, who accept our rules,
7:25 who do not want shariah and islamic law to take over here,
7:28 are all sincerely welcome!
7:31 That is what this is all about!
7:34 That’s what it is about.

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