My Big Fat Turkish Wedding


A resident of the German city of Duisburg opens the window of his apartment to have a smoke, and discovers that a gigantic and very loud Turkish wedding is in progress directly below his window, complete with gunfire and a huge Turkish flag.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 [shots being fired, loud music]
0:03 [more shots, loud music]
0:09 [German opens window]
0:12 [loud music etc]
0:19 Wow, dope!
0:24 Totally dope! Rosa street,
0:27 Duisburg, 47226…
0:30 I… Can’t… Believe… It…!
0:33 I look out the window,
0:36 want to smoke a cigarette,
0:39 and get islamized.
0:42 Awesome. Now isn’t that just the coolest flag!
0:45 As far as size goes, anyway. And the color is also debatable.
0:48 Yeah. Beautiful. It’s really going down here, isn’t it?
0:51 Yeah? This is what I call islamization.
0:55 Over there a tent, then there’s another flag,
0:58 they put that all up yesterday, just totally cool.
1:01 That old broad is shooting a pistol,
1:04 just like they do on Silvester [New Year’s Eve].
1:08 Yeah, this is just totally cool.
1:11 Fat Mercedes, Jeep, that costs quite a chunk of money,
1:14 just super dope,
1:17 I have to say.
1:22 It just makes me wanna puke.
1:27 Them with their stupid smoke thingies there,
1:36 Un-be-lievable!
1:39 Did they even register for this mass demonstration?
1:42 Well, it’s a wedding, so they don’t have to register it,
1:45 un-be-lievable!
1:49 Look there, that one guy, with the thick fat camera there,
1:52 you can’t really see it with my camera, but
1:56 this is absolute madness.
1:59 Yeah, there they stand around,
2:02 and up there you can see a drone,
2:05 it watches us all everywhere,
2:08 just totally dope, right.
2:11 Madness.
2:14 Well I don’t think I need to record more of this s*** show,
2:17 this is plenty.
2:20 For God’s sake, this is really making me puke!

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