Happy Death Of America Day

No, really.

Whatever happens after today won’t be American.

Call it whatever you want, but not that.

Outright and obvious electoral fraud has been gaslighted, pro forma appeals to authority for redress of legitimate and documented grievances rejected, and civil disobedience has been criminalized to the point of terrorism, by those would-be overlords who seized power because they could, and got away with it, with the mantra of “By Any Mean Necessary”. Liberty, black-letter law, and any pretense of political freedom be damned, and Devil take the hindmost.

Your postulant political pretenders have paid only lip service to legitimacy, pretending that having someone in the score booth dial up the points on the scoreboard is the same thing as having won the game on the field. All the rulebooks, referees, and officials, have been too weak, wobbling, and quisling to step in and do their jobs, to undo such slithering duplicity and obvious theft, of an election, and an entire nation, in plain sight.

They have, rather, joined hands with it, welcomed it, and done everything in their power to usher it in, at every level of the process, and at every turn in the road.

There are and must be irrevocable consequences to those acts and deeds.

There is therefore, and imminently, no more rule of law in this country, and no more social contract between governed and the current sham of a government. It is one thing to ask for, and receive a majority, or even a plurality, of consent of the governed, and proceed to rule.

It is another thing entirely to fill out the ballots of imaginary people, by the million, and manufacture imaginary consent on a nationwide scale, and then act as though that consent was ever given. It has not been any such thing.

You woke up this morning covered by the tattered shreds of liberty once secured by your forefathers.

You will go to sleep under a blanket of unrestrained lies, unreconstructed fraud, and boundless illegitimacy, for every act and deed, public and private, from every corner of every government you know, from sea to shining sea.

The incoming fraudulency is a sham, a scam, a con, and a violent swindle, for every minute of its existence, going forward.

All the acts, orders, and demands it makes are null and void a priori, every sentence that it utters a lie, and all claims of obedience, even feigned,  are entirely and necessarily moot.

The only end of that must be chaos, disorder, and eventually, violent revolution to remove the usurpers, punish the guilty, and remove the injustice of rule by illegitimacy, theft, and armed robbery.

There can be no claim, by such an illegitimate government, of any of the customary rights: no self-defense is justified in pursuit of it, nor in enforcement of its edicts and sanctions. Every act of disobedience, of any degree, to such blatant, undisguised, and relentless tyranny cannot be other than sheer unadulterated patriotism. They cast the die, now they must pay the wager.

Words mean things.

You are about to be governed by a tyranny more monstrous than anything conceived of or delivered by any king of England ever was upon this land.

The only answer to such will not be stern letters, sharp protests, snowball fights on sentries, or panty raids on the Halls Of Fraud.

You are about to enter Spicy Time, in full earnest, where nothing less than gunfire, the sword of justice rightfully wielded, and the rope on a gibbet – or any handy tree or post – will avail.

Half-witted, half-hearted, and half-assed attempts will fail, with harsh consequences.

But everyone must decide, now and henceforth, whether to be free, with all the duties, privileges and rights appertaining to that choice; or to knuckle under and be a slave, in the yellowest of banana republics upon which what’s left of our former homeland is about to embark.

Will you have liberty? Or mewling, craven, cowardly servitude?

There is the choice the day presents to you, wanted or no, and make it you will.

It’s time to take the rifles down from the wall, and put them to the uses Nature, Nature’s God, and the Founding Fathers intended should be possible. Wisely, and well, but in any event, without any other recourse, whenever and wherever used. You’re not going to talk, vote, march, nor bitch, moan, and whine, your freedom and liberty back into being. It’s slipping under the tide, and you’ve got to grab it with both hands if you ever want it back. Such a fateful moment comes to few in their lifetimes, but it has come down to us, here, now, and those who come after will either bless or curse you for eternity based on how you respond now. You have no more choices in the matter than how you will act.

You’re going to have to fight for it, really, truly, and literally, and by killing people – your former fellow countrymen, in fact – if ye would possess it, ever again. But any that fights you to support or defend an illegitimate regime is no longer kin to you.

Or else, you may crawl under the porch, and die. Figuratively, and literally. Because if you won’t fight now, after your entire republic, and your birthright of freedom and independence has been stolen from you, where and when would you ever? 

The controlled opposition, the RINO quislings, the blathering rice-bowl pundits, cannot do you any good. Their mincing words and tippie-toeing around the elephant in the room has no place in public anymore. This is not their fight, like it never was. This contest will not be taken up by the sick, lame and lazy, the blind, crippled, nor crazy. If you’ve got arms, legs, and a backbone that allows you to stand erect, it’s up to you. Yapping won’t get it done. Deeds, not words.

The unrestrained idiocy and unintended irony of people standing in the nation’s capitol, and opining, “Violence has no place in the politics of our country”, in a capitol named after the nation’s first president, first commander-in-chief, and leader of the bloody revolution that successfully killed the British empire right off this chunk of the continent, is breathtaking stupidity on a scale too great to measure with existing instrumentation. That such words were uttered within earshot of Arlington National Cemetery, and countless hundreds of monuments to far better men, who killed and died to hand their descendants the exact liberty so blatantly stolen from us, is brazen idiocy beyond human accounting.

They are not to decide this issue. This is where it’s either you, or no one.

Time to choose.

“And I was a-trembling, because I’d got to decide, forever, betwixt two things, and I knowed it.” – Huckleberry Finn


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