This Is How Democracy Dies

The sun is shining. I sit at my desk. I am surrounded by complete quiet. Peace, not so much. But quiet. The cats aren’t talking, they were fed. The dogs are laying by my feet like giantly oversized ticks. I faintly hear a few birds chirping outside my office window. They are picking at the bird feed hanging from a tree.

At this very moment, a communist and his companion are sworn in as new President and Vice President of the United States. We know they didn’t get there by merit. We know that they weren’t “voted for”. We know all that. And we fought it. Oh did we ever. And with every step we took to try and to prevent this illegitimate new regime, the noose around our necks was pulled tighter. Until we choked on our own righteousness.

We are right. We were right. Most importantly, we DID everything right. We went and voted. We made our voices heard. We showed everybody that we meant business and that we were doing it the right way.

But the people we voted against, they were the darkness. They were darkness. And like darkness, they laid themselves over us and all of our light, and pushed us to the ground. They won through sheer power. Not because they played fair. But because they simply overpowered us.

So let’s go. Into this new world.. Into this eternal winter we now march into. Tears ain’t gonna help. I cry them nonetheless, but they’re not gonna help.

They won’t stop until we are all silenced, put away, imprisoned, beaten down, and dead. It wasn’t enough to steal the Presidency. Now we all have to suffer. I am not looking forward to this new world. Because I know what life was like in the old world. I will miss it. Especially for my daughter. I will miss it so much.


  1. I’m right there with you Nash. I watched a nice video of President Trump yesterday on MeWe (I know you can’t see it) and it brought tears. (I shared it on farsebook so we’ll see how long I stay there. LOL I pulled down all my vids and pics yesterday, whew! A lot of years worth!
    I refuse to cry today because I know we did fight against this evil the best we could and I will keep my hope alive! I watched him leave the WH and then on to Florida this morning. I don’t believe he will stay silent. I do believe these evil people are going to make life worse for him but he is a fighter and he truly cares for this country. I am not watching anything else today…nothing. I have no desire to see or hear anything from these imposters or the media who do nothing but lie.
    Keep your hope and faith alive for our daughters and their children…I have to or I’d go insane.
    Peace my friend.

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    1. Yes. And it won’t matter one damn bit how many votes any candidate will have. Because by then, voting will be mandatory and therefore legitimize every future candidate immediately. Combined with the abolishment of the electoral college, we will never again have a decent candidate. It doesn’t matter.


      1. OMG do they really discuss mandatory voting. Then it is over. The dumb will always vote with the propaganda. But I think that they would need a 2/3 majority in the Senate for that and I hope that they won’t get it.

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      2. I’m sure it’s goi g to be an EO. Under the guise of patriotism. A patriotic act of sorts.
        The reason for mandatory voting in socialist and communist countries is not to jet everybody have a voice, but to legitimize vote fraud.

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      3. My 2/3 senate objection was nonsense. It would not require a constitutional change. It is up to the states, I think. But I believe that the states could enforce mandatory voting. Lucky enough only those with a left-wing governor.

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      4. True that. But I’m pretty sure that with everything we’ve seen happening in the past months alone, States aren’t going to do much about anything with the exception of a few. The federal government will swallow up everything in its path.

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    2. I just read the link Doc. It didn’t help my blood pressure. And he’s right, they have told us. Over and over they tell us, these untouchables. They tell us exactly what they’re gonna do. But people don’t listen.
      Like I always say: if you listen really closely to what a communist says, you will always know what a communist plans on doing.


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