Trump – Silent Running- This Is My Heartfelt Letter to the USA

We did everything right. We supported Trump, and he supported us. We did everything we could to keep him for four more years. We went and voted. We went to his rallies. We spread the message.

We. All 80+ million Americans of us. All for this.

All to find out that the way this election was taken from us was so much bigger than we could’ve ever imagined. I don’t think that even Trump expected all of this. And I honestly thought that the margin of victory would carry us through the voter fraud, narrowly, but we’d make it.

And I know that the democrats had no clue that Trump would get this many votes, so they were really scramming to outdo his election results, and I know that it was a shitshow for them in terms of organization, but they made it. And now it looks like they will get away with it too. It looks like they’ll get away with the biggest ever lie of all times.

And you know what happens when you let someone get away with a huge lie? Here is what’s gonna happen: Their next lie will be even bigger, and the attempt to hide it will be even less, and soon they won’t hide anything anymore. They’ll just do. Whatever they want.

You may think they already are doing whatever the heck they please. True that. But they haven’t even begun implementing their real intentions yet.

God help us all.

Watching this video makes me so sad. I feel hopeless. We had four amazing years, and now my worst nightmare is coming through; one that I had kept at bay in the back of my head for the past five years, which is that these were our last few good years and that after Trump, nothing will ever be the same anymore.

I chose the United States as my place to live. I wasn’t born here. I CAME here!

Every once in a while you end up making more of a choice than a decision, that will affect the rest of your life even though you don’t know it at the moment. I was 30 years old. I had no plan.

All I wanted to do was live on my friends’ ranch, the Pothook, and ride horses and learn cowboy things. I fell so deeply in love with the State of Montana, and I made it my home. I love the open range, the big sky, I love the rhythm of life here.

Everything about the State is right with me, even if I have to do without some of my European creature comforts (food mainly). I came here when Clinton was President in his 2nd term. I learned to become a Conservative and be proud of it.

In Europe, people are ashamed to admit that they believe in Liberty, in traditions, even traditional Swiss music is frowned upon. Yes, the Yodel is not doing very good. People are embarrassed to admit that they love their country.

But not here. The United States is unabashedly proud, and the people are loud, and they love all the things I love in a fierce and red hot intensity. And I love that back, and it makes me fall in love with the country even more, even 25 years later.

Enter now, RIGHT NOW, and I find myself watching MY country slip away from my grasp. The whole darn thing, all 50 States, the Constitution, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and all, it’s running through my fingers like sand in an hour glass.

How am I supposed to forget all this? Or…, live WITHOUT it!

I upturned my life, and my future, and I lost all my footing in my old country. I forsake many comfortable things to live here!

But I would never be able to go back now anyway, I’ve been gone too long. I don’t want to leave America! I love her too much.

You always hear people say how horrible this country is. Even fellow conservatives are saying stuff like “Europe is just so much more refined” etc. I hate that people think they could have it better anywhere else. You can’t.

America is where it’s at, it’s the last best place in the world. How are we supposed to live on without it. I don’t know. Well, anyway. I just wanted to share that with you guys. Our lives have become exponentially more interesting with the emergence of the internet, and for many especially with Facebook.

We could share our thoughts, and politics, and pictures and everything. Some people overshare. I am more geared towards the political, I guess. But I assume that in very short order we are going to be banned for writing anything positive about President Trump, and after that, even mentioning his name.

President Trump will be erased from history.

Maybe in 200 years from now, people will look back and find out about Trump, and find out about us, and silly Facebook and our daily fight to not be censored and banned. Maybe they will realize how tormented and harassed we sometimes felt, and they will acknowledge and appreciate us “Social Media Warriors for the Truth” with the respect that we all truly deserve.

While I have no doubt that most of us are willing to physically engage once that famous first shot rings out, maybe sooner than we think or would like, I am not looking forward to the upheaval of our lives at all.

But we are pissed off enough. So who knows…

People 200 years from now will say the same thing: That WE did everything we could, to reelect the President that has become the most popular figure in politics in the history of this country. We did everything right. We did everything we could.

But THEY took it from us, and they beat us down.

There was nothing we could have done better. I hear people say we should’ve done this, we should’ve done that. It would not have made a difference. It just wasn’t in the cards.

And now we have to live with it.

We did nothing wrong.

I know that God is in control. It’s just really hard sometimes to live it. Thank you for reading. Enjoy this video.

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