Groping is Just the Price We Have to Pay for Living in a Multicultural Society

The following video from Austria features Irmgard Griss, an Austrian lawyer, judge, and former president of the Austrian Supreme Court. When she was elected to the National Council, Ms. Griss was supported by NEOS, a progressive pro-EU party that has vigorously championed women’s rights.

Her interlocutor is Henryk Broder, a popular writer and commentator.

Ms. Griss seems to be willing to accept a little gropin’ & rapin’ from migrants, as long as they don’t actually get arrested for theft or murder or something like that.

Who says feminists are inflexible?

Original translation by Nash Montana,  many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from the Kronen Zeitung, also translated by Nash:

NEOS politician wants tolerance for macho migrants

The NEOS-representative and former OGH- president Irmgard Griss has just presented a quite interesting new course concerning the topic of migration. On a talk show at Servus TV, Griss literally said: “If he (refugee/migrant) won’t recognize our values, in terms of not recognizing the equality of women… I think we can get over that.” And her answer to Henryk Broder’s objection simply was: “Yes we’ll have to live with it.”

Just one look into the Krone archives shows how determined the NEOS has been in the past fighting for the equality of women and for the strengthening and furthering of women’s rights in Austria. The party is even presenting the women’s rights speaker Claudia Gamon as a top candidate to the coming EU-elections in May.

Therefore it was all the more surprising for viewers of the talk show “Hangar 7” on Servus TV when they heard Irmgard Griss’ latest about-face: The former president of the High Court, Austria’s Supreme Court, was of the following opinion concerning deportation of risk-asylum seekers: “If he (refugee/migrant) is not a thief, if he doesn’t kill anyone, if he’s not delinquent, but if he only does not accept our values, meaning he’s against women’s equality — oh, well, we can get over that.”

Maybe not his daughter

Henryk Broder, the well known author, who was also a participant in the show, interrupted Griss: “Get over that? Maybe not his daughter!” And he made a clear gesture of his hand on his neck, implying decapitation.

[Translator’s note: Here the article does not mention that Griss’ nonchalant answer to Broder is: “Pfft, she can defend herself,” in a very disparaging tone of voice. But in the short 37-second video you can hear her say that. Don’t know why the article didn’t mention that outrageously dismissive comment.]

However, the NEOS politician didn’t let herself be sidetracked to advocate for tolerance for outdated and dangerous macho behavior among migrants. In fact she doubled down: “We have to remain grounded. Yes. We are going to have to live with that.”

Should have been president

On the internet Griss’ statements have already caused intense debates: “Irmgard Griss from the NEOS says here very unironically that we can get over it when people come to Austria who do not acknowledge our values, such as gender equality.” And the sociologist Bernhard Heinzlmaier ironically commented: “So it is clear: Irmgard Griss should absolutely have become our president. She always finds the right words. Thank you.”

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