Dad! Our School Has Joined the Ummah!


A German father found out what his son was being taught in school, and was so outraged that he made a video about it.

Original translation by Nash Montana , many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 Yeah, so I’m gonna show you what their homework looks like, OK?
0:03 [unintelligible]
0:06 Here. So they have to build a temple.
0:09 The pillars of Islam. —The pillars of Islam. Here. Look.
0:12 The history, the background, the belief…
0:15 Oh, yeah, here, the pillars of Islam, such bulls***!
0:18 Look, here they have to write about it completely,
0:21 they’re insane, right? —What is this filth?!
0:24 Just look at all this!
0:27 I mean, this is school, German school!
0:30 Everything is about this filth!
0:33 Just look at this stuff! — [unintelligible]
0:36 Just look at this stuff, what they have to do here!
0:39 We are being forced to!
0:42 Forced, huh?
0:45 Look at all this s***! —We are in Germany! —Right!
0:48 They should learn stuff about us!
0:51 Exactly!

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