Culture-Enriching Child Rape in Göppingen

I just read an article from Barcelona about imams who sexually abused children in their care. Now comes this report from Germany. As with the Catalonian story, the lurid details have been placed below the jump to spare sensitive readers.

I think it’s worth noting that in both articles, the abused children seem to have been Muslims. In other words, the rule to follow with Muslim men is: Never allow them to care for children of any age or religion without infidel supervision. Given a chance, they will sexually exploit children of either sex.

Original translation by Nash Montana from this report from Bild:

Babysitter allegedly abused 6-year-old girl

Ulm/Göppingen — He was meant to look after her, to take her on trips, to play games with her. But instead the babysitter Ufuk E. (39) from Göppingen allegedly abused little Nicole (6) multiple times.

Over the span of months, from January to July, the girl spent the weekends together with her little brother (4) in the 50-square-meter apartment. Ufuk E. is employed as a courier driver.

There, according to the court indictment, horrible things happened in the apartment. The babysitter is accused of engaging in 13 different sexual acts with the six-year-old. And he forbade the children to tell anyone; it was supposed to be their mutual secret.

He is accused of enticing the girl [daughter] of a friend of his with candy and with trips to the local swimming pool. And if the girl refused to comply, the defendant threatened her.

The incidents came to light because the brother of the six-year-old girl was talking about things that happened in the shower. The prosecution is using the testimonies of both children, and they’re also in possession of traces of sperm DNA.

The babysitter could go to prison for four years, according to demands by the prosecution.

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