Don’t Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out

The following video by a disgruntled female culture-enricher is a lament about how awful Germany is, and how she plans to return home — once she has sucked all the jizya out of the infidels, of course, and sent it on to her relatives back in Africa.

Ah, if only this represented a growing trend in Europe! Unfortunately, most of the “refugees” in Germany are young men who have no intention of abandoning the smorgasbord of nubile white females that has been placed before them for their delectation. In addition to being given lodging and free money, they can indulge their penchant for gropin’ and rapin’ to their hearts’ content — why would they ever want to leave?

She doesn’t feel comfortable here, because the history of Germany is repeating itself, and she calls on “refugees” to send the money home that’s given to them by the German taxpayer. We wish you a great trip home!

Original translation by Nash Montana, many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Video transcript:

0:00 One notices, or rather, I personally kind of notice that concerning
0:03 Germany’s history, it is repeating itself…
0:06 Uhmmm… I don’t feel home here,
0:09 and I can say in any case that I definitely play with the thought,
0:12 not just the thought, in any case
0:15 I do not intend on spending the rest
0:18 of my life here, and that’s why, people,
0:21 invest in your home countries,
0:24 do not leave any money here;
0:27 respectively take the money that you have earned here
0:30 and that you have a right to, and yeah…
0:33 I don’t see my future here.

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