Exams at the Berlin Police Academy Are Rigged to Favor Migrants

Original translation by Nash Montana , subtitling by Vlad Tepes



Video transcript:

0:00 Of course it’s well known that the Berlin police are in need
0:03 of personnel, and that’s why they’re trying to employ anyone at this time,
0:06 and so they turn a blind eye.
0:09 Lee Roy graduated from his training with the Berlin police academy four years ago.
0:12 Today he is concerned about the future of his profession,
0:15 because he is convinced that standards for new trainees
0:18 during the recruitment tests have been drastically lowered.
0:25 This is very easily explained. They want to raise the migrant quota
0:28 working for the Berlin Police; this is deliberately political.
0:31 And so there is pressure from the top to the bottom.
0:34 And so they had to think about: how do we get more migrants
0:37 into the agency when they can’t master
0:40 the current tests? So they were given a memo with the answers on it,
0:43 so they could pass the tests in any case.
0:50 Lee Roy says the testing questions are available on the internet.
0:53 And should they not pass the exams,
0:56 the initial exam can be repeated over and over.
0:59 These are the accusations against the Berlin Police Academy that
1:02 Thomas Neuendorf has to address a lot.
1:08 First and foremost I want to say that this is really getting on my nerves,
1:11 these anonymous people, concealing themselves,
1:14 without revealing their names, putting out accusations into the world.
1:17 It is very, very hard to rebut these allegations,
1:20 and to see whether
1:23 there is even some truth to these claims,
1:26 and that’s why I find this very sad, and the only thing I can offer
1:29 is that these anonymous people should contact the Academy leadership,
1:32 and to explain these problems
1:35 that in their opinion exist,
1:38 and that way we can find solutions.
1:41 But that is exactly the one thing seasoned police officers don’t dare to do,
1:44 Lee Roy explains. They are afraid of possible negative consequences on the job.
1:50 When you openly criticize, you can kiss your career goodbye.
1:53 You can leave your post; the career ladder ends for them.
1:56 Criticism is not desired, and it is not wanted.
1:59 You have to direct lies to the top so things look beautiful.
2:03 And then Lee Roy shows us how people cheat on those exams.
2:12 It’s known that one of the ways they cheat is that
2:15 some of the applicants take pictures and publish the test questions,
2:18 that there are people who have been deliberately brought in
2:21 who would take these pictures
2:24 and publish them via WhatsApp.
2:27 But is that even possible at exams for trainees
2:30 in the presence of professional supervisors?
2:33 We do ask everyone to leave all aids and tools at the door,
2:36 but we don’t do body searches,
2:39 so of course I can’t exclude that someone or other
2:42 brings in a cell phone or another type of tool.
2:45 And how true is the accusation that the Berlin Police
2:48 wants to increase the migrant component
2:51 at all costs?
2:54 There is no quota. Not for migrants,
2:57 nor for genders. We employ solely
3:00 based on capability and skill.
3:03 It is a fact that many incidents can be defused
3:06 through the understanding of the culture involved,
3:09 also by knowing the language,
3:12 so the fact that we do need help in that regard,
3:15 is of course the main reason we desire
3:18 to employ migrants. Other than that there is no quota;
3:21 the only thing that counts is skill and competence.
3:24 Lee Roy sees things differently. He says that
3:27 the criteria for these entrance exams are being softened more and more.
3:30 They pull those trainees through because they need the quota.
3:33 We need those people in the streets.
3:36 For ten years we didn’t employ anyone,
3:39 and now they realize we’re soon going to have a huge upswing in pensions,
3:42 and so they take what they can get. You’ll see the consequences
3:45 of this in four or five years on the streets, of what’s happening right now.
3:50 A seasoned police officer rebels against his own leadership.
3:53 Who is right?
3:56 And the question remains: will his criticism be heard,
3:59 and will there be an internal investigation?


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