Culture-Enrichment With Baseball Bats Comes to Rural Germany


The following article doesn’t provide enough context that would tell us whether there is an asylum center near the town of Vreden in Münsterland. But the violent culture-enrichers must have come from somewhere, and it seems unlikely that they drove great distances to crash the party, so we must assume that migrants have wormed their way into every nook and cranny of Modern Multicultural Germany.

Nash Montana translated this report from Politically Incorrect:


Farm house enriched with baseball bats

Vreden (Münsterland) They had hoped the issue was over and done. But the unwelcome party guests returned and the windows were shattered. This happened more than two weeks ago. But that night of violence has left deep marks on this Vreden family, which are fading only slowly. The idyllic countryside seems to be perfect. A picturesque farmhouse on the outskirts. The farm dog unhurriedly trots towards visitors to greet them. But the world here is not OK anymore like it used to be before the night of January 28th. The family had to painfully learn that violence could target them on their land, too. They’d rather not read their names and address in the newspaper.

There was nothing that could have indicated that evening what would unfold just a few short hours later in the farmyard. “Our son had organized a party with a few friends”, the father tells. A party among youths that know each other. A carefree party for about fifty participants who gathered in a party tent in the yard of the farmhouse.

They refused to leave

But after a few hours, uninvited guests showed up. “There were about ten young men, they came with three limousines, two Mercedes and a BMW,” the man of the house recounts. They apparently had heard that some young people were having a party in the secluded peaceful countryside. “The men were between 18 and 25 years old, they had dark hair and darkish skin, and they spoke German with an accent.” the owner describes them. “We asked them to leave. They refused to leave the property.”

The party guests and the visitors had a standoff, bad words flew back and forth, there was some pushing, and a few fists flew. But finally they managed to force the uninvited guests back so that they got back into their cars. “We don’t ever want to see you here again,” the farmer told them.

The possibility that the foreign visitors might make good on their promise “we will come back tonight” was at that moment taken as an empty threat: “We thought the problem was over.” And that is why he refrained from calling the police. He would do things differently now.

The scared youths continued celebrating for only a few minutes. The atmosphere was noticeably deflated, the party was over after just a few moments more. The smashing of windows at 3:30am shook the farmer’s sleeping family out of their beds. “I just could not believe it,” the farmer says. When he went downstairs to see, the intruders were already gone again. They had demolished the front door and smashed the windows of the farmhouse. He got in his car, and drove around searching for them. Not far from his house he found a taxi driver. He had driven a few late comers to the party, but instead of the party they came upon about 30 hooded figures that had carried baseball bats. “They surrounded the taxi, they shook it from side to side and beat on it.” The occupants were shocked.

The farmer was glad that the party was already over when the men came back with obvious reinforcement: “If they had started beating people with their baseball bats, there would have been a lot of injuries.”

The family needs time to recover from this shock. Nobody is thinking about a party in the future on the property. The neighboring families with young kids also are wary. The man gave a good witness report to the police: “They reacted well, and they arrived with five cars.” But of course the offenders were long gone.

The police are investigating

Now he hopes the incident can be resolved, and he appeals to others to not hesitate if something similar happens to them: “Call the police immediately!” Dieter Hoffmann, a spokesperson for the local police, can only approve. And he gives hope to those who were affected: “We are still investigating.”


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