About Nash Montana

If you found this website, I’m sure you’re already acquainted with the who’s and what’s about Nash, it’s fairly easy, actually.

Those who know me no more words are necessary; and those who don’t know me and find my content interesting, thank you and welcome!

I’ve been a defender of truth and a bringer of light for over 15 years on the internet.

I cannot tell a lie.

There are those that come on here to see if Nash Montana finally has gone to the dark side, it didn’t happen. I still hate communists. I am still a bringer of light shining it in the darkness and see the roaches scurry.

We Will Win.

Every day i hate the fookers a little more to the tune of trolololo https://youtu.be/RUaYbfKZIiA

I gotta keep my sense oh humor, you know.

What People Say


Famous Russian.

Let’s fight communism together.