Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes


More than two years ago the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg made headlines for several months. Young Maria was killed by a culture-enricher named Hussein Khavari, who had previously been jailed for attempted murder in Greece, but was released early.

Master Khavari was able to game the system by coming to Europe without papers and claiming to be 17 years old. He remained 17 for at least three years after his arrival, right up to the moment he drowned Maria in the River Dreisam. He’s probably still 17 right now, as he languishes in prison, serving a life sentence. (I don’t know how long it’s likely to be before the German penal system releases him. “Life” in Norway means 21 years — up there in aurora country they have a short lifespan.)

Maria’s parents were (and presumably are) active in the welcome-refugees movement. The following essay discusses the recent awarding of a multicultural appreciation prize to the elder Ladenburgers.

Original translation by Nash Montana of this piece from Young German:

Maria Ladenburger — Glorified as a blood-witness for a movement

Basically I’ve already stated my opinion about the behavior of murdered Maria Ladenburger’s parents. But when a few days ago I saw their grinning mugs, as they buoyantly held up straight into the camera a citizens’ award (Bürgerpreis) that was given to them by supporters of Merkel’s politics, I honestly felt sick to my stomach. It isn’t just the fact that they gained mighty financial capital — hundreds of thousands of euros — last year by naming a foundation after her. Rather, it is their ecstatic (verzückt) smile for the cameras as they were rewarded for their multicultural attitude towards citizenship. Parents of a girl who was suffocated, raped and drowned by an invading Afghan citizen after he already committed a similar offense against a young woman in Greece who survived the ordeal.

And for the fact that they so virtuously took the death of their daughter instead of even just once uttering words of discontent that certain circumstances were not what God meant them to be, but were manmade and could have been prevented, which lead to Maria’s death, they were honored by the prominent leaders in the land. They received a prize for having faithfully toed the state’s political line, for not complaining, even though they had lost their daughter as a direct consequence of Merkel’s migration politics. Either they are dumb, or evil. If they cannot understand that there is a direct connection between Maria’s death in the riverbed, the Afghani, their civil reward, the chancellor’s office and those fateful hours of 2015, then they are probably just not very intelligent, yet I doubt that. But on the other hand, if they should understand all this and are still willing to swallow it all whole, to accept it, and to be rewarded in return with prizes and metaphorical medals, because they had so willingly given up their child, then one might rapidly come up with the observation that their behavior simply is schäbig (shabby, tacky, tawdry, sordid, sleazy).

Federike Ladenburger reminds me of Mariam Farahat, the woman who was voted into the Palestinian parliament in 2006. Umm Nidal, the “mother of martyrs” as she was called, sacrificed three of her sons for jihad. Three sons whom she willingly gave away to become suicide assassins are dead. And for that she let the people celebrate her. And Clemens Ladenburger? His child is dead and he tours the Republic with a metaphorical medal on his chest that is supposed to attest to his politically correct attitude. Long ago, in darker times, the parents of so-called “blood-witnesses” received tributes and honor, prizes and flags for their slaughtered children who sacrificed themselves, or who were sacrificed, in the name of National Socialism. For their political conduct about their deceased daughter they were honored by the NS-movement. It appears to me that here and today, there are clear parallels which if you think about it more carefully, give you a stomach-ache.

Honestly, I find it hard to comprehend what is really going on in the Ladenburger’s heads, these plain middle-class (gutbürgerlich) parents. They don’t seem to suffer from any financial troubles. It is foreign to me and incomprehensible how they could react this way about the brutal death of their own daughter. Even if one doesn’t nurture a desire for revenge, this sort of victim cult is perverse to me. It seems to me that Maria Ladenburger has been glorified as some sort of blood-witness for an ideological movement. In other times and in other systems of government, she probably would’ve been wrapped into a giant swastika flag. Due to the lack of swastika flags, however, today there are foundations and prizes galore for those left behind, because they haven’t mentioned a single “bad” word or uttered “right-wing” thoughts.

The craziest thing about it all is that whenever I think of Maria Ladenburger I get very sad, because her death could have been prevented. To smile while pondering her, that is something that I would find rather hard to do. And I didn’t even personally know her. Also crazy is the fact that Susanna’s mother from Wiesbaden is acting very differently. She just wants her child back, and she wants to know how this could have happened.

I’m a Muslim and a Doctor, I’m Better Than You!


The following video shows part of one of Michael Stürzenberger’s “Islamophobic” presentations in downtown Munich. In it you’ll see a Muslima confront Mr. Stürzenberger about his “hateful incitement of the masses”. Her argument may be condensed into these four points:

  • I am a Muslim.
  • I am a doctor.
  • I am German.
  • Therefore everything you say is irrelevant and not worth discussing.

Original translation by Nash Montana , many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 Could we discuss a bit? —Yes, OK
0:03 Please (tries to grab the mike) —I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it
0:06 Wonderful day to you —Hello, I am Michael —Yes Michael, I am Katja, I’m pleased to meet you,
0:09 I find your campaign here ultra primitive.
0:12 Why? —That is my opinion,
0:15 because you lump all muslims together.
0:18 Does it say that anywhere, that all muslims are the same? It says Islam, not muslims.
0:21 Not all muslims.
0:24 We are discussing, and that is why the microphone
0:27 needs to be held this way so that the discussion
0:30 can’t be monopolized. —You mean not wanting to answer.
0:33 I don’t know what you learned in your life, what you studied,
0:36 but what you present here, this incitement of hate of the masses,
0:39 that’s really embarrassing for you, you should be ashamed
0:42 to stand here in the middle of Munich, with such judgment!
0:45 Number one, what did you study? And who are you actually?
0:48 You should know by now, islam does not mean peace,
0:51 that is a fact, islam means submission and conquest,
0:54 that is the translation from the Arabic. Islam means conquest and submission,
0:57 that is a fact, so how is that incitement of hate of the masses?
1:00 Well, Michael, I am muslim,
1:03 I am German, I am proud of that
1:06 of what I am, and I am a doctor.
1:09 And the word islam means peace!
1:12 Salaam means peace. Salaam means peace!
1:15 Salaam means peace, not islam. —No no no no no no no
1:18 We know Arabic! —We are discussing! (tries to yank away the mike AGAIN!)
1:21 I will hold the microphone!
1:24 OK, so you obviously don’t want to discuss, you want to manipulate
1:27 the people here, and pull off your damned show here!
1:30 You should be ashamed about that! I am a muslim
1:33 and I am proud of that, and I am a German muslim.
1:36 And you are not in the position to judge and to paint all countries
1:39 with the same broad strokes. You are a preacher of hate [Volksverhetzer],
1:42 and it’s not worth it to even discuss with you,
1:45 because I am a medical doctor and I care for other people,
1:48 I don’t know what you do in this society, but incitement of the masses is not…
1:51 Why do you feel attacked here?
1:54 This sign, it is factually correct!
1:57 You don’t need to feel attacked personally.
2:00 It’s beautiful that you are a doctor, it’s beautiful that you are integrated,
2:03 that’s all wonderful! So where is the problem?
2:06 You know what? There is no discussion possible with you.
2:09 You are manipulating the people here, you are interrupting my speech,
2:12 you are trying to lead a discussion that you can’t win!
2:15 You are embarrassing yourself in this world,
2:18 and the people who stand here and hear all this think exactly like me,
2:21 your manipulation of these people here —I have no clue what kind of
2:24 an educational background you come from — you cannot just
2:27 lump all of this together, and you don’t need to explain to me.
2:30 The Arabic language is my mother language, and…
2:33 Where do you come from?
2:36 Where do you come from?
2:39 What are your roots? What Arabic country are your roots in?
2:42 She just said I am mentally ill.
2:45 Well friends, the fact is that the word islam means submission
2:48 In Arabic, the word salaam means peace!
2:51 But she wants to explain to me what the words are
2:54 for peace and submission!
2:57 Pardon me, but my mother is an Arabic language teacher,
3:00 and I speak Arabic, have you ever read Arabic?
3:03 You know what you… —We have an Arabic Koran, an original from Saudi Arabia,
3:06 with a legitimate German translation!
3:09 And in it everything is written exactly like this!
3:12 At [unintelligible] you can go fact check, OK?
3:15 Could you right now look at an Arabic dictionary
3:18 what the word ‘peace’ means, Salaam, and
3:21 the word ‘islam’ means submission, end of story!
3:24 OK, and now let’s look in the background, to the left side,
3:27 what has that gentleman studied that just repeats after you?
3:30 Does he even have enough education to make a judgment here?
3:33 Do you know what? You are too primitive for me,
3:36 you are downright just a hypocrite, and you’re someone
3:39 who vilifies people and you should be ashamed of yourself!
3:42 Why are you so upset? [Sign reads: “islam-criticism is a citizen’s right and a citizen’s duty!”]
3:45 There is an old saying: He who speaks the truth will need a fast horse!
3:48 Because he will be hunted by everyone. The truth
3:51 is very uncomfortable to a lot of people, even with that lady there,
3:54 who doesn’t want to acknowledge that islam means submission,
3:57 and not peace. Again,
4:00 dear Madam, we are happy that you are integrated
4:03 into society, we are happy that you are a doctor,
4:06 we are happy that you are a muslim believer,
4:09 but aren’t you of the opinion that —
4:12 especially concerning women — islam poses
4:15 many many problematic issues,
4:18 such as the demand to beat women when they act unruly,
4:21 Sura 4:34, what do you have to say to that?
4:24 You are embarrassing yourself, that’s what I have to say to that,
4:27 I have never been beat as a muslim, and
4:30 integration is neither here nor there, I am just as German as you,
4:33 you really should be ashamed to argue like this…
4:36 Nobody has questioned that [her being German],
4:39 we are happy that you are an integrated member of our society,
4:42 that you are a German who participates here wonderfully!
4:45 This is about islam, and the dangerous issues within it,
4:48 which when summarized is called ‘political islam’ and
4:51 and it is about discrimination against women,
4:54 women who should be punished because they don’t behave,
4:57 women who are forced to be sexually available to the men all the time.
5:00 Each islamic man is allowed to have up to four wives,
5:03 all of these things! Do you even know about this?
5:06 It’s extremely ridiculous to even dignify this
5:09 with an answer. You should be ashamed of yourself,
5:12 for the incitement of hate for the masses you are creating here,
5:15 you have absolutely no idea about islam. If you knew about islam
5:18 you wouldn’t have arguments like this.
5:21 Islam and Christendom have the same story;
5:24 it begins with Adam and Eve; it is the same story.
5:27 Religion does not serve hateful incitement of the masses
5:30 but religion serves — like philosophy —
5:33 to live side by side in a country
5:36 and to respect each other, and that is…
5:39 Why does this not happen in islamic countries?
5:42 Why does this not happen in islamic countries? Why are other religions
5:45 not accepted in islamic countries, and the people there often are
5:48 threatened and persecuted and murdered?
5:55 Well, I mean, we just had New Zealand happen,
5:58 and have seen how a right-wing radical
6:01 entered a mosque and mowed down muslims!
6:04 So just stop lumping everyone together,
6:07 and let the people here in Munich
6:10 live together internationally, and stop doing this dumbing-down
6:13 of the masses or this incitement to hate of the masses!
6:16 And you know what? I contribute more to society
6:19 as a doctor and as a humanitarian helper, but you are nothing,
6:22 and you are a wacko!
6:28 Wonderful! Applause for these factual arguments
6:31 from this young lady! But first:
6:34 We have never lumped all muslims together.
6:37 We are speaking about islam.
6:40 We are speaking about the dangerous elements
6:43 within islam, OK? And this lady felt personally attacked,
6:46 and do you know what?
6:49 We experience this at each and every rally,
6:52 dozens of times! And the problem isn’t that
6:55 most muslims identify themselves with islam,
6:58 and as soon as something critical is being said
7:01 that’s when we see these enraged situations,
7:04 just like a minute ago with this young lady.
7:07 We neither made a blanket statement
7:10 about muslims, nor did we
7:13 criticize a muslim here.
7:16 We say this over and over again:
7:19 all muslims who accept our freedom-based
7:22 Constitutional State, who accept our rules,
7:25 who do not want shariah and islamic law to take over here,
7:28 are all sincerely welcome!
7:31 That is what this is all about!
7:34 That’s what it is about.

My Big Fat Turkish Wedding


A resident of the German city of Duisburg opens the window of his apartment to have a smoke, and discovers that a gigantic and very loud Turkish wedding is in progress directly below his window, complete with gunfire and a huge Turkish flag.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00 [shots being fired, loud music]
0:03 [more shots, loud music]
0:09 [German opens window]
0:12 [loud music etc]
0:19 Wow, dope!
0:24 Totally dope! Rosa street,
0:27 Duisburg, 47226…
0:30 I… Can’t… Believe… It…!
0:33 I look out the window,
0:36 want to smoke a cigarette,
0:39 and get islamized.
0:42 Awesome. Now isn’t that just the coolest flag!
0:45 As far as size goes, anyway. And the color is also debatable.
0:48 Yeah. Beautiful. It’s really going down here, isn’t it?
0:51 Yeah? This is what I call islamization.
0:55 Over there a tent, then there’s another flag,
0:58 they put that all up yesterday, just totally cool.
1:01 That old broad is shooting a pistol,
1:04 just like they do on Silvester [New Year’s Eve].
1:08 Yeah, this is just totally cool.
1:11 Fat Mercedes, Jeep, that costs quite a chunk of money,
1:14 just super dope,
1:17 I have to say.
1:22 It just makes me wanna puke.
1:27 Them with their stupid smoke thingies there,
1:36 Un-be-lievable!
1:39 Did they even register for this mass demonstration?
1:42 Well, it’s a wedding, so they don’t have to register it,
1:45 un-be-lievable!
1:49 Look there, that one guy, with the thick fat camera there,
1:52 you can’t really see it with my camera, but
1:56 this is absolute madness.
1:59 Yeah, there they stand around,
2:02 and up there you can see a drone,
2:05 it watches us all everywhere,
2:08 just totally dope, right.
2:11 Madness.
2:14 Well I don’t think I need to record more of this s*** show,
2:17 this is plenty.
2:20 For God’s sake, this is really making me puke!

Muslims and Antifas vs. Heidi Mund in Frankfurt


March 8th was International Women’s Day. In the midst of all the celebrations of gynicity, Heidi Mund — a well-known activist in the German Counterjihad — and her “right-wing extremist” allies staged an anti-sharia rally in downtown Frankfurt.

The following video shows some excerpts from what happened that day. Frankfurt is one of the most culturally enriched cities in Germany, so it’s no surprise that Muslims turned out in force to oppose the “Islamophobes”. However, what’s interesting is that the Antifas — most of whom were ethnic Germans — took the lead in screaming, blowing whistles, throwing objects, and spitting on the speakers. It was a textbook example of the Red-Green Alliance in action.

Heidi Mund is a very courageous woman, and very inspirational. Most people would have hurried to get away from what she had to face that day in Frankfurt.

Original translation Nash Montana , many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are the notes accompanying the video, also translated by Nash:

Spat on, Threatened and Attacked: Women’s Day in Frankfurt — Antifa Escalates

Women’s day in the Antifa heartland, Frankfurt am Main, the first city in Germany with a quotient of migrants of more than 50%:

ANTIFA storms the stage and riots! We are spat on, cursed and threatened, and stuff is thrown at us!

Police do nothing — Heidi Mund: “The police at this very moment are committing a crime! They have a duty to protect this event!”

Unmasked: High ranking SPD-Bundestag representatives are among the violent demonstrators!

Heidi breaks out in tears: “These were people, they were alive, and they have lost their lives because of this s*** government!”

Exposed: This is how German-born muslims think: “We love allah. When one isn’t quiet, or complains, then one deserves to be punched in the mouth!”

Inge Steinmetz: “Are you not ashamed?!” and Iris Swoboda (Mothers Against Violence): “Where is your empathy, you are applauding all of this?!” “End Antifa!”

Expressions of Gratitude

Heidi Mund (for organizing and for her powerful speeches), Iris Swoboda — Mothers Against Violence (for her honest words and for discussing with demonstrators), Inge Steinmetz (for her moving speech), Ute Biena-Habrich AfD (for her strong words and for flying in from Bremen on her own dime), Robert — Line of Horrors, the folders, the spontaneous appearances of passers-by (for their courage to speak up), police individuals (who can’t be blamed for the insipid attitude of the police president) and to all present supporters on location and on livestream!

Video transcript:

0:00 These people think there are 60 genders,
0:03 I can only laugh; there are two,
0:06 two,
0:09 Two.
0:12 Man and woman!
0:15 There are girls and boys, girls and boys!
0:18 These were humans!
0:21 They have lived!
0:24 They have lost their lives because of this s*** government!
0:27 You know what? It isn’t my daughter,
0:30 but yet it IS my daughter!
0:33 Why are you not doing anything about this?
0:36 Piss off!
0:39 Piss off! You Nazi pig!
0:42 Tell us, what did your daddy do to you, huh? What did your dad do to you?
0:45 That’s just dumb. —Ridiculous.
0:48 “We love allah!” —Do you know what Islam means? Peace!
0:51 “When someone complains, then they deserve to be punched in the mouth!”
0:54 I am a teacher! Piss off, piss off!
0:58 Turkish men try to wrest away the microphone.
1:01 You are so ugly!
1:04 Nobody has… [unintelligible]
1:11 These people are allowed to walk up to the stage.
1:14 I expect of the police that you protect me!
1:17 We’ve had stuff thrown at us, and the police still aren’t doing anything!
1:20 The police are committing a crime right now!
1:23 Do you think it’s OK that you just come up
1:26 on the stage and destroy things? —With you, totally!
1:29 This was a single incident! I don’t give a s***!
1:32 Germans are even worse!
1:35 Where is your empathy? Why are you even applauding this?
1:38 Are you not ashamed [unintelligible]
1:41 that you approve of this?
1:44 International Women’s Day in Frankfurt, March 8, 2019
1:47 People in Germany are near and dear to us,
1:50 and that is why we are here today for International Women’s Day.
1:53 (Heidi Mund, event planner and political activist) We commemorate today the victims of violence.
1:56 Who will take responsibility
1:59 for these poor children? Children who were raped,
2:02 the gang rapes, heads cut off!
2:05 Our people are suffering! We had peace here in Germany.
2:08 What do we have today? In terms of safety,
2:11 Germany is like a third-world country now!
2:14 Knifings, en masse, everywhere our senior citizens
2:17 are raped…
2:20 Can anyone here imagine to be raped
2:23 by five men, can anyone
2:26 imagine that happening to them?
2:29 Even babies are raped here in Germany!
2:32 Babies! I will fight for the freedom
2:35 of women in Germany!
2:38 Until my last breath! This land will not go
2:41 to the dogs! Some day all of this will have to be
2:44 dealt with, and those responsible will be in court!
2:48 (Ute Bienia-Habich, AfD) I am from a generation that many of us
2:51 have enjoyed, while others haven’t,
2:54 I can remember times when we — as children —
2:57 could play outside until it got dark,
3:00 and our parents didn’t have to be worried about us!
3:04 (Inge Steinmetz) I’d never heard of child marriages,
3:07 of forced marriages,
3:10 of genital mutilation.
3:13 I was glad that world was
3:16 far, far away from my world;
3:19 that world did not belong
3:22 to Germany.
3:25 And then came 2015.
3:28 And with the people came child marriages,
3:31 forced marriages, and genital mutilation!
3:34 Text: Bavarian court declares child marriages legal, because the marriage took place in Syria where child marriage is legal according to islamic law
Meanwhile, one court in Bamberg
3:37 has legally acknowledged child marriages.
3:40 Daily abuse and rape of a child
3:43 is deemed legal!
3:46 Have we gone crazy?!?
3:49 Are you not ashamed [unintelligible]
3:52 that you approve of such a thing?!?
3:55 Are you not ashamed?!?
4:00 (Iris Swoboda, Mothers Against Violence) My God, no, that was so nice
4:03 back when I was as stupid as you over there!
4:06 Seriously! When I was still floating
4:09 on that pinky pink cloud and believed everything
4:12 that other people told me.
4:15 Do you know that islam says,
4:18 you may kill
4:21 unbelievers,
4:24 there is no difference from Auschwitz!
4:27 I send greetings to Hamburg!
4:30 Because there, today, migrant women
4:33 have organized a women’s march
4:36 a demonstration,
4:39 [unintelligible]
4:42 … victims that are bemoaned by their families.
4:45 Where is your compassion!
4:48 Writing says: These are the politicians who participated in the violent intimidation tactics by the ANTIFA!
Where is your compassion? What are you clapping about?
4:53 Text: Nico Wehnemann is provoking other people to participate in criminal activity!
Just look at Herr Wehnemann!
5:01 He is a city councilman!
5:04 He thinks this is funny!
5:07 He ridicules the victims! What an embarrassment!
5:10 Text: Bundestag representative Ulli Nissen (SPD), takes part in the unlawful and violent intimidation tactics of the ANTIFA!
5:19 Tweet says: “The SPD was very well represented yesterday, March 8, at the International Women’s Day demonstration.
5:22 …there’s no one…
5:28 Yes and these are the enemies of democracy,
5:31 these people are allowed to walk right up to our stage,
5:34 this has happened for years and nothing gets done about it in Germany!
5:37 [Woman in hijab kicks over flower vase] Peaceful demonstrators are attacked!
5:40 You decide for yourself, dear citizens,
5:43 who stands on the right side of the law!
5:46 And now in the background
5:49 they are finally putting up barricades.
5:53 This is democracy, where you downright
5:56 get fenced in because otherwise you’ll just be attacked!
5:59 If you at least had nice breasts,
6:02 you are so ugly.
6:05 I am a teacher!
6:08 Piss off, piss off!
6:11 Two muslims born in Germany say this about islam:
6:15 We believe in allah, we love allah!
6:18 [unintelligible]
6:21 Nobody has the right to complain!
6:24 When you complain, you deserve to get punched in the face!
6:27 Do you know what islam means? Peace!
6:30 Text: The Arabic word islam literally means “to surrender”, “to submit”!
6:35 A little while later they show their true colors!
6:38 — Nazi Nazi Nazi! —Why can’t we have a reasonable discussion?
6:41 — You have insulted islam! —So because I insulted islam, that’s really bad, or what?
6:44 You are not allowed to do that!
6:47 We ask for opposition demonstrators to join us on the stage for discussion!
6:50 He has a beautiful wife [unintelligible]
6:53 and that is nice, it’s nice of you
6:56 that you do this, the problem is
6:59 that you then pull people down in the dirt
7:02 who look like me, like so many other people here.
7:05 If you think we are speaking against all foreigners
7:08 that’s wrong! In 2010 I was a teacher.
7:11 When you are a teacher in Frankfurt
7:14 you get used to mostly foreigners.
7:17 Text: They are all Germans, they are Germans! one guy screeches.
All of my students can attest to this,
7:20 that I have respected and valued them all.
7:23 I don’t care what color your skin is!
7:26 You, you, you, you or that woman!
7:29 Do you know what I see in your eyes?
7:32 You are confused because I am not that Nazi woman you think!
7:35 But just when the young man begins to wake up, his friends pull him off the stage!
7:42 I am muslim. For me, criminals are something entirely different,
7:45 and not what you say they are. And yes, rape,
7:48 it is terrible, but it exists everywhere!
7:51 (Steve Carrell, The Office)
7:55 There just is a limit there, where one has to say,
7:58 OK, no more. We can’t just take everybody in, right? —But that limit is nowhere near!
8:02 Do you think it’s OK when you come up on this stage
8:05 and just start to destroy stuff? —With you, yes!
8:08 Oh, I see, so then violence is totally OK.
8:11 I know about a Chinese man who was supposed to be deported
8:14 Two days ago, the police hadn’t paid attention,
8:17 and he had stabbed him several times. —That is a single incident! I don’t give a s***!
8:20 Germans are even worse!
8:23 No, this happens often!
8:26 I don’t give a s***! Germans are even worse!
8:29 But this could’ve been prevented!
8:32 These murders could have been prevented!
8:35 You’re a loser! [unintelligible] —OK, if you’re just gonna insult me, we don’t need to talk, thanks.
8:38 Loser is not an insult! —Oh, so calling me a loser is not an insult to you?
8:41 Then you have a problem, not me.
8:44 Just look at all these faces!
8:47 These are supposed to be men
8:50 who — on International Women’s Day —
8:53 are demonstrating against women! —Piss off! Nazi pig!
8:56 Piss off! —Piss off!
8:59 You are threatening us and that’s why there is this barrier!
9:02 It’s for our safety, not for you! Who is the real fascist here?
9:12 Do not touch me! You disgust me!
9:15 …and your father, what has your father done to you?
9:18 …and what has your father done to you?
9:21 Tell us what your daddy has done to you!
9:24 Huh? What has your daddy done to you? —That’s just stupid. —That is really ridiculous.
9:29 Suddenly the police take the barriers down: The situation intensifies!
9:32 To help other people in the world,
9:35 that is Germany, yes? But these are my people,
9:38 and we shouldn’t let our freedom
9:41 be taken away from anyone!
9:44 Not so close! Germany!
9:47 Move away, go away.
9:50 Police, I expect of you that you protect me!
9:54 The police are committing a crime this very moment!
9:57 According to our Constitutional right,
10:00 you have the duty
10:03 to protect this gathering!
10:06 Where is the leader of the police?
10:09 Why are you not protecting us?!?
10:12 Why are these people allowed to come this close to us!
10:15 …the love for my country…
10:18 Text: Even as people stormed the stage, the police did nothing!
…is what drives me to speak the truth!
10:24 Text: Threatened and cornered, Heidi is overwhelmed by her emotions: She breaks out in tears!
10:28 I cannot tell you enough how often
10:31 in the past I had cried
10:34 [unintelligible]…
10:37 that a girl, 21 years old,
10:40 was stabbed
10:43 while sleeping in her bed!
10:46 Stabbed by an asylum seeker who had no right to be here.
10:49 And for what? It wasn’t my daughter.
10:52 But yet it STILL was my daughter!
10:55 They are my people!
10:58 I don’t give a s***! You can laugh all you want.
11:01 But these girls matter to me!
11:04 These here are thousands of cases;
11:07 it is not just paper.
11:10 They were humans!
11:13 They have lived!
11:16 They have lost their lives because of this s*** government!
11:19 2018!
11:22 2019!
11:25 2017!
11:28 So many people’s lives!
11:31 This is not my Germany!
11:34 2013!
11:37 So many people!
11:40 2015!
11:43 And every year there are more!
11:46 Why won’t you do anything against that?!?
11:49 Why are these criminals allowed to slaughter our people?
11:52 Why?!?
11:55 Don’t you have balls?
11:58 Do you not want to see this?
12:01 Honor murders! What disgraceful words they are!
12:04 They are disgraceful words!
12:07 This, in our country? This, in our country!
12:10 Some day, some day,
12:13 I am telling you, there will be a clean-up!
12:16 Where are the men and the women
12:19 from the past, who would have done
12:22 anything for their parents and their children?
12:31 Now you know what it looks like, the first city
12:34 in Germany with a migration quotient of over 50%.
12:37 I was merely walking by here,
12:40 and watched what is happening here.
12:43 You may know the ‘Verhalten Der Nation’,
12:46 when you go to their website, you can read for yourselves,
12:49 “United Nations Replacement Migration Germany”,
12:52 translated that means,
12:55 replacement and substitution migration!
12:58 So if you still are of the opinion,
13:01 that this is about ‘refugees’, then I have to disappoint you.
13:04 Because the refugees who have been here,
13:07 do you know what they say?
13:10 How can you look on, as people come here who aren’t fleeing?
13:13 Economic migration
13:16 is not a reason to seek asylum!
13:19 Asylum means a temporary admission
13:22 until the war is over, and after that
13:25 these people have to leave our country again!
13:28 Text: When Heidi mentions matrimony and how many genders there are, ANTIFA escalates!
13:31 Everyone in the world knows what matrimony means.
13:34 One man, and one woman.
13:37 That is matrimony!
13:40 And now we get to the definition of family.
13:43 When I grew up, as a little girl,
13:46 we played
13:49 Mother, Father, and Child.
13:52 That was normal.
13:55 Look at this insanity!
13:58 And now people think there are 60 genders.
14:01 I’m laughing my head off! There are two,
14:04 Two! Two! Two!
14:07 Man and woman!
14:10 There are girls and boys!
14:13 Girls and boys!
14:16 Two genders!
14:19 There are two!
14:31 Actually I totally feel sorry for you.
14:34 What went wrong that you became like this?
14:37 How could so much hate enter your hearts?
14:40 Were you not loved by your parents?
14:43 Why are you so broken?
14:47 We have stuff thrown at us,
14:50 and the police are still not acting!
15:02 We really are completely surrounded
15:05 on all sides…
15:08 Our democracy is literally being undermined.
15:11 Here in Frankfurt, this has nothing to do with democracy anymore…
15:14 Text: When a migrant woman asks us to respect other opinions…
I will have to tell you something, my dear young people!
15:17 [unintelligible]
15:20 you have to accept every opinion!
15:23 Text: …The ANTIFA threatens the migrant woman!
15:30 Text: When Heidi gives out roses to women for International Women’s Day…
15:33 …Turkish men try to wrestle the microphone away from her…
15:37 …and someone spits on Heidi!
15:42 Oh, man, they really spat on you, you probably didn’t even see that one…
15:45 what we sow we will reap.
15:48 The hate that you sow today,
15:51 it will fall back on you.
15:54 You will wake up one day!
16:01 This is International Women’s Day.
16:05 This is a sign for the future here, actually,
16:08 everything that has been filmed here,
16:11 now we know where Germany is headed,
16:14 namely just like those countries
16:17 where Christians are persecuted, murdered,
16:20 and critics of islam are killed. —And this is how people are walked on…

Converting a Lutheran Daycare Center Into a Madrassa

The only thing I can say about this disheartening story from Germany is to quote Scripture:

And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.(Mark 9:42)

An original Nash Montana translation of this article from Politically Incorrect:

Shariah for the youngest: Pastor fetches imam for evangelical daycare

Coming up this April, right on schedule with Ramadan, the Evangelical daycare Steubenstrasse in Düsseldorf begins a large-scale Islamic indoctrination of Christian children. The idea for this experiment on the youngest of the young, and therefore most pliable in our society, wasn’t conceived by rabid Muslim parents, but by the evangelical pastor Hartmut Wölk, the supervisor of this diaconal institution.

Everything shall change now. The young Christians shall get to know Islam and presumably learn to love it all the way into their voluntary submission and conversion. That this may happen is the duty from now on of Agata Hanifa Skalska, a hijab-wearing “religion pedagogue”, and Imam Asmer Ujkanovic. The 41 children ages three to six years old, of which only about half are Muslim, will for example have to learn what Ramadan means, and also what the disgusting rituals of the bloodbathers during the Islamic eid-al-adha. Furthermore, of course, the wearing of the Islamic hijab will be thematized.

Of course Pastor Wölk didn’t call this project into existence all on his own. He received advice and direction for himself from the KDDM (District of Düsseldorf Muslims). Among other things, it is planned to celebrate the birthday of the prophet and the Islamic new year in the summer, and of course also to say prayers together. That, Wölk says, is important in order to create tolerance.

The day care leader, Isabell Fassbender, immediately fell into wild actionism and plans to acquire a Koran, prayer mats, and Islamic prayer chains. Colorful children’s books about the murder- and mayhem-cult are already in stock. Diaconia pastor Thorsten Nolting is even more serious: he muses about a future in which a Muslim educator is employed who could become an Islamic role model for the Christian children.

Therefore, no later than when the time for school enrollment comes around, it should be an accomplished fact that all freshly-brainwashed six-year-old girls would want to wear a hijab instead a cute little pink hair pin, and all boys will wish for themselves nothing more than their own prayer rug for at home.

Parents were informed at a PTA meeting. Most reacted positively. As for the “critical voices”, Isabell Fassbender said that they would be respected and it would be attempted to minimize “possible fears” through education.

In Germany, this means that those parents are considered to have a psychological problem, a so-called anxiety disorder, namely Islamophobia. And this disorder shall be exorcised via conversation. About like this: Islam is peace, shariah is a great concept, and Mohammed only abused Aisha because he protected her, etc. etc.

Imam Asmer Ujkanovic is well-practiced because these are the kinds of taqiyya stories he has ready to hand for the inmates of the JVA-Düsseldorf (Correctional facility Düsseldorf). To them he speaks to as an Islamic chaplain. He tells them that “staged and incomprehensible massacres” have nothing to do with Islam. “Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance,” says Ujkanovic.

Apparently not all parents fall for this, because since these plans were made public, the Islamophilic Pastor has been getting mean emails, among which he is dubbed the “antichrist” and as an “apostate”, as RP online reports. Pastor Wölk’s own Christian believes aren’t doing too well. A good shepherd protects his flock instead of leading it into the wolves’ den.



Ev. Tageseinrichtung für Kinder Steubenstraße
Leiterin: Isabell Faßbender
Steubenstraße 17, 40599 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211 74 36 85


Pfarrer Hartmut Wölk
Post: Adolf-Klarenbach-Straße 6, 40589 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211-7489838

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