Police Seem to Outnumber Spectators at the Düsseldorf Carnival Parade



On Monday Düsseldorf, like other German cities, held a traditional parade for Carnival. And also like other German cities, Düsseldorf has recently experienced a major influx of cultural enrichment since the Great Migration took off.

Bearing in mind their experiences on New Year’s Eve, and also the jihad attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, the Düsseldorf authorities put up roadblocks, vehicle barriers, and checkpoints in the area surrounding the parade street.

And above all they deployed extra police — lots and lots of police, many of them carrying automatic weapons — to guard the parade and the spectators from any potential jihad attack.

The following video was taken by a Düsseldorf resident who got to the parade area early so that he could record just how many police were required to keep city residents safe during Carnival.

Translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes



The Experience of a Lifetime



There’s a new feminist initiative to redesign the language to serve the goals of Cultural Marxism.

This idea has been floating on the internet for a couple of weeks or so: to change the term “victim” into “experiencer”, especially in connection with sexual violence. It’s probably not going to go anywhere, but still, it’s pretty sick.

This new Orwellian transformation has gotten underway in German. Has anyone seen a similar effort in English or French? Leave a note in the comments if you’ve heard of the same proposal for the equivalent word in another language.

To illustrate the trend, I chose an op-ed written by Ursula Scheer from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Translation Nash Montana

Experience Rape?

[Erlebnis = “experience, adventure, epiphany, aha moment, great experience, extraordinary experience, unforgettable experience, thrilling, déjà vu, hair-raising…” take your pick. I chose “experience”, but maybe it should be any of the others in NewGermanSpeak. — translator]

A culture scientist suggests that the victims of violent crimes should be called “experiencers”. Many women are fighting back, because that is how criminal deeds are being made invisible through language.

To speak of victims when talking about rape is wrong. And also in connection with the Holocaust, one shouldn’t use that term. The more appropriate description — because it’s value-free and neutral — for people who had to go through sexual violence especially, is called “experiencers”. And that’s how it’s supposed to be entered into the dictionary. A rape is an experience? It’s pretty breathtaking what the author of “Missy” and culture scientist Myth Sanyal together with the student Marie Albrecht have propagated in a co-authored text in the TAZ [Die Tageszeitung]. And it becomes more breathtaking with every stage of the argument in the article, which leads straight into the abyss — and therefore is representative of the lunatic path of a reactionary feminism that is mostly home on the internet, which pretends to be at the forefront of the war for the equality of all genders and identities, ethnicities and classes with tons of hashtags and roaring language restrictions, but in reality merely perpetuates a contempt for victims.

Just how effective it is when one liquidates the term “victim”, is shown perfectly by the article in the TAZ. The term “victim” — similar to “injured” and “affected” — judges people to be “defenseless, passive and at the mercy of”, as one can read there. But it didn’t have to be that way. When someone tells about a car accident they were in, people don’t look at that person differently. “But exactly that happens when you replace “car accident” with “rape”? “One wants to ask: Which victim of a sexual crime or any other violent crime “experiences” themselves as able-bodied or well-fortified, active and self-determined (autonomous)? Is a car accident not something fundamentally different from a rape?

The refined linguistic intuition of the victim-beraters [those who berate and insult and revile victims]

Further on in the text: Because in Christendom the lamb stands for purity and innocence, “it seemed like a good idea to transfer the concept onto sexualized violence (or the Holocaust), in order to exculpate the victims of all guilt for the crimes perpetrated upon them.” Now, if one wants to think in the manner of a language seminar about violence, it should be imperative to consider the nuances that are included in “offering a sacrifice (victim)”, “to sacrifice (victimize) one-self”, and “to be made into a sacrifice (victim)”. But instead the authors attest to youths who berate others as “you victim”, a refined intuition for language. The questionable argument of a religiously derived pardon however (from what guilt, exactly?) lays the foundation for a even more questionable conclusion of the text: Though to call oneself victim is the right of anyone, but the term “experiencer” should be favored by third parties. It won’t “make a statement about motivation or role-allocation.”

Precisely, and exactly that disavows the argument. Where there is no victim, there is no perpetrator anymore, either. Where something is experienced, nothing will be suffered. Back in 2016 Mithu Sandal wanted to break the “victim discourse” with her book “rape”, in which among other things she wrote about Silvester Night of 2015 in Cologne, and insisted that society needs to distance itself from speaking of men as always the offenders, and of women as always the victims. Alone: The overwhelming number of rape victims is female (and the victims of the attacks in Cologne, too, were women.)

The crime will linguistically disappear

Many outraged people on the Internet and in social networks have in the meantime recognized that the suggested abolition of the term “victim” does not free someone from being a victim; on the contrary it only shows that there are those who simply dislike victims’ suffering. On the website of the feminist bloggers “The Troublemakers”, victims of sexual violence protested against the article in an open letter. Among the first people signing were leading members of the Women’s Rights organization ‘Terre des Femems’, Femen members and women from Initiatives such as #IDidn’tReport.

“Sexual violence is not an experience,” it says. To change the meaning into an “experience, similar to going to a concert or on vacation” negates the fact that victims cannot choose their victimization, and it causes the violent crime to disappear, including the perpetrator: “Sexual violence is a crime.” That we have to hammer that back into the brains of these experts says everything.

Rainer Wendt: “We Have Already Impressively Proven That We Can’t Do It”



Rainer Wendt, the head of the German Police union, is an outspoken fellow who never hesitates to call a spade a spade. The video below is an excerpt from a recent speech by Mr. Wendt in which he tells the plain truth about the failure of Germany to “integrate” its immigrants.

Am I mistaken in thinking that a German of lesser standing would most likely have been prosecuted for saying the things Rainer Wendt says in this clip?

Watch the video, translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes


Those German Dogs!

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You can’t insult Germans by calling them a race of dogs, because Germans aren’t a recognizably distinct group within Germany — not like Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Africans, and all the other threads of the rich rainbow tapestry that gives Germany its glorious multicultural diversity.

Here’s the report from Junge Freiheit, translation by Nash Montana

Germans can be called “mutt race”

HAMBURG. The office of the district attorney has rejected a notification against the Turkish parents’ union for sedition and slander/insult of Germans. On his Facebook page the former Chairperson of the Turkish parents’ union in Hamburg, Malik Karabulut — according to the NDR last October — insulted Germans as “mutt race”, among other things [Köterrasse: The word Köter is a disparaging word for dog, used for mutt, unclean, subhuman].

“From their hands Jewish blood still flows. There has been worldwide not another people that has had so much disdain for human beings, that has massacred and humiliated them like (Germans),” Karabulut avers. “Does Turkey still expect good things from this dog clan? Do not have expectations Turkey, use power! They have only swinishness on their minds. May God destroy their home territory.”

The Armenian resolution as the starting cause

The starting cause for the Turkish functionaries angry temper tantrum was a resolution by the Bundestag that had classified the murder of people of Armenia as genocide. “This whore by the name of Germany has declared war — and we are still silent,” said Karabulut in outrage. “From now on you are going to get what’s coming to you, you mutt race.” Later the functionary apologized for his choice of words.

The office of the district attorney in Hamburg cannot see sedition or hate speech in Karabulut’s utterances. The attacked group had to stand out “through some strong outer or inner distinguishing characteristic, feature, mark, as a recognizable entity from the outside,” it said in a statement which was made available to Junge Freiheit. But this does not just apply for the description “German”, since this can’t be defined as “a distinguishable part of the whole of the population”.

Germans are not “recognizable as a distinguishable group”

According to the office of the district attorney Germans are not recognizable as a distinguishable group: “Persons with German citizenship are the majority of the population” and therefore they aren’t a “part of the population”. Also, as a collective Germans are “not insultable”, since they are not “a relatively small, in the view of the individuality of its members, an actual comprehensible circle of people,” it further said.

The Turkish parents’ union is a lobbying organization of Turkish parents that according to their website is “against assimilation” and sees only “integration” then, when someone “speaks the language of the majority citizenry, holds themselves to the laws of the land and as far as possible follows societal norms.” The union, according to its own words, has committed itself to fight “categorically against all kinds of discrimination by race, language, religion or sex”.

Hear the Roar of the Ottoman Lion

Turkish President has made it clear that he and his fellow Turks in the AKP will not be thwarted in their efforts to campaign in Turkish communities in Germany.

Video translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes:


The summary from PolitikStube:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised the stakes once again and pulled Germany through the arena by its nose ring. In front of supporters in Istanbul he upped the ante in the fight with Germany and said: “If I want to, then I will come to Germany tomorrow, and if you stop me at the door, and won’t let me speak, I will stir up the world!”

Gottfried Curio: The Koran Creates a Legal Conflict With Our Liberty-Oriented Democratic Constitution


Dr. Gottfried Curio is an up-and-coming politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video he discusses the ghastly anti-liberal aspects of Islamic religious education.

Dr. Gottfried Curio is the district chairman of the AfD in Steglitz-Zehlendorf, and on Saturday he was put in second place on the list in Berlin for the coming national elections. On February 16th he gave an extraordinary speech at the Berlin House of Representatives. Crystal-clear analysis, factual, and incontestable.

There were people who constantly wanted to pose questions and interrupt his speech, most likely hyperventilating green-left dream dancers, to whom such a clear use of language on the topic of Islam must have seemed like some kind of heresy to their reality-denying tolerance-above-all-dogma. Curio was completely correct not to let these cement-ideologues steal his valuable time, and to stand tall while pushing through with his speech.

Watch the following video. Translation Yours Truly, Nash Montana, subtitling courtesy to Vladtepesblog.com




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