Schweizerdeutsch Double Talk


Listen to this “Swiss” imam do the verbal bob and weave when his mosque is exposed as a hotbed of “extremism”.

What really gets me is that this Turk speaks schwyzerdütsch so perfectly you wouldn’t even detect an accent if you didn’t see him speak and you knew nothing of him.

And because he knows the language so good, having grown up in Switzerland, and obviously in the Zurich area due to his dialect, probably from a multiple generation Turkish family, he shamelessly uses the no-grammar, no-limit, all goes schwyzerdütsch to its max to bury every single potential answer, every single word in a litany of nonsensical schwyzerdütsch nonsense that only those understand who are ON to these Pappenheimers.

I cannot explain in English just how amazing it is the way you can talk your way through anything in schwyzerdütsch without ever saying a darn thing, and there is no comparison in any language, not that I have ever seen. It’s due to the fact that the language is only spoken, and not an officially written language, and so really anything goes, there are no limits to the making up of words and nobody understands but everyone gets it that shares the same “agenda” or knows what a person tries to do.

I am amazed that Roger Schawinski didn’t call him out in the clip, although I have to say that unfortunately I haven’t seen the whole clip and just when Roger said “I don’t get it”, the clip ended. I would have liked to see more but couldn’t find the entire interview available online, and I am pretty sure that Roger, an avowed liberal and do-gooder himself, actually called him out on the language cabbage.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Schawinski is a “good” journalist. He is biased to a nauseating degree. He just recently called Trump mentally ill on his show on Radio 24, which I listen to sometimes and have since 1979 when his Radio 24 station started as a “pirate channel”. Roger has been around for a very very long time and I used to be a huge fan of his, but now that I am a grown up and learned the American conservative way of thinking, I of course see what a fraud he and his fellow media “journalists” in Switzerland are.

Nonetheless, this clip was well worth it. I’ll continue to try and find the entire interview though. I think 30 seconds longer and we’d see the liberal face of Schawinski in the light, he’d say something like “I know not all muslims are like that”, or “we need to take care of the refugees”. Etc.

But it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

Nash Montana translation (Schweizerdeutsch and German),  Vlad Tepes subtitling:

You Are Das Volk!



There’s Lebensraum for Everyone in Modern Multicultural Germany

The following video is in Merkelspeak, so I’ll provide a précis of what the chancellor said:

If you can make it across the border into Germany and find a place to crash, then you’re living in Germany, and that makes you a German — forever. No one can take that from you. You’re as German now as Bismarck or Goethe.

Congratulations! You’ve just joined Das Volk!

Translation Nash Montana, subtitling Vlad Tepes:


A Raping in Austria




It’s horrible to contemplate, but stories like this one have become commonplace, almost humdrum, in today’s Germany and Austria.

One thing to note about this Austrian report, however: the reporter points out how many sexual attacks are being committed by Afghan migrants, and that the number is increasing.

A Nash Montana translation from an article by Krone Zeitung, Austria.

Police free woman from the apartment of a sexual predator

“Help, call the police!” a rape victim yelled out of the bathroom window from an apartment in Linz-Ebelsberg. An Afghan had tricked the lightly mentally disabled woman into following him into his apartment, and then abused her. The woman managed to flee to the bathroom, locked herself inside and called the police.

The Afghan had tricked his future victim, a mentally disabled woman from Linz, into following him to his apartment. Together they rode the elevator up to the migrant’s apartment, where the suspect then raped the woman in the living room.

She called on passersby for help

 When the Afghan let go of her, she was able to grab her things, flee to the bathroom, and lock herself inside. Using her cell phone she dialed the emergency number, while her abuser tried to break down the door. “I don’t know where I am,” the shocked victim said on the phone. The officer had a life-saving idea: “Go to the window and call for help!”

The woman did exactly that. A person who was walking by called the police and gave the address. The Afghan was arrested; he denies all accusations.

Unscrupulous attack on a mother of two

With that the number of cases of sex attacks that have been perpetrated by Afghans in the past months in Austria increases. The unscrupulous attack on a victim who is only 17 years old and on a 31-year-old mother of two just shocked the nation. The young man attacked the Vienna woman in broad daylight — even though she had both her small children with her in the stroller. The mother defended herself with all the might she could muster and managed to get her attacker to flee. A little while later the police found him and arrested him.

Also headlines were made by a 19-year-old Afghan in February who masturbated at least ten times over several months in trains and at train stations in the Vorarlberg area. The young man was found. He confessed and was reported.

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